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WLF TITLE: Pharaoh vs Jake
06-03-2015, 11:07 PM (This post was last modified: 06-03-2015 11:10 PM by Recker.)
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WLF TITLE: Pharaoh vs Jake
Gorilla Monsoon: The Pharaoh on his feet now! I can hardly believe it. He's peering at Jake now with venom in his eyes.
Jesse Ventura: Venom? Is that some kind of a joke.
Gorilla Monsoon: I didn’t mean that as a joke, but if that snake wasn’t devonomised… then who knows. .
Jesse Ventura: Pharaoh is beckoning Jake to fight. He seems to be a lot better now. What kind of Egyptian black magic is this?
Gorilla Monsoon: I may be remembering this wrongly, but didn’t Pharaoh once say that his father used to make him handle snakes and take in a little bit of snake poison at a time all to develop an immunity to it? Perhaps that’s why he’s recovering? Perhaps he has immunity to cobra venom!
Jesse Ventura: Tell me it isn’t so.
Gorilla Monsoon: In fact if my memory serves me he actually made that point quite clear to Jake Roberts.
Jesse Ventura: Well there you go. Jake knew the venom wouldn’t really hurt Pharaoh. Perhaps he was hoping it might just gain him a slight advantage. Or perhaps it’s just one of his mind games?
Gorilla Monsoon: Or maybe Jake just didn't believe him? Well he will now. And here they go! Both men locking up now and Jake thrusts Pharaoh away. Could it be that the snake venom still hasn’t been neutralised yet? That the Pharaoh is still weakened a little?
Jesse Ventura: But he’s firing back! He’s hitting Jake with blow after blow!
Gorilla Monsoon: Jake blocks the last one and he fires back then he whips Pharaoh hard into the ropes and a back drop sends Pharaoh sailing high into the air! Down he comes with a ring shuddering smash!
Jesse Ventura: The Pharaoh still must be suffering the effects of that venom. Perhaps he didn’t take enough bites of an Egyptian cobra when he was a royal brat?
Gorilla Monsoon: I don’t know about that! Pharaoh on his feet and he ducks under a clothesline from the Snake. He bounces off and wow! What a leap into the air and he comes down on Jake with a double axe handle. Jake goes toppling out of through the ropes to the floor.
Jesse Ventura: And the officials have left him with no tag team partner.
Gorilla Monsoon: If you’re talking about that Egyptian cobra, then that’s a good thing. This is a one-on-one match, not a handicap match. And Ric Flair is immediately putting the count on Jake.
Jesse Ventura: Flair clearly calling it down the middle here, but I think he could make that count a little slower.
Gorilla Monsoon: I think he’s already been way kind by not demanding to know who nailed him from behind before the match started.
Jesse Ventura: Well that’s the Nature Boy for you. He doesn’t cry just because he got knocked around. He just gets on with the job, just like he does when he’s wrestling. Jake now crawling towards the ring apron to get back in.
Gorilla Monsoon: The Pharaoh, assists him in by grabbing a handful of hair… OH and Jake with a blow to the breadbasket of the Pharaoh...! Jake now with several more blows... and he grabs Pharaoh’s arm, but the champ manages to counter by twisting Jakes arm around and then ramming him face first into the turnbuckle. And again and again! Pharaoh’s strength is definitely returning now. Another face plant, but this time Jake blocks. And an elbow back into the face of the Pharaoh sends him flying back across the ring. .

Jake walks over and drives his boot hard into the skull of Pharaoh. He delivers a few more stomps then drags his opponent to the ropes, shoves him throat first over the ropes and digs his foot down over the back of Pharaoh’s neck trying to choke him.

Gorilla Monsoon: Jake pushing his luck yet again and look at Flair he’s in there and he shoves Jake backwards. He shouldn’t be laying his hands on Jake, but he’s certainly getting the message across. He’s not gonna stand for any more dirty tactics, especially not ones he can see.
Jesse Ventura: He’s doing his job just like he said he would.
Gorilla Monsoon: Jake not happy, but he has to abide by the rules, after all this is official now. Mess with Ric Flair and you’re gonna get disqualified. That’s pretty much what the Nature Boy told him just now. AND PHARAOH NOW with a blow to the midsection of Jake! That’s what you get for arguing with the referee! Turnabout now for the WLF champion…

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