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PC - Def Dave's WrestleMania arenas, Blue Steel Cage, 80's Hogan! - DefDave7 - 05-09-2016 05:42 PM

This is for the the Windows PC version.

The arenas below have all been uploaded to CC

LJN Toy Ring

[Image: 385730_20160815202109_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160815202133_1.png]

Saturday Night's Main Event 1987

[Image: 385730_20160815194127_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160815194133_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160815194233_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160815194807_2.png]

[Image: 385730_20160815195029_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160815195115_1.png]

Saturday Night's Main Event 1989

[Image: 385730_20160815200006_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160815200033_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160815200211_1.png]

The Main Event

[Image: 385730_20160815200936_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160815201338_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160815201726_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160815201756_1.png]

Superstars of Wrestling

[Image: 385730_20160813153146_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160813153212_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160813153223_1.png]

Survivor Series '89

[Image: 385730_20160813151449_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160813151654_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160813151810_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160813152233_1.png]

Royal Rumble '89

[Image: 385730_20160813141844_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160813142101_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160813142150_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160813142220_1.png]

WrestleMania 1

[Image: 385730_20160515005602_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160515005604_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160515005744_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160515005752_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160515005858_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160515005929_1.png]

WrestleMania 2

[Image: 385730_20160515010105_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160515010111_1.png]

[Image: 2016_05_08_21_59_45_WWE_2_K16.png]

WrestleMania 3

[Image: 385730_20160515010353_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160515010407_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160515010518_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160515010746_1.png]

WrestleMania 4

[Image: 385730_20160514160334_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160514160340_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160514160450_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160514160533_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160514162748_1.png]

[Image: 385730_20160514162853_1.png]

WrestleMania 5 - Piper's Pit

[Image: 385730_20160815211729_1.png]

WrestleMania 6
[Image: 385730_20160602194557_1.png]
[Image: 385730_20160602200249_1.png]

WrestleMania 7
[Image: 385730_20160602214326_1.png]
[Image: 385730_20160602214827_2.png]

WrestleMania 8

[Image: 20160618034943_1.jpg]
[Image: 20160618035118_1.jpg]
[Image: 20160616213840_1.jpg]
[Image: 385730_20160616214125_2.png]

WrestleMania 9
[Image: 20160618040307_1.jpg]
[Image: 20160618040313_1.jpg]
[Image: 20160618040709_1.jpg]
[Image: 20160618040722_1.jpg]

WrestleMania 10
[Image: 385730_20160625022728_1.png]
[Image: 385730_20160625022736_1.png]
[Image: 385730_20160625022812_1.png]
[Image: 385730_20160625022902_1.png]






EDIT: The Hulk Hogan you see there has been ported from WWE 2K15 with full moveset (including taunts), entrance animation, winning animation, and music. The King Kong Bundy was created by a modder named LeonRick.

Modding for 2K16 is much easier than any game I've ever played. New tools have been made available now that make it fairly simple for anyone to use and add wrestlers like Hogan, Sid, CM Punk, etc. back into the game.

There is a Youtube channel that explains in great detail how to do this if you are interested:
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. - Especially check out the Custom Character Tools. That alone has made the modding process easier than anything before. You just have to have the mod files, plug them in to the program and install. Smile



[Image: 2016_05_09_19_47_41_WWE_2_K16.png]
[Image: 2016_05_09_19_45_59_WWE_2_K16.png]
[Image: 2016_05_09_20_08_42_WWE_2_K16.png]

I decided to try to replicate what pozzum showed us how to do on 2K15 last year, and it also worked as you see above.

2K made the cage look even better than it did last year, and now with this mod you don't see the new cage at all. The blue cage now lowers smoothly from the ceiling.

To install, just copy the file below to your WWE2K16\PAC\BG folder and overwrite the existing file (AFTER backing up the original of course!).

This will completely replace the modern cage in your game, but if you are like me and prefer the classic blue then install and enjoy!

Download: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

(if you really want to be able to use the blue cage as well as the modern one, you could always just swap out the bgetc.pac files when you want to use the other)


To install the 80's Hogan from 2K15 (with imported entrance animations including shirt rip, theme, full imported moveset, imported taunts, and imported winning animation), just download all of the files in the link below and follow the instructions I've written in the readme file:

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

IMPORTANT : If you have downloaded and installed this kit prior to Thursday May 12, 2016 at 9:00 PM Central Standard Time, you should go in to your games PAC/EVT folder and delete some unnecessary files. This should fix an issue with Big Bossman's nightstick, King's headset, etc.

From my testing, the most important ones to delete seem to be:




...and all of the evtmov files from the Hogan Kit download. If you have Hogan with boa installed as well, you will need to keep: evt_prop03 and evt_prop05.

The full list of files not needed is shown below. I'm not sure if you maybe had other mods installed that depended on some of these files, so I strongly suggest you move ALL of the files shown below into a backup folder, then launch the game and test all of your mods to see if any were affected. Regardless, this should fix any bugs you experienced with Bossman's nightstick and King's headset, etc.

[Image: Hogan_Kit_Files_Not_Needed.png]

PC - Def Dave's WrestleMania arenas - stocksy - 05-09-2016 06:01 PM

Good to see you back and especially back on creation front, always loved your stuff.

PC - Def Dave's WrestleMania arenas - DefDave7 - 05-09-2016 08:00 PM

Thanks for the kind words, Stocksy. Smile

I don't know how long I'll be able to be active with this, but for now I've been able to free up a little bit of free time which is nice. But judging by how things go with me, it won't be long until I'm super busy again.

I've added pics of WM2 and WM3 and a little blurb about the Hogan and Bundy you see there, which are actually mods, not caws as some may think. Wink This game on PC is amazing and runs smoothly even on computers with medium specs like mine.

PC - Def Dave's WrestleMania arenas - code44 - 05-10-2016 03:05 PM

Hi Dave I like these I didn't know anyone from here played the pc version, I got them downloaded. Just a couple of questions.

1. I cant choose them in exhibition match it just has the normal and dlc arenas. Do you know how I might be able to select them ?
2. What Hogan pac did you use for the classic Hogan? I can only seem to get the tie dye and Hollywood Hogans to work.

RE: PC - Def Dave's WrestleMania arenas - DefDave7 - 05-10-2016 03:07 PM

Hey code44. You will need to create a show for each arena or you can just download the shows I created on cc.

As for Hogan, I had the same issue initially but I can help you. It will have to be after work tonight if I can.

Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk

PC - Def Dave's WrestleMania arenas - code44 - 05-10-2016 03:20 PM

Thanks for the reply Dave. I'm on UK time so I might not be around later when your back on. You could write out what you did in here if you want?

RE: PC - Def Dave's WrestleMania arenas - DefDave7 - 05-10-2016 06:55 PM

It would have to be after I get home. I have the working file I'll send you.

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PC - Def Dave's WrestleMania arenas - code44 - 05-10-2016 06:57 PM

Sweet will it allow me to have all 3 Hogans or does it overwrite the tie dye one? I'm not really fussed if it does.

RE: PC - Def Dave's WrestleMania arenas - DefDave7 - 05-10-2016 07:03 PM

You can have all three.

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RE: PC - Def Dave's WrestleMania arenas - kim666 - 05-10-2016 10:37 PM

Wow dave, i'm impressed meanwhile you help others modding there game :-)