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WLF TITLE: Pharaoh vs Jake
06-03-2015, 05:47 AM
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WLF TITLE: Pharaoh vs Jake
While the thousands in attendance continue to watch in horror and remain shocked by what they have just witnessed here, WLF officials and paramedics on standby rush down to the ring with a stretcher in hand.

Gorilla Monsoon: Look at that sadistic smile on Roberts' face.
Jesse Ventura: This is not how I imagine Prime Time would conclude, especially after how the program kicked off earlier this evening.
Gorilla Monsoon: I don't see what he should be so happy about. He's not getting his title back this way.
Jesse Ventura: Yeah, but he managed to outsmart both Ric Flair and the Pharaoh; that's not an easy thing to do.
Gorilla Monsoon: The WLF officials and paramedics are now assisting the Pharaoh onto the stretcher. This is just so painful to watch. Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you following this broadcast at home, we humbly apologize for what has transpired here. I don't think anybody expected such atrocity from one Jake the Snake Roberts.
Jesse Ventura: Ric Flair is starting to come to. Even he doesn't know why the WLF officials and EMTs are down ringside.
Gorilla Monsoon: Can you blame him?

The Egyptian cobra is bagged and taken away from the ringside area, presumably to be tested for venom.

Gorilla Monsoon: *referring to Roberts*That's the real snake they should be incarcerating!
Jesse Ventura: Careful, Gino. You don't want to be his next victim. Who knows what else he's capable of.

[Image: Mankind_vs_The_Undertaker_Hell_in_a_Cell...998_15.png]

Gorilla Monsoon: They finally managed to get the Pharaoh out of the ring on that stretcher, away from that vile Snake.
Jesse Ventura: Which one?
Gorilla Monsoon: For the Pharaoh's sake, I hope the cobra has been devenomized.
Jesse Ventura: This might not be a good time to ask, but does that mean we're not having a match?
Gorilla Monsoon: I don't think the Pharaoh is in any condition to compete, Jess.
Jesse Ventura: So shouldn't Jake win the match and title via forfeit?
Gorilla Monsoon: What are you talking about? The match hasn't even started when he jumped Flair from behind!
Jesse Ventura: Good point.
Gorilla Monsoon: The venom of that cobra is probably coursing through the Pharaoh's veins as we speak!
Jesse Ventura: This is insane, Monsoon! That man needs to be treated immediately!
Gorilla Monsoon: The Pharaoh is simply refusing any medical treatment! As a matter of fact, he's refusing any help at all! The reigning WLF Heavyweight Champion wants to fight!
Jesse Ventura: What does he think he's doing here?

[Image: daniel-bryan-stretcher-wrestlemania.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: The Pharaoh is getting off the stretcher! He's pushing the paramedics away!
Jesse Ventura: What is he thinking?
Gorilla Monsoon: I don't think he's even thinking at all! The Pharaoh's equilibrium is all off!
Jesse Ventura: And yet he's trying to make his way back to the ring?
Gorilla Monsoon: He wants to compete! The Pharaoh wants to get back in that ring!
Jesse Ventura: The man can't even walk a straight line; how is he supposed to compete?
Gorilla Monsoon: I've never known the Prince of Egypt to be a quitter; I don't think he's about to start now.
Jesse Ventura: It's gonna be his funeral, Gino.

[Image: 1280x720-dzY.jpg]

The Pharaoh musters all his strength to crawl back inside the ring. Jake Roberts tries to mask his surprise and turns to Flair, going "Is he serious?" The special guest referee, in turn, walks over to the side of the ring and yells at the timekeeper.

Ric Flair: So what the heck are you waiting for?! Ring the damn bell! We've got a championship match to run here!
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