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Atomic Wrestling TV 003
01-11-2017, 07:27 AM (This post was last modified: 04-05-2017 01:57 AM by Caveman_Cooper.)
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Atomic Wrestling TV 003
[Image: CMBC_logo_SM.jpg]

Voiceover: You are watching Baltimore City's Channel 75. In the 10:30 timeslot, the Gonzo Sports Show, followed by Baltimore, Too at 11:00 but up next, Atomic Wrestling ...

[Image: AW_Logo2.png]
Atomic Wrestling
Episode 003
Taped Monday, January 9th, 1992
Shown Friday, January 13th, 1992
Baltimore, Maryland

[Image: audience_SM.png]

We get a quick pan of the studio audience while in the background, we hear air raid sirens followed by the sound of a bomb falling, then the sound of a large explosion. As that ends, the camera settles in on our hosts.

[Image: Scott_Huffines.jpg]
Scott Huffines

Scott Huffines: Happy New Year and welcome back to Atomic Wrestling! After a week off at the beginning of the year, I am joined for our first show of the new year by the distinguised Cosmic Commander. CC, I hope your holidays were good.

[Image: image.jpg]
Cosmic Commander

Cosmic Commander: You know, daddy-o, I'm ready to get back to the wrestling action, Jack!

Scott Huffines: We wound up last year with Mean Mark Mest and we kick off the new year with the big man once again as he moves on to the other Knight brother, this time stepping into the ring with Jeff Knight.

Cosmic Commander: He's a little taller but does he really have a chance?

Scott Huffines: That's what we're going to find out later today. Also on tap for today, we have a couple of solo debuts as Adam Flash takes on "Italian Ice" Frank Iadevaia.

Cosmic Commander: That Adam Flash is one cool customer. We'll see if this "Italian Ice" has what it takes to put Flash on ice or if there is a meltdown in Frankie's future!

Scott Huffines: We'll find out after this little break in the action. We'll be right back!

x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x BREAK x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

Voiceover: You are watching Atomic Wresting on Baltimore City's Channel 75 Public Access TV, brought to you in part by Atomic Books

[Image: AtomicSM.jpg]

Atomic Books, bringing literary finds to mutated minds. Find them at 229 West Read Street in Baltimore.

At 10:30, the Gonzo Sports Show, followed by Baltimore, Too at 11:00.

x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x BREAK x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

We return from the break to find the diminutive Sarah standing by with Jason.

[Image: Sarah_Boonstoppel.jpg][Image: jason_SM.jpg]

Sarah : The AtomicGirl here with Jason. Jason ... any idea when we're going to see you inside the ring?

Jason: Let me mull that over a moment ... and while I am doing that, let me ask you a question ... do you like my suit?

Sarah: Oh brother. Guys, back to you.

We return to Scotty and CC in the broadcast position.

Scott Huffines: I'm not sure we're ever going to get an answer to that question.

Cosmic Commander: When Jason is going to get into the ring? You know Scotty, we have lots just chomping at the bit to get a match ...

Scott Huffines: No, I mean if Sarah likes Jason's suit ...

Cosmic Commander: Oh brother!

"Italian Ice" Frank Iadevaia verus Adam Flash
A trim and fit Flash runs out to the ring, slapping hands along the way before sliding into the ring while Italian Ice, a bit on the chubby side draws some whistles and jeers from the crowd.

Scott Huffines: Not the kind of response, I'm Frank was looking for.

Cosmic Commander: You can say that again, Jack!

Frank on the attack before the bell, jumps into action with right hands. A running shoulder and Flash goes down in a hurry. Frank jawing with the fans allows Flash to clear his head. Turning around "Italian Ice" gets one in the kisser before being sent across the ring and high into the air from a back body drop. Elbow drop and a cover for a two count for Flash.

Scott Huffines: Not the kind of beating Frank was thinking of getting either, I'm sure.

Drop kick sends the man to the outside before Adam Flash charges across the ring and hurls his body to the outside, taking down his opponent on the floor. Back in the ring, Frank surprises with blocking a thrown punch and spins around when one of his own misses the target. Flash lifts Frank into the air and down with an Atomic Drop.. Frank in pain, is able to catch Flash's kick but has no answer when Flash fires off an enzuigiri. Down goes "Italian Ice", who is rolled to his back and has a leg hooked for a three count as Adam Flash picks up the victory.

Scott Huffines: Adam Flash with the big kick thing to the back of Frank's head there and picks up the nice win. Lots of action from the youngster Adam Flash, CC.

Cosmic Commander: You know, Jack, this local kid looks like a good one and I have a feeling we're going to see a lot more from him in the future. Keep an eye on folks because the Cosmic Commander says so!

Scott Huffines: I'm with you there, CC. This kid looks like a good one. We have to break away from the action for a moment but we'll be right back with the Atomic Girl going one-on-one with Atomic Champion, Axl Rotten! Don't go away!

x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x BREAK x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

Voiceover: You are watching Atomic Wresting on Baltimore City's Channel 75 Public Access TV, brought to you in part by Atomic Books

[Image: AtomicSM.jpg]

Atomic Books, bringing literary finds to mutated minds. Find them at 229 West Read Street in Baltimore.

At 10:30, the Gonzo Sports Show, followed by Baltimore, Too at 11:00.

x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x BREAK x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

We return to find Sarah with Axl Rotten.

[Image: Sarah_Boonstoppel.jpg][Image: axl.jpg]

Sarah: Axl, thanks for taking a moment of your time to talk to me.

Axl Rotten: My pleasure, Sarah.

Sarah: You won the title and now we have Don E. Allen claiming to be the rightful champion, asking for the "Powers That Be" to do the right thing and strip you of the title and to give it to him. While the rules of the match were stated as any wrestler was eliminated from the match ONLY when tossed over the top rope. You took Don E. down and attempted to pin him. Don E. is now saying that is grounds for a reversal in the decision, mkaing him the rightful title holder ... your comments?

Axl Rotten: Did I pin him? No. I could have. He was out for long enough before I reminded by the referee the rules in the match. Did I toss him over the top rope? Yes. Was Don E. Allen eliminated? Yes. Does Don E. Allen have a claim to this title? Let me tell it like it is Don E., YOU WANT THIS TITLE? MEET ME IN MY OFFICE AND TAKE IT FROM ME!

Sarah: Some fighting words for Atomic Champion Axl Rotten. Back to you guys.

Scott Huffines: Thank you Sarah. Axl Rotten laying down the challenge to Don E. Allen's challenge. CC, I challenge you to give me a prediction on that.

Cosmic Commander: You know daddy-o, I am all about the action inside that ring. Axl Rotten's ready to answer whatever Don E. Allen has to say inside that ring. The ball's in Don E. Allen's court.

Scott Huffines: We will find out soon enough I am sure if Don E. Allen will accept a match or rematch against the Champion. Let's go to the ring

Mean Mark Mest versus Jeff Knight w/Thomas Knight
Mest waits in his corner before the bell as the Knights do their best to pump each other up for the match. Underway, Mest makes his way to the center of the ring where Knight goes after the arm of the big guy. Looking around like he can't believe what's going on, Mest hammers Knight into the canvas, like someone swatting a fly.

Scott Huffines: Get a load of this guy.

Whip into the ropes and Jeff Knight comes flying back into one massive meaty arm of a clothesline that spins him though the air and onto the canvas.

Scott Huffines: Ouch!

Cosmic Commander: Jeff Knight having the same kind of luck his brother had a couple of weeks ago against Mest.

Pulling a dazed Knight to his feet, Mest whips him hard into a corner before charging in. Knight gets out of the way, leaving Mest to hit the corner. Knight scampers out of the corner pointing to his head.

Scott Huffines: Jeff Knight escapes that one.

Cosmic Commander: He better keep an eye on his opponent.

Scott Huffines: I think his brother agrees with you as he's trying to get Jeff's attention. The big guy out of the corner ...

Shaking his head, Mest walks out of the corner before dropping a shot on top of Knight's head that buckles the man's knees. Let's try this again ... hard whip into the corner, Mest takes a couple of steps backwards before running into the corner again, this time hitting with a huge corner splash. Yeah, no escaping this time. Stepping back, Mark Mest wipes his hands as Jeff Knight staggers out of the corner and drops like a sack of potatoes. Rolling him over, Mest drops down for the count and takes the win, going 2-0 against the Knight brothers.

Scott Huffines: I don't think this one was ever in doubt, CC.

Cosmic Commander: Gotta agree with ya there, Jack.

Scott Huffines: What's Thomas Knight doing! He's attacking Mark Mest!?!?!

Cosmic Commander: Didn't learn his lesson two weeks ago, Jack!

Scott Huffines: Mest back to his feet and Thomas all over him!

Mest taking lefts and rights from the diminutive Knight and shrugging them off like flies. Big overhand right to the top of Knight's head buckles his knees. Irish whip into the corner and the same fate as his brother got earlier with a running corner splash.

Scott Huffines: OH HO! That put an end to Thomas Knight's attack in a hurry.Well folks, that's all the time we have this week for Atomic Wrestling. For the Cosmic Commander and the AtomicGirl Sarah, this is Scotty Huffines signing off. We'll see you again next week for more wrestling action.
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