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WWF Golden Era Caws: Road Warriors uploaded - jdbchurch - 11-02-2012 01:34 PM

Ted Dibiase
Macho Man Randy Savage
Andre the Giant
Bam Bam Bigelow
Rick Rude - textured
Jake Roberts  - textured
Demolition - textured
Ricky Steamboat - textured
Ultimate Warrior - textured
Honky Tonk Man - textured
Mr. Perfect - textured
Haku - textured
JYD - textured
Jimmy Snuka - textured
Roddy Piper - textured
Big John Studd - textured
Akeem / One Man Gang - textured
Iron Sheik - textured
Nikolai Volkoff - textured
King Kong Bundy - textured
Big Boss Man - textured
Bad News Brown - textured
Rockers - textured
Brain Busters - textured
Bulldogs - textured
Jobber slot - textured
Hart Foundation - textured
Dusty Rhodes - textured
Jim Duggan - textured
Tito Santana - textured
Don Muraco / Dino Bravo - textured
Hercules - textured
Killer Bees - textured
Ted Dibiase - textured
Brutus Beefcake - textured
Kerry Von Erich - textured
Rick Martel - textured
Honky Tonk Man (2) - textured
Jimmy Snuka (2) - textured
Hawk - textured
Animal - textured

Search tags: WLF & jdbchurch

Credit to Kim666 for uploading the textures. Thanks for baby stepping me through the PT unlock process. It is much appreciated. What a legend!
Credit to brienj for kick starting this whole PS3 texturing thing.
Credit to Orson & Iccotracs for their no Mercy mod textures.

Hawk & Animal
[Image: 6qqc.jpg]
[Image: vijg.jpg]

Bam Bam Bigelow
[Image: facetpd.jpg]
[Image: vlcsnap2013051715h58m53.jpg][Image: vlcsnap2013051715h59m00.jpg][Image: vlcsnap2013051715h59m07.jpg][Image: vlcsnap2013051715h59m14.jpg][Image: vlcsnap2013051715h59m46.jpg][Image: vlcsnap2013051715h59m56.jpg][Image: vlcsnap2013051716h00m25.jpg][Image: vlcsnap2013051716h00m33.jpg][Image: vlcsnap2013051716h01m07.jpg][Image: vlcsnap2013051716h01m14.jpg]
The Bushackers
[Image: bush2r.jpg][Image: bush1d.jpg]
[Image: bush7q.jpg][Image: bush3.jpg][Image: bush4h.jpg][Image: bush5t.jpg][Image: bush6d.jpg]
Rick Martel
[Image: martel2f.jpg]
[Image: martel1.jpg][Image: martel3.jpg][Image: martel4.jpg][Image: martel5.jpg][Image: martel6.jpg]
The Honky Tonk Man
[Image: honky2.jpg][Image: honkytonkman.jpg]
Superfly Jimmy Snuka
[Image: snuka1.jpg][Image: snuka2.jpg][Image: snuka3.jpg][Image: snukai.jpg]
Hulk Hogan
Tried something a bit different with this one. Bandana is a PT image that is on entrance and in-ring attires. Hair is also a PT image.
This is uploaded without tags (you will have to search for content by creator if you are interested), as I was only uploading it for a back up in case I had game save issues.
[Image: hogan3q.jpg][Image: hogan6.jpg]
[Image: hogan1.jpg][Image: hogan2m.jpg][Image: hogan4.jpg][Image: hogan5.jpg]
Mr. Perfect
Re-uploaded with new face skin, (credit to tom033189 for the knee pad logos)
[Image: mrp1c.jpg][Image: mrp2.jpg]
[Image: mrpk.jpg][Image: hennig.jpg]
Andre The Giant
Re-uploaded with new face skin.
[Image: andre2j.jpg][Image: andre1y.jpg]
[Image: andre2x.jpg][Image: andre3.jpg]
[Image: andreon.jpg]
The Iron Sheik
Re-uploaded with new face skin.
[Image: sheik1m.jpg][Image: sheik2l.jpg]
[Image: sheik.jpg]
Jake The Snake Roberts
Re-uploaded with textures for attires 3 & 4.
[Image: roberts.jpg]
[Image: jaketext.jpg]
This is using some base face morph from Dynomyte's WWE12 Jake, although it has been pretty heavily modified.
[Image: jake2z.jpg]
[Image: jakes.jpg]
Ravishing Rick Rude
Re-uploaded, now completely textured
[Image: rrude.jpg]
Credit to Kreativ as I used his Rick Rude on SD vs Raw 2011 as a reference for the WCW attire.
[Image: rickrude3.jpg][Image: rickrude2.jpg]
[Image: rickrude.jpg]
Brutus The Barber Beefcake
[Image: brutiy.jpg]
[Image: brutusv.jpg]
Kerry Von Erich
[Image: vone.jpg]
[Image: kveo.jpg]
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Re-uploaded with new face texture
[Image: hacksaw1.jpg]
[Image: hacksaw.jpg]
Dusty Rhodes
Credits to; KRadiation for the body texture, Dynomyte for the attire and long hair idea.
[Image: dusty11q.jpg]
The Killer Bees
[Image: bees1.jpg]
Don Muraco / Dino Bravo
[Image: muracobravo.jpg]
The Hart Foundation
[Image: hart21.jpg]
[Image: hartpr.jpg]
Tito Santana
[Image: santana111.jpg]
[Image: santanalm.jpg]
[Image: herculesi.jpg]
The British Bulldogs
[Image: doggs.jpg]
The Brain Busters
[Image: bustersl.jpg]
[Image: busters.jpg]
The Rockers
(Credit to RDK for the textures)
[Image: rockersred.jpg]
[Image: rockersf.jpg]
Jobber Slot - Paul Roma / Ron Garvin / Red Rooster / Iron Mike Sharpe
[Image: jobber1.jpg][Image: romagarvin.jpg]
Bad News Brown
[Image: badnewsy.jpg]
Nikolai Volkoff
(The Zhukov attire is actually attire 4 on the Iron Sheik CAW).
[Image: volkoff.jpg]
Akeem / One Man Gang
[Image: akeem2.jpg]
[Image: akeem.jpg]
King Kong Bundy
[Image: bundy2.jpg]
[Image: bundyp.jpg]
The Big Boss Man
[Image: boss2d.jpg]
[Image: bossman.jpg]
Rowdy Roddy Piper
[Image: piper.jpg]
Big John Studd
[Image: studd.jpg]
The Junk Yard Dog
[Image: jyd2.jpg]
[Image: jydt.jpg]
[Image: hakud.jpg]
The Ultimate Warrior
[Image: warrior2o.jpg][Image: warriortm.jpg][Image: warriorvf.jpg]
Ricky The Dragon Steamboat
[Image: rickytext.jpg][Image: 33458270.jpg][Image: rs2qo.jpg]
[Image: demotext.jpg][Image: demo2b.jpg]
[Image: demo1cx.jpg]
Bam Bam Bigelow
[Image: bambam5.jpg]
[Image: bambam2f.jpg]
[Image: bambamxh.jpg]
Macho Man Randy Savage
[Image: macho4.jpg]
[Image: macho2ti.jpg][Image: machol.jpg][Image: macho3i.jpg]
Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase
[Image: dibiase2.jpg]
[Image: dibiase1.jpg]

Re: WWF Golden Era Caws - Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase WIP - Wilfrog - 11-02-2012 01:38 PM

Good start, hope to see more like this!

Re: WWF Golden Era Caws - Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase WIP - KRadiation - 11-02-2012 01:39 PM

I wouldn't have thought of using that hair but it looks great.

Slightly off topic but do you have any skin designs on the face?  My caw work is I hold until I can get a skin colour design number ands thing skin colour so I was hoping you coul tell me what the numbers are.

Re: WWF Golden Era Caws - Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase WIP - jdbchurch - 11-02-2012 01:59 PM

Yeah I love this hair on MDM, the other one that is more commonly used really bothers me with the weird part down the middle and the back doesn't look right.
This one looks great in game as well.

I have his skin tone set as: 14, 96, 168, 10
I have a circle design covering the whole face set as: 14, 141, 147, 79
Then the skin tone desgins are: 14, 140, 201, 0

I then use the same skin tone design colour scheme, but with varying shades of transparency to get a textured look (at least that is what I am trying to do).

The face detailing (laughter lines, eye bags etc) are set at  14, 137, 99, 83

Hope this helps.

Re: WWF Golden Era Caws - Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase WIP - Bish - 11-02-2012 02:09 PM

Really good. I used your Dibiase last year, will most likely be using it again.

Re: WWF Golden Era Caws - Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase WIP - KRadiation - 11-02-2012 02:16 PM

That will be a gigantic help jdb.  Last night i was trying to make hebner, test and mean street posse...  and because I couldn't find a skin colour everything was thrown off.  You're a star.

Now finish this and get started on those attitude caws

Re: WWF Golden Era Caws - Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase WIP - jdbchurch - 11-02-2012 02:36 PM

Glad I could help.
Attitude stars... Mate, those are ages away for me, still gotta make Bam Bam, Warrior, Andre, Rude, Hogan, BossMan, Demolition, Akeem... etc. You should be able to provide us with some top notch Attitude era caws, would love to see you make the Hardy Boyz.

Re: WWF Golden Era Caws - Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase WIP - natey2k4 - 11-02-2012 09:03 PM

I love both of you guys. I will probably fill my game up with 95% of your CAWs again.

Doing 3 saves (ugh 9 GB in save files lol) Golden Era, WCW/Attitude, and Current/TNA. I always skip over making CAWs because you two are just so damn amazing.

Re: WWF Golden Era Caws - Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase WIP - Wizard of thay - 11-02-2012 09:08 PM

Love it Big Grin

Re: WWF Golden Era Caws - Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase WIP - ManicH6 - 11-02-2012 09:34 PM

I'm loving it but something about the hair is bothering me. Maybe it's the color? But awesome, glad to see that you will be remaking these CAWs. Smile