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OPENING: Austin vs SDB
06-03-2015, 03:37 PM
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RE: OPENING: Austin vs SDB
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: All three men are down in the middle of the ring , Jess. Charles Robinson appears to be making a ten count here on the participants!

Jesse Ventura: If this ends in a triple ten count, it'll be the first of its kind I think in the history of professional wrestling...and I'll personally get into that ring and knock Charles Robinson out for not letting this match have a clear cut winner!

Gorilla Monsoon: Robinson is up to two, Jess and we have no movement from any of the three men. All from pure exhaustion!

Jesse Ventura: Three! Paul E finds himself back on the outside of the ring, pounding on the apron and screaming at Stunning Steve to make a move! Come on Steve, get up! He's up to four!

Gorilla Monsoon: Robinson's count at five! Hart finally moving his arms around as he brings his hands up to his face, rubbing his face in pain. Austin is also showing some signs of life in his legs!

Jesse Ventura: SIX! Now Steam Diesel is trying to sit up. Looks like it might be the first sit up the guys ever attempted, Gorilla.

Gorilla Monsoon: Seven! Hart is on his stomach now trying to push himself up to all fours. Austin doing the same.

Jesse Ventura: Eight! This is getting a little too close for comfort, Gorilla! Come on Austin! Come on!

Gorilla Monsoon: Hart now at the ropes, using the ropes to pull himself up! NINE! Austin doing the same. Steam Diesel on one knee now in the middle of the ring!...TE....NO! Austin and Hart both up and charge at Steam Diesel! Diesel ducks! Austin and Hart collide in the center of the ring. Austin and HArt go right back down and now Steam Diesel standing tall in the center of the ring!

[Image: 4271948443_098390026d.jpg]

Steam Diesel raises his hands in the center of the ring to a nice little pop. He looks down at both men and begins to point at each guy. Steam Diesel points at Austin and the crowd roars. He points to The Hitman and the crowd boo's. Quickly back to Austin to more cheers from the crowd, then back to Hart for boo's. Steam Disel walks over to Bret and grabs his hair, the fan's boo heavily. Steam Diesel drops Bret and walks back over to Austin to a huge pop. Steam Diesel smiles and picks up Austin slowly.

Jesse Ventura: Since when do we let the fans decide the direction of a match, Gorilla?

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel is doing things his way, and right now he is going to pick up Austin and lock him into a bear hug! Old school wrestling move, but VERY effective! Austin is in pain, he has it locked in right around Austins lowerback!

[Image: 17914%20-%20Bear_Hug%20Big_Show%20Raw%20...%20wwf.jpg]

Jesse Ventura:Now he's got Austin off his feet, and he is really squeezing in that bear hug, Gorilla....Paul E looks nervous...

Gorilla Monsoon: As he should be! We saw The Hitman almost fall victim to the sleeper hold earlier in the contest, could we see Austin fall victim to this bear hug locked in by Steam Diesel!?

Steam Diesel wrenches in the bear hug as tight as possible and Austin lets out a shriek. Charles Robinson checks on Austin and Austin goes limp. Robinson lifts Austin's arm up and it drops! Robinson lifts Austin's up again! IT DROPS AGAIN! The crowd getting rowdy now as they sense the end is near! Robinsons lifts the arm and IT STAYS UP! Stunning Steve takes his arm and swings it around the back of the head of Steam Diesel. He uses his momentum of a DDT!

Gorilla Monsoon: What a reversal from Stunning Steve! He hops back up to his feet with a new burst of energy! And looks for some applause from the fans...

[Image: 19910629_austin_eaton.jpg]

Jesse Ventura: Forgot these idiots Steve, they wouldn't recognize talent if it punched them right in the face!


[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Jesse Ventura:Austin!

Hart rolls up Austin from behind as Austin was looking for some respect from the crowd. The referee gets into position! ONE! TWO! THR.......KICK OUT! Austin kicks up and Gets to his feet right away. Stunning Steve meets Bret who is on his feet with a kick to the gut, followed by a quick snap suplex! Austin spins around and covers Bret for a pin....ONE......TWO.....SHOULDER UP BY THE HITMAN! Austin beats on the canvas and gets back to his feet trying to think of what else he can do.

Gorilla Monsoon: These guys have done just about everything possible to put each other out of their misery and have not been able to do it. Stunning Steve turns his attention to Steam Diesel, but Steam Diesel greets Stunning Steve with an elbow to the back of the head. Oh now he just threw Austin right over the top rope! Austin spilled to the floor!

Jesse Ventura: Paul E, get Stunning Steve some rest. Sit back and look at what happens at Steam Diesel and Bret for a few minutes. But he has to be ready to pounce back into that ring, this match is at the stage where it could end any second!

Gorilla Monsoon: There's only one problem with that plan, Jess....

Jesse Ventura: What's that?

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel is following Austin to the outside!

[Image: SD_765_Photo_122.jpg]

Steam Diesel grabs the head of Austin and tosses him right into the Spanish announce table! Austin's head bounces off and he continues to walk away, instinctively from Steam Diesel, but not quite sure where he is at. Steam Diesel grabs Austin and whips him right into the steel steps! The steps become dislodged from the post area and Austin is rolling around in pain. Steam Diesel picks up Austin and rolls him into the ring...to which Bret drags him by the legs and goes for a quick pin! Steam Diesel can't get in the ring quick enough....ONE!....TWO!....THREEE.....

Gorilla Monsoon: Should up! Two and and almost the three, Jess! Bret Hart let Diesel do the damage and almost capitalized on it there.

Jesse Ventura: Hart is always trying to take the cheap way out in this one, Monsoon.

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel is on the apron, trying to get back into the ring. Bret charges at him and connects with a drop kick! That sends Steam Diesel back to the ringside floor! But the big guy lands on his feet! Like a cat Jess!

Jesse Ventura: A 270 POUND CAT, Monsoon!

Bret Hart looks arond the ring and charges at the ropes, he dives through the middle ropes but Steam Diesel catches Bret! Diesel puts Bret on his feet and then kicks him in the gut. Bret bends over and Diesel tucks Bret under his legs....Diesel points to the announce table!

Gorilla Monsoon: Look out Jess!

[Image: 19951119_bret_diesel_USE.jpg]

[img]Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel just hit That 1992 Power Bomb on The Hitman through out table. Jess, are you still with us, your mic working?

Muffled noises can be heard as Jess get's his headset back on after scrambling to avoid the powerbomb.

Jesse Ventura: Can you hear me, Monsoon?

Gorilla Monsoon: I can hear you, but I don't think Bret can hear, see, or move anything what so ever. We might need someone to come check on here right now! He went right through the table and Steam Diesel has left a mess here in front of us. Our table's broken in half, and The Hitman might be broken in half as well!

Jesse Ventura: Bret might be broken in more then just half, he may be broken into pieces , Gorilla...

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel turns around and heads back into the ring. Stunning Steve is in the ring and waiting for him ....Diesel is met with right hands as he tries to get in the ring....now Steam Diesel and Austin trading blows!

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Jesse Ventura: Austin staggers Diesel and hits the ropes! LOU THESZ PRESS FROM AUSTIN! MORE RIGHT HANDS! Blood is everywhere.

Austin pounds away at Steam Diesel as both men are bloodied and battered. Steam Diesel throws Austin off of him, and Austin jumps right back on top of him. Diesel again throws Austin off. Austin looks to the turnbuckle and climbs up to the second rope. He jumps off going for a double axe handle, but Steam Diesel catches Austin! Diesel turns it into a SPINE BUSTER. Steam Diesel just lays motionless on top of Austin as Robinson hits the mat for a count....

Gorilla Monsoon: ONE! TWO! THREEEE.....ANDDDD NOTTTT YET. Shoulder up again by Stunning Steve and what is the crowd chanting?

Jesse Ventura: I think their chanting " Jesse's Awesome! Jesse's Awesome!"

Gorilla Monsoon: Sorry Jess, but I think the chant is..." This is Awesome" Fans showing their appreciation for this one! We are over thirty minutes of non stop action now, and we might have to postpone the rest of the show for next week if this keeps up!

Jesse Ventura: Still sounds like Jesse's Awesome to me, I think it's time for the hearing aid, Monsoon!
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