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WLF Prime Time - 16 July 2013
07-17-2013, 07:05 AM (This post was last modified: 08-01-2013 12:14 PM by Gordon Gekko.)
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WLF Prime Time - 16 July 2013
[Image: WLFPrimeTime.jpg]

16 July 2013, Tuesday
12 noon USA Eastern Standard Time
Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Biloxi MS

[Image: WLFPoster3.jpg]
08-01-2013, 12:14 PM
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WLF Prime Time - 16 July 2013

[Image: WWE_WWF_Royal-rumble-1992_Gorilla-Monsoo...Heenan.JPG]

Gorilla Monsoon: Welcome everybody to WLF Prime Time and we are live from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, here in Biloxi, Mississippi and we got thousands of screaming fans who are ready for an action packed show and my broadcast colleague like always is none other than Bobby Heenan.
Bobby Heenan: Why do we have to be in Mississippi this week, this is probably the biggest piece of trash I've ever been in, just look at some of these humanoids dressed in the arena, they do know its a wrestling show and not a farm show right.
Gorilla Monsoon: Bobby don't you dare start and Mississippi is a great state and what a show we have for you tonight, we have ten big matches tonight, including three championship matches, but the opening bout this evening pits Damien Sandow and reigning Intercontinetal Champion, the Self Proclaim Chosen one Jeff Jarrett team up and they will be going up against the British Bulldog and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle.
Bobby Heenan: Sandow and Jarrett will teach the Bulldog and the Olympic Zero a lesson tonight when they defeat them in the ring.
Gorilla Monsoon: Then we have a debut match between newcomer Akio and he will be facing The Great Muta and I guarantee you Christopher Walken and his boys will be out there to support Muta.
Bobby Heenan: This Akio doesn't know what he's getting into when he steps in the ring with Muta.
Gorilla Monsoon: We have some Divas action after that as Moxie and Katja Arcanum go up against Belle and Nasty Girl, and boy have the Arcanum Family made a impact since coming to the Wrestling Legends Federation a couple of weeks ago.
Bobby Heenan: Belle is in big trouble tonight because she won't be able to rely on Nasty Girl once again and I see another victory for Moxie and the Arcanum Family.
Gorilla Monsoon: Another tag match as the Shield will be going up against the Twin Towers and the Shield has been targeting the Million Dollar Coperation.
Bobby Heenan: The Twin Towers will demolish the Shield and maybe after they do the Shield will know not to mess with the greatest stable in the WLF, the Million Dollar Coperation.
Gorilla Monsoon: The next match is Chris Jericho defending the NWA Television Title against Goldust, if you recall Jericho was the one who took the title from Goldust.
Bobby Heenan: I can't believe Im saying this but I want Goldust to teach that snot nosed arrogant punk a lesson and bring the title home to the WFL.
Gorilla Monsoon: Tag Team Galore is next as eight of the top tag teams from the NWA and the WLF will compete in a elimination type match and there's a lot of good teams in that match.
Bobby Heenan: The Hart Foundation shouldn't be in this match, they should automatically be fighting for the tag team titles.
Gorilla Monsoon: The teams in this match consist of the former tag team champions the Road Warriors, the Brainbusters, Pedigree, the Moondogs, the always popular Brothers of Destruction, the Family Unit, the Hart Foundation, and last but not least Sting and Lex Luger. You got to wonder whoever wins this match gets them one step closer at the tag team champs.
Bobby Heenan: Im going to enjoy this next match as Josh Arcanum will be facing the People's Champion, the Rock in a Grudge Match, and I should be worry if I was the Rock.
Gorilla Monsoon: This guy has taken out the likes of the Ultimate Warrior and Diesel and he can do the same thing to the Rock.
Bobby Heenan: What you mean can, he will do the exact same thing to the Rock.
Gorilla Monsoon: Then the second title match of the night as Bull Nakano defends her Women's Championship against Mickie James, Lita and Kelly Kelly.
Bobby Heenan: Im getting sick and tired of Lita and Mickie James getting all the title shots around here, you have Posion Ivy who defeated the former champ Vanessa Dante and she's yet to get a title match.
Gorilla Monsoon: Then the last tile match of the night as Demolition defends the Wrestling Legends Federation tag team championships against the Midnight Express.
Bobby Heenan: Its about damn time they got a title shot, Cornette told me that there's a conspiracy going on between them and the head bookers and its that they don't want Camp Cornette to win any titles in the WLF, its a real shame because The Midnight Express is way better than Demolition or the Road Warriors.
Gorilla Monsoon: Finally our main event is going to be an all out war as Barry Windham and Sid Vicious, the New Horsemen tangle with Ric Flair and Lord Steven representing the Four Horsmen and The Million Dollar Man and Jake Roberts representing the Million Dollar Coperation to see whose the best stable in the company.
Bobby Heenan: Everybody knows that the Million Dollar Coperation is the best stable and Barry Windham was real lucky when he attacked the Million Dollar Man last week and he might have made a stupid mistake.
Gorilla Monsoon: Those matches are later though as we are starting off with the most important day of Christopher Knight and Trish’s lives as they are getting married live here on Prime Time and I couldn't think of a better way to kickoff Prime Time.

We see the outside of the ring is filled with tons of people that Knight knows, including some famous celeberties like Donald Trump, The Cast of Pysch and many more great friends of Knight, we even see some WLF alumni,also there are both families of Knights and Trishs, as we see some of the guests eating some delicious cake and finally the crowd dies down a little as the preacher steps up and the wedding song plays and out first comes one of Knights daughters,Samantha Knight and she's the flower girl as she's throwing roses to the sides of her and she finally gets to the ring and climbs in and now the music begins to play as out comes Christopher Knight whose supporting a very expensive tuxedo and for the first time we see him without his mask,and he slowly makes his way out and he's greeted to a very great reaction from the Missiissippi fans and he climbs the steps and gets into the ring and he walks over to the right side of the preacher as he awaits the bride.

"Here Comes the Bride hits and out comes the lovely Trish Stratus wearing a white gown as she walks down the ramp everyone turns there attention to her as Knight is looking on inside the ring. Trish finally gets to the end of the ramp and climbs in the the ring and she walks up to Knight and stands right next to him as we are ready to get this thing started.

Preacher: We are gathered here today as Christopher Knight and Trish Stratus celebrate their special day in marriage, its now time for the vouls and first up will be Knight, Chris whenever your ready.

Christopher Knight: Trish, I knew when I first layed my eyes on you I want to live the rest of my life with you, I got to admit I was a little scared when you asked me out on our first date, but you liked me and I liked you and after it was over I knew you were the special one for me. It doesn't matter what happen to us, through hard times, sickness, and old age, I will always love you with my heart and will never stop. So Trish not only is this your special day as I will be a great and deserving husband, thank you for picking me to be your husband.

Christopher Knight stops speaking as the whole arena gives a round of applause for the Magic Man as we see him starting to tear up from his eyes as Trish steps up and prepares to speak.

Trish Stratus: Chris when I saw you and asked you out I knew you were going to be my husband. I fell in love with you on first sight, your beautiful blue eyes, your muscular body and other qualities that not that many people have. Knight on our first date we were both very nervous but we battled through it, I also fell in love with your three sisters and they are such sweet girls and I hope if we have children they will be as sweet as them and I will always love you too, thanks for picking me to be your wife.

Trish Stratus finishes and everyone in the arena gives her a round of applause to as the preacher steps up to get ready to speak once again.

Preacher: Thank you very much to those kind words from the groom and the bride, now its time for the the moment we all been waiting for, will the bride and groom take each others hands please.

Trish takes Knights hand and Knight does the same to Trish.

Preacher: We will start with Chris, Chris do you take this beautiful women to be your wife through hard times, suffering and pain.

Christopher Knight: I do.

Knight puts the wedding ring on Trish and there's a short applause.

Preacher: Now Trish do you take Christopher Knight as your husband through hard times, suffering and pain.

Trish Stratus: I do.

Trish puts the wedding ring on Knight.

Preacher: Are there any objections, no good, it's officially I know pronounce you as husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.

Knight and Trish kiss, while they are kissing they are interrupted by the lights going out in the arena and the ominious music that is now known to herald the arrival of the Arcanum Family started to leak out of the speakers.

After a minute of the music playing, the spotlight appears on the stage, revealing the presence of the Family, all of them in their variations of approperiate wedding grab, which was a little different for each of them, but shared a common thread in that none of it looked like it belonged in this particular wedding. The Family stood on the stage as Arcanum slowly raised a microphone to his lips.

Josh Arcanum: Kill the music.

The music was ended quickly as the lights went on to reveal a very unhappy Bride and Groom, who were both watching the assembled group warily. After all, the Family had gained a reputation for being dangerous, unpredictable, and violent. Their discomfort continued to grow as the Family started to make their way down the ramp.

Josh Arcanum: I apologize for our slightly off color attire, but someone forgot to inform us that there was to be a wedding. Now first I’d like to point out that we’re very disappointed by that….after all, we love weddings.

The group continued down the ramp where the many guests were already starting to clear a path, wanting no part of them. The complete lack of emotion in Josh’s voice once again set people on edge and clashed violently with the crazily laughing Katja Arcanum and the smirk on the face of Moxie, who was guiding Blood through this, knowing that large groups made her uncomfortable still.

Josh Arcanum: So for us to not get invitations, well, that was just unacceptable. So we decided that we just had to come down and congratulate the happy couple. I mean, is there anything more beautiful than a freshly wedded couple? I mean, look at Trish, she’s practically glowing with happiness.

He gestured towards Trish, who was anything but happy at how her big moment was being interrupted . Still, it was hard to deny that she looked amazing in her white wedding dress.

Josh Arcanum: And the groom….well…….there he is.

He then gestured towards Christopher Knight, who was scowling at Arcanum and the Family, livid at his big night being disturbed. In fact, if not for the fact that he didn’t want to upset his bride even more, he probably would’ve been out of the ring attacking Josh by now.

At this point, all of the girls were smiling as they reached ringside, but didn’t actually get in as Josh remained a step behind them, his face remaining expressionless as always. Chris actually unbuttoned his jacket, very wary of the fact that this could turn ugly in a second.

Josh Arcanum: Please, Christopher, please relax. We’re not here to ruin your wedding. No, we’re here to just ask everyone to join us in wishing you a long and happy marriage. So if everyone would just look up into the sky for a moment……

He paused as he and the Family all looked up towards the rafters. Slowly, everyone around them started to do the same until finally the wedding party finally did it as well, very uncomfortable and nervous about things, but beginning to believe that things weren’t going to be as bad as they feared.

Josh Arcanum: ……..And join us in wishing that happiness finds them as easily as raing falls from the sky…….

[Image: 1108%20-%20autoplay_gif%20bloodbath%20gi...%20wcw.gif]

As if on some sort of cue, something did pour down from the sky. But it wasn’t rain, but blood. And it soaked everyone in the ring. Stunned, they were unprepared as the Family exploded into the ring, quickly clearing out everyone but Christopher and Trish. Josh quickly grabbed ahold of Christopher and captured him in a camel clutch, the only difference being that instead of his hands being under his chin, they were directly on his throat, squeezing up so he couldn’t escape.

As for Trish, she found herself on the wrong end of a three-on-one assault by Moxie, Katja, and Blood. The three of them hammered down on her with fists and feet as Chris was forced to watch on helplessly and everyone else had to do the same, afraid to get involved less they earn the wrath of this vicious Family. And through it all, people could hear Josh screaming loud enough to be heard, but somehow still having no emotion in his voice.


Chris struggled, but there was no where for him to go as Josh just cranked up the pressure on his windpipe, making it impossible to breath until he couldn’t continue to struggle. And so he was forced to watch as both Katja and Blood forced his bride to her knees, her dress, hair, and face already soaked in the blood that had been poured on them. They held her head in place as Moxie grinned wildly at Chris before blowing him a kiss and delivering a Facial to Trish.

But the beating wasn’t over as Katja then climbed to the top rope. Laughing insanely, she took off, delivering the Farewell to the prone body of Trish. She was then put into position for Blood to choke whatever remaining fight was in her out with Rear Naked Choke. When she was finally released to lay in a heap, Josh Arcanum leaned down to whisper into Chris’s ear.

Josh Arcanum: How does it feel? To have a moment taken from you? To have something stolen from you before your very eyes? The moment you spit mist into my face, you stole from me the opportunity to send a message that no one would ever forget. So I have to send a new one…..and you’ve volunteered yourself and everything close to you to be the tools I use to send that message. So get ready because you’re about to go through hell at my hands.

Christopher attempted to struggle free, but at a nod from Arcanum, Moxie delivered another Facial, this time to Christopher, and it dropped him to the canvas as Josh now stood over his body. The Family gathered around him, all of them covered in the blood. Slowly, they made their way out of the ring and towards the back, the message sent.

[Image: WLFPoster3.jpg]
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WLF Prime Time - 16 July 2013
Jeff Jarrett & Damien Sandow vs Kurt Angle & Davey Boy Smith
[Image: JeffJarrett_zpsdb69938e.jpg] [Image: DamianSandow_zpsd13523c9.jpg] [Image: BaldAngle_zpsc14dbfaa.jpg] [Image: DaveyBoySmith.jpg]
The Olympic gold medalist and the British Bulldog hold convincing victories over the Chosen One.
Will the reigning WLF Intercontinental Champion prove his worth to the Million Dollar Corporation?

Referee: Tim White
Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby The Brain Heenan

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTrX3LwKUslw-kEPbvLwwe...CO9EsKU37l]

Mean Gene: With me right now is the self-professed intellectual saviour of the masses. Damien Sandow, tonight you must team up with the Intercontinental champion, Jeff Jarrett to take on…

[Image: Damien-Sandow.jpg]

Damien Sandow: Silence, you bald headed ignoramus! There must have been some kind of gaffe made here. Why am I being teamed with a southern miscreant like Jeff Jarrett? Why is that?

Mean Gene: I don’t know. Perhaps you should be directing that question to your manager Aunty Lil who is the head booker at the moment. She would have been the one to make this decision.

Damien Sandow: Aunty Lil mentioned NOTHING to me about having to team with such a knave… a man who carries a guitar and LOVES… country music. Perhaps I could save him from his inadequacies and short comings by introducing him to some REAL music. Perhaps some Swan Lake performed by the LA symphony orchestra… or something by Beethoven perhaps? But certainly not that balderdash HE calls music!

Mean Gene: Nevertheless, you will be teaming with him tonight and it will be up against the former Intercontinental champion; the British Bulldog and Olympic champion Kurt Angle.

Damien Sandow: It seems that the WLF, this week is determined to lump me into a match with the common people and you cannot get any more common than Davey Boy Smith, can you? A man who is proud to be likened to a mutt. A man who even NAMES himself after one. To think I, Damien Sandow, the Duke of Decency, should have to enter the ring with such a miscreant. And as for the so-called Olympic champion, Kurt Angle… I just cannot understand why he is so proud of his Olympic gold medals. Awards for being the best wrestling AMATEUR there was. It’s a little like that mentally challenged child at school, parading around with his award for Perseverance, the award given to the dumbest kid in the class who has no hope of winning any REAL award. That’s the equivalent of your medals, Kurt Angle, because let’s face it. You are no professional!

Mean Gene: Damien Sandow, I can’t believe that you’re saying! Getting an Olympic Gold medal is a HUGE accomplishment!

Damien Sandow: If you believe that then you are clearly in desperate need of enlightenment. You have begged my indulgence long enough. I have a match to prepare for…

Mean Gene: Well there we have it. Damien Sandow with no respect for his opponents… nor for that matter his tag team partner it seems. Back to you Gorilla and Bobby…

Returning to the arena…

Gorilla Monsoon: As usual, Damien Sandow showing no respect to anyone, mocking Jarrett’s taste in music and Angle’s accomplishments as an Olympic champion.

The Fink: This bout is scheduled for one fall! Firstly, making his way down to ringside, accompanied by AUNTY LIL… from Palo Alto, California… and weighing in at 241 pounds … the self- proclaimed Intellectual Saviour of the Masses… DAAAAMIEN SANNNNNDOWWWWWWWW!

Gorilla Monsoon: Sandow and Aunty Lil coming to the ring without Jeff Jarrett. I wonder how those two will work together in this match, especially with the contempt Sandow has for Jarrett...

Mean Gene - We have with us at this time reigning WLF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett, now Jeff tonight you face two men that have beaten you in the past British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith and The Olympic Gold Medalist who you smashed a guitar over the head to get yourself disqualified ....now they are both teaming up together to face you and Damian Sandow...your thoughts on the match.

Jeff Jarrett - The mutt that won't go away and the Olympic Fake....I played a tune for both of them in the past...tonight will be no different. Bulldog why won't you just lay down and die, haven't I proved enough to you that you cannot beat me, I thought after World War III it would have gotten through your thick little skull but obviously I gave you too much credit...and Olympic Zero...didn't you get enough last week? Guess I was wrong there too...I guess Im gonna have to come out and play Jarrett's two greatest hits back to back and get them out of my life for good

Mean Gene - Moments ago I talked to Damian Sandow and he had some unkind words to say about not only your challengers but you as well...you just rub everyone the wrong way

Jeff Jarrett - Oh yeah I was doing more important things than listening to him speak...what did he say?

Mean Gene plays the clip of Sandow bashing Jarrett

Mean Gene - As you can see he has a certain distaste for country music and everything associated with it

Jeff Jarrett - Talk about coming out of left field. You know what his problem is Gene, he doesn't get country music. Intellectual Savior of the masses my ass....He listens to that classical stuff, the stuff without words because words are too advanced for his pea brained brain. Up till now I haven't had a problem with you Sandow, but I can understand why you dislike me. No it's not the country music, you secretly listen to it....No it's not because Im a so called "hick miscreant", You know you love our style, but I will tell you why it is that you dislike me so...its because of this

Jarrett takes off the Intercontinental Title from around his waist and holds it up with his left hand by the strap

Jeff Jarrett - You want this and you are jealous of me for having it, Well snap out of it slapnuts cause it's never gonna happen...now you need to figure out a way to play nice out there tonight because if you don't well The Chosen One will just have to write another hit song on the spot...this interview is over

Mean Gene - Not sure how those two are going to co-exist out there tonight. Will Angle and Davey Boy Smith have the advantage and an easy night or will The Intellectual Savior Of The Masses and the Self Proclaimed Chosen One work as a team and get the job done...we will find out in just minutes, back to you guys

Gorilla Monsoon - I don't think these two will be able to function as a unit tonight Brain
Bobby Heenan - They are two great competitors and even better men, sad to see this happen but they are both professional enough to get it done

Howard Finkle - And HIS Partner weighing in at 235 pounds, heiling from Nashville, Tennessee...he is The Chosen One..Jeeeeefffff JArrrreeeeetttttt

Jarrett's music hits as he walks out onto the stage with his Guitar held over head and WLF Intercontinental Title around his waist...Jarrett walks down the ramp and trash talks all the fans on the way down. Jarrett slides under the bottom ropes and walks to the middle of the ropes and puts his right leg on the middle rope and his left leg on the bottom ropes and raises his guitar in the air and sparks shoot out the end of it Jarrett gets down and stares at Damian Sandow while he removes his Intercontinental Belt and gives him a smirk

Jeff Jarrett - That's right baby I AM the Chosen One, and I AM The WLF Intercontinental Champion

Saying that Jarrett hands the belt over to the belt grabber and just props himself up on the top turnbuckle

Gorilla Monsoon - See Brain, it already looks as if they wont do well together
Bobby Heenan - They are just putting us on, they really like each other, you'll see

Mean Gene: I'm now standing by with the former Intercontinetal Champion, the British Bulldog and tonight you team with the Olympic Hero Kurt Angle and you go up against The self proclaim Chosen One Jeff Jarrett and the Intellectual saviour of the masses Damien Sandow, Bulldog you have the chance to get payback at Jeff Jarrett, your thoughts.

British Bulldog: Jeff Jarrett you got really lucky at World War 3 and I saw what you did in your match against Kurt Angle last week and I don't like how you got yourself disqualified, you know what that shows, it shows that you are scared and that when I get my rematch for the title it means that Im going to defeat you once again and become a 2 time Intercontinetal Champion.

Bulldog walks away.

Back to ringside.

Gorilla Monsoon: The British Bulldog saying that Jeff Jarrett is scared to put his title on the line in Bulldogs rematch.
Bobby Heenan: What has Bulldog done to get a rematch.
Gorilla Monsoon: Its in the championship clause, if the champ loses he's entitled to a rematch sometime down the road.
Bobby Heenan: Oh please, The Bulldog needs to just lay down and die, and how do you know Bulldog and Angle could team together because they both are gunning for the Intercontinetal Championship.
Gorilla Monsoon: I don't see that happening anytime soon, lets go to Howard Finkel for the introduction.

Howard Finkel: Now their opponents, introducing first from, making his way down the aisle from London, England, Davey Boy Smith, The British Bulldog!!!!.

Rule Britiania hits and out comes the British Bulldog and the fans in the arena erupt as one of their favorites is making his way to the ring and Bulldog walks down the ramp slapping hands of fans in the first couple rows. He climbs the steps and gets in the ring and goes to his corner and awaits his partner to make his way out here

Mene Gene: Ladies and Gentlemen I am standing by with the final man in this match, the Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle.

Camera pans over to Kurt who's getting pumped up for the match.

Mene Gene: Earlier, your 2 opponents made some disgusting remarks about you and your medals, anything you want to say to them?

Kurt Angle: Thanks Gene and yea, I do. Sandow, the only thing, or person, that's going to be challenged is you, physically after I snap your ankle into two. And Jarrett, I'll keep this short and sweet, Angle Slam. Angle Slam. ANGLE SLAM!!

Crowd chants: Angle Slam! Angle Slam!

Kurt Angle: Haha.

Jarrett, you may have gotten away last week, but sooner or later, I'm comin' after that title. And Sandow, I'd stay away from me as much as possible, because if I get my hands on you, I'll knock that fake beard right off your face!

Oh it's true, it's damn true!

Mean Gene: There you have it, folks! Back to you Brain and Gorilla!

Gorilla Monsoon: Thanks, Gene. Wow, what a confident young fellow he is.
Bobby Heenan: Sounds delusional more than anything to me.

Angle's Music hit!

The crowd goes wild

Crowd: Angle! Angle! Angle!

Gorilla Monsoon: The crowd sure loves the Olympic Hero, this place is going wild!

Angle points to Jarrett's guitar

Kurt Angle: If you break this

Angle points to Jarrett's Ankle

Kurt Angle: I'll break that!

Kurt goes into the corner, taunts and the crowd goes wild. He turns around and taunts to the other side, same reaction. Kurt stretches and get's ready for the match.

Gorilla Monsoon: Jarrett looking to get into that ring, but Sandow gets in there first and motions Jarrett back. I don’t think Jarrett is too happy about Sandow wanting to start this one off. He wants in first, but Sandow showing contempt for his partner by flagging him away with one hand and…

Sandow turns and meets a fist from Kurt Angle. Sandow goes staggering back and inadvertently knocks Jarrett off the ring apron.

Gorilla Monsoon: Angle doesn’t care which man starts off and he’s taking it to Damien Sandow. Sandow doesn’t seem to know what’s hit him as Kurt pummels him with a barrage of chops and punches. Kurt whips Sandow to the ropes and BACK DROPS him high into the air. And listen to those crowds go wild. They just love to see that conceited jackass Sandow getting his just desserts.
Bobby Heenan: What? So they don’t want to see Sandow get a fair fight? They’re happy that their so-called Olympic hero just did a Pearl Harbour job on their intellectual saviour?
Gorilla Monsoon: If you’re gonna climb into that ring you better be ready for action. Sandow was too busy trying to make out he was superior to Jarrett.
Bobby Heenan: Well come on, Gorilla, you’ve got the Intellectual Saviour and the Chosen One teaming together. You’ve gotta give them some leeway here.
Gorilla Monsoon: Neither of them deserve any leeway and Angle continues to work over Sandow with pulverising moves. A scoop slam brings Sandow down hard. Now Angle with an arm lock, applying pressure to Damien’s arm, causing him to scream out. And look at Jarrett. He’s back on the apron but he doesn’t seem at all concerned with the pain on his partner’s face. In fact he’s resting his elbow on the corner turnbuckle and looking in completely the opposite direction. It’s almost as if he’s not even part of this match. No doubt he’s getting a certain amount of sadistic glee out of this.
Bobby Heenan: What can he do? He’ s not allowed to jump in there and save his partner is he? He’d get disqualified?
Gorilla Monsoon: Jarrett has never been one to worry about bending the rules… And look at this. Sandow with a burst of strength now and somehow he manages to get to the ropes and forces Angle to break the hold. He lunges to his corner, but Jarrett isn’t paying attention! Angle grabs him by the leg and drags him back. If Jarrett had been paying attention he could have tagged in just then!

Angle stomps on Sandow a couple of times then pulls him to his feet and executes a text book vertical suplex. He covers but Sandow kicks out on two.

Gorilla Monsoon: Angle scaling the ropes now, looking to hit Sandow with some heavy artillery. He leaps from the second rope, AND SANDOW ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY JUST IN TIME!

Angle comes crashing down on his knees as Sandow scrambles to his corner. Jarrett still seems to be distracted and it’s not until Sandow rises to his feet and angrily taps Jarrett on the shoulder when the Chosen one finally turns around.


Jarrett scowls and then slaps Sandow across the cheek sending him staggering back with shock.


Jarrett climbs into the ring as Sandow stands in the ring still in shock, but then a scowl appears on his face. However he climbs out onto the apron. Jarrett strides towards Angle but Angle makes a lunge for his corner and makes the tag to the Bulldog!

The British Bulldog comes into the ring like a house on fire and begins throwing hard rights into the face of the reigning Intercontinental Champion and the self proclaim Chosen One and he has Jarrett reeling and he then follows it up by Irish whipping him into the ropes and Jarrett comes back and Bulldog lifts Jarrett high in the air and connects with a back body drop. Jarrett gets to his feet and Bulldog runs at him and takes him to the mat with a clothesline.

Gorilla Monsoon: The Bulldog is looking to get his revenge on Jarrett and Bulldog grabbing Jarrett by the hair and whips him hard into the ropes once again and Jarrett comes back and Bulldog catches Jarret with a dropkick and the impact takes Jarrett all the way to the outside.
Bobby Heenan: Bulldog stepping through the ropes and Jarrett is trying to crawl away from Bulldog on the outside, I think Jarrett is setting the Bulldog up for something and the Bulldog goes down to pick Jarrett up and YES! What a move by the Chosen One as he drops toe holds the Bulldog sending him face first into the steps.
Gorilla Monsoon: Jarrett now back up to his feet and he grabs the Bulldog by the head and slams it once again against the steps and Jarrett now dragging Bulldog over towards our table and he slams his head off the table and now he throws Bulldog back into the ring and follows him in.
Bobby Heenan: This is why he's the Chosen One and the reigning Intercontinental Champion and now this is where Jarrett is dangerous.
Gorilla Monsoon: Jeff Jarrett now struts in the middle of the ring and these fans are giving him the response he deserves and he's now choking the life out of the Bulldog, come on ref get Jarrett off of Bulldog.
Bobby Heenan: Jeff Jarrett now strutting some more in the ring and he's waiting till Bulldog gets to his feet and the Bulldog is having a hard time getting back to his feet, see the Bulldog needs help with the use of the ropes.
Gorilla Monsoon: The Bulldog is finally back up and he has his back turned and he might be making a mistake as here comes Jarrett and he lifts Bulldog up and hits a back suplex. Jeff Jarrett has amazing talent, I won't take that from him, its just his attitude that stinks and oh come on Jarrett with an arrogant pinfall attempt as he puts the forearm into the face and the ref drops to count.



Bulldog kicks out!

Bobby Heenan: Jeff arguing about the ref's count and who can blame them because that stupid Tim White doesn't know how to count to three.
Gorilla Monsoon: Jeff Jarrett should be more focus on his opponent more than Tim White, and now Jeff is climbing to the top turnbuckle and he's looking for a high risk move here as he's waiting for Bulldog to once again rise to his feet and the Bulldog is in a very bad spot here as he's up to one knee now and holding his head and now Bulldog is back up once again and Jarrett leaps off the turnbuckle and hits a Diving Axed Handle on the Bulldog.
Bobby Heenan: Jarrett looking for another cover and Tim White drops to the mat and the Bulldog kicks out at two. Another slow count from referee Tim White.
Gorilla Monsoon: Jeff Jarrett now once again arguing with Tim White and he bounces off the ropes and Damien Sandow pats Jarrett on the back and that was a tag as Tim White is getting Jarrett out of the ring.
Bobby Heenan: Damien Sandow now just dropping repeated knee drops into the head of Bulldog and he now brings Bulldog to his feet and he whips him hard into the corner and Bulldog falls to the mat on impact.
Gorilla Monsoon: Bulldog needs to do something and quick if he wants his team to win this match.

Bulldog pulls himself up and Sandow runs at Bulldog but the Bulldog grabs the top rope and Damian Sandow goes flying to the outside

Bobby Heenan - He should be disqualified this instant, that was an illegal tactic and a cheap one at that
Gorilla Monsoon - I dont even think Bulldog knew where he was, he is just working on instincts here...and its nothing Jarrett nor Sandow would do in return

Bulldog crawls over to the corner where he tags in Angle....Sandow is beginning to stir and slowly stands up and Jarrett jumps off the apron and is laughing and mocking Sandow for falling for that...Sandow and Jarrett get nose to nose with anger and Sandow pushes Jarrett....Jarrett pushes Sandow back and without warning they both look up and see Angle flying over the top ropes and he hits them both with a cross body

Gorilla Monsoon - See Brain if they put as much effort into being partners as they do disliking each other they wouldnt be lying on the ground right now
Bobby Heenan - When you have two personalities as great as Sandow and Jarrett there is bound to be some headbutting....they will make it click soon
Gorilla Monsoon - You are delusional Bobby...they hate each other and they are gonna cost themselves the match because of it

Angle gets up and picks Sandow up and rolls him into the ring with the ref paying attention to Sandow now Angle jumps up on the apron but Jarrett gets up and pulls the back of Angle's leg and pulls him off the apron and Angle's head hits the apron and Jarrett then takes Angle and shoves his back into the barricade and then picks him up and shoves him back into the ring and quickly jumps onto the apron as Bulldog comes around to stop things

Bobby Heenan - See Monsoon, they set things up brilliantly there
Gorilla Monsoon - More like dumb luck and right place right time

Sandow bodyslams Angle and delivers an elbow drop and then puts on a sleeper hold...Angle appears to be going out...the ref raises Angle's hand once.....twice.....no Angle prevents the third time dropping.

Gorilla Monsoon - Close one there but Angle holds on and he appears to be fighting out of the sleeper hold.

Angle elbows Sandow and then gives him another elbow...and then side suplexes Sandow to the mat. Angle then starts the crawl over to his partner the Bulldog to tag him in, but Jarrett steps through the ropes and starts dragging Sandow over to the corner and the ref sees this and diverts his attention over there just as Angle makes the tag to Bulldog

Gorilla Monsoon - Angle makes the tag, Bulldog is in and the team needed that tag
Bobby Heenan - But the ref didnt see the tag, I dont think he will allow it

Bulldog goes and starts to punch Sandow but the ref stops him and tells him he didnt tag in...Bulldog is pleading his case but the ref backs him into his own corner and says Angle must continue...the ref turns back around and Jarrett slaps Sandow on the shoulder and tags himself in....Jarrett rushes over to Angle and kicks him in the stomach..Angle goes down hard....Jarrett drags Angle into the middle of the ring and picks up his right leg and signals for the figure four....Jarrett applies the hold and Angle seems to be in pain

Bobby Heenan - Ha ha this ones over folks...noone gets out of the figure four
Gorilla Monsoon - Angle and Bulldog seems to be in trouble here....will Angle break the hold or will Jarrett and Sandow be victorious...we will find out after the break

Gorilla Monsoon: Welcome back folks to Prime Time and before the break we saw Jeff Jarrett lock in the Figure Four Leg Lock on the Olympic Gold Medalist and Kurt has been in that hold for at least five minutes, and this capacity crowd trying to rally on Kurt Angle.


Bobby Heenan: These humanoids could cheer all they want but nobody and I mean nobody escapes the Figure Four Leglock, hey they recognize what country they live in to, good for them.
Gorilla Monsoon: It may be working because Angle is crawling his way over reaching out for the ropes, and he's inching closer and closer to them.
Bobby Heenan: Come on Jarrett don't let that idiot get to the ropes and aw damn it.
Gorilla Monsoon: I apologize for the language used by my colleague here, but Kurt Angle reaches his arm out with one last grasp and grabs the bottom rope and these fans erupt.

Jeff Jarrett though doesn't let gold of the Olympic Gold Medalist until the count of 4 and he lets go and the referee, Tim White is yelling at Jarrett for his actions but the Chosen doesn't care as he begins to strut again and the fans roar down the boo's on the reigning Intercontinental Champion.

Jeff Jarrett: That's right, I'm the Chosen One.

Gorilla Monsoon: Once again Jarrett is heading towards the corner and he begins climbing up the turnbuckle and he's up and look Kurt Angle is up and he runs at the ropes and oh my! Jarrett falls and crotches himself on the turnbuckle and now Kurt Angle is fully back up and he's climbing up after Jarrett and now he hooks his arms around Jarrett and OH MY! Kurt Angle nails Jarrett with a Belly to Belly Suplex from the top.
Bobby Heenan: Well that move took a lot out of Angle, who in their mind would do a stupid move like that.
Gorilla Monsoon: Wait look Angle is moving and he crawls over towards Jarrett and puts his arm on his chest and that's a cover.




NO! JEFF JARRETT barley gets the shoulder up.

The fans in the arena groan in disappointment as they thought their Olympic Gold Hero had the cover on the reigning champion as Kurt Angle begins crawling towards his corner.

Gorilla Monsoon: Kurt Angle is inching closer to his corner while Jarrett is just finding himself after the Belly to Belly Suplex from the top and Angle leaps up and tags in the Bulldog and he climbs the top turnbuckle and he awaits for Jarrett to get to his feet and he does and Bulldog jumps and takes him down with a Flying Shoulder Block from the top and the Bulldog could be feeling it.

The British Bulldog brings a groggy Jeff Jarrett to his feet and whips him hard into the corner and Jarrett hits hard and he bounces back into the Bulldog who lifts the Chosen One high above his head in a Military Press Position and he drops him down to the mat, Bulldog once again lifts the champ back to his feet and this time he lifts him high up in the air and keeps him up for ten seconds and drops him with his Stalling Suplex and the fans erupt because they know whats coming next.

Gorilla Monsoon: The Bulldog is stalking Jarrett and he's back up slowly and the Bulldog strikes by lifting him onto his shoulders and he runs with him and RUNNING POWESLAM! RUNNING POWERSLAM! He connects with his patent Running Powerslam and these fans erupt and the Bulldog covering Jarrett.
Bobby Heenan: NO! Come on Damien Sandow do something.
Gorilla Monsoon: Tim White drops to the mat to make the count.




NO Jarrett kicks out!!!

Bobby Heenan: YES! YES! I told you he will kick out.
Gorilla Monsoon: Look at the kisser of the Bulldog, with a look of disappointment on his face.

Crowd: USA! USA! USA!

Bobby Heenan: Why are these idiots chanting for the USA, Bulldog is from the United Kingdom.
Gorilla Monsoon: Bulldog walking towards his corner and oh my! Kurt Angle just slapped the Bulldog on the back and that's a tag.
Bobby Heenan: The Bulldog doesn't look happy about Kurt doing that and he gets back on the apron glaring at Kurt Angle.
Gorilla Monsoon: Kurt Angle coming in the ring and he wants to be the won who pins the champion as he now covers him. Will Jeff Jarrett kick out this time.




Gorilla Monsoon: NO!!! Jarrett gets a shoulder up! Kurt's stomping away at Jeff Jarrett's mid-section.
Bobby Heenan: He better stay away from Jarrett's face or else someone's not going to be happy.
Gorilla Monsoon: Well, he may have heard you there, Brain, because now Angle goes for the knee drop on The Chosen One's face.

Gorilla Monsoon: Jarrett get's up and trades punches with Angle. Kurt goes for a leg take-down, Jarrett counters. Angle gets out of the hold before Jarrett can apply any damage. Jarret Irish-Whips Kurt Angle and goes for a clothesline, but Kurt ducks! And YES! There's the first German-Suplex! The second! And he connects with the third! Jarrett's got dropped right on his head and neck!

[Image: kurt-angle-german-suplex-jeff-hardy.jpg]

Jarrett tries to roll away to his corner, but no! Angle stops him dead in his tracks and locks in the... HE LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK!! This one's over! But no! Jarrett rolls and sends Angle shoulder-first into the ring-post, Jarrett quickly tags in Damien Sandow.

Sandow goes for some kicks but Kurt counters and retaliates with some punches and forearms. He Irish-Whips Sandow to the corner, and spears him! Sandow's on the ground and Kurt goes up top and connects with the moonsault!





Gorilla Monsoon: Angle looks frustrated now.
Bobby Heenan: Then he better tag in his partner before things get out of hand!

Kurt picks up Sandow and hits the Belly-to-Belly. He get's up and tags in the Bulldog!

[Image: british-bulldog.jpg]

Davey Boy Smith steps between the ropes and explodes into Damien Sandow with a thunderous clothesline, sending his opponent 360! Sandow quickly regains his feet and wanders right into another clothesline from the burly Englishman. Davey Boy hoists Sandow up in the air with a military press, but the sneaky grappler gouges his opponent in the eyes to escape from the predicament.

Bobby Heenan: Works like a charm everytime.
Gorilla Monsoon: Sandow charges at Davey Boy, but the Englishman sends him sky high with a well-timed back body drop and simply stands idly by and admiring his handiwork as the self-proclaimed Intellectual Savior of the Masses comes crashing down on the canvas!
Bobby Heenan: Get outta there, Damien! Get a breather! Take a break!
Gorilla Monsoon: Sandow now begging for mercy from Davey Boy. I don’t think the Bulldog’s gonna be suckered that easily.

Sandow waits for Davey Boy to leans in and thumbs him in the eye yet again.

Bobby Heenan: You were saying? How many times is he gonna fall for this?
Gorilla Monsoon: Sandow makes the tag to Jeff Jarrett.
Bobby Heenan: Here comes the Chosen One. Wait-a-minute… where is he going?
Gorilla Monsoon: The Intercontinental Champion climbing to the second turnbuckle, perhaps looking for an aerial assault on the Bulldog.
Bobby Heenan: What are you thinking, Jeff? You know you shouldn’t succumb to peer pressure like that. It’s never a good idea when your feet’s not touching the ground.
Gorilla Monsoon: Jarrett comes off the second turnbuckle with a double axhandle, but Davey Boy catches him in mid-air! The Bulldog’s got Jarrett in a bearhug!
Bobby Heenan: Come on, Jarrett! Fight out of it!
Gorilla Monsoon: Davey Boy applying the pressure on the lower back of the WLF Intercontinental Champion. He’s really putting the squeeze on with that bearhug.
Bobby Heenan: Come on, Jarrett! Thumb him in the eye; it never fails!
Gorilla Monsoon: Are you kidding me? What kind of message are you sending to our viewers?
Bobby Heenan: Do whatever it takes to get ahead; nice guys finish last.
Gorilla Monsoon: Jarrett had better do something soon; he’s fading fast.

The referee checks on Jeff Jarrett and raises his arm for the first time…


The referee raises Jarrett’s arm again…


The referee raises Jarrett’s arm the third and perhaps the final time…


Gorilla Monsoon: The match might well have been over had it not been for Sandow’s interference.
Bobby Heenan: You can’t know that for sure.
Gorilla Monsoon: Kurt Angle storms the ring to even up the numbers, but the referee is in his way, admonishing the Olympic gold medalist back to his corner.
Bobby Heenan: Yeah, get that Olympic twerp outta there.
Gorilla Monsoon: While the referee admonishes Angle back to his corner, Jarrett and Sandow double-team Davey Boy Smith behind the match official’s back. Davey Boy ducks under a double clothesline. He comes back on the rebound, but runs straight into a double back elbow.
Bobby Heenan: This is it, Monsoon. He’s going for it.
Gorilla Monsoon: He calls this the Cubito Aequet, otherwise known as the Elbow of Disdain.
Bobby Heenan: If he nails this, it’s over.

[Image: DSC_8167.jpg]

Bobby Heenan: Hey, wait-a-minute… what’s Jarrett doing?
Gorilla Monsoon: I’m not entirely sure. Sandow was going for his signature elbow drop there and Jarrett just pulled Davey Boy away and slaps on the Figure Four leglock!
Bobby Heenan: Just some miscommunication there; nothing serious.
Gorilla Monsoon: Are you certain? Cause it looks like Sandow is not taking it too lightly. He’s wrenching Jarrett off of the Bulldog!
Bobby Heenan: No… wait! You guys are on the same team! And that blasted mutt was about to tap out!
Gorilla Monsoon: This doesn’t exactly look like a functional team from where I’m sitting.
Bobby Heenan: You don’t know what you’re talking about, Monsoon. Every team goes through this process; there’s absolutely nothing wrong between them. Don’t you be starting no rumors!
Gorilla Monsoon: Oh really? Jarrett and Sandow do not appear to be on the same page at all… and look at this! The Bulldog rams both their heads together!
Bobby Heenan: Noooooo! This can’t be happening!
Gorilla Monsoon: Jarrett tumbles through the ropes, while Davey Boy props Sandow up on his shoulder! This could be it… the Bulldog’s signature move!

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Bobby Heenan: No-no-no-no-no… somebody do something!
Bobby Heenan: Not like this!
Gorilla Monsoon: Davey Boy goes for the cover, but the referee’s not counting! He’s informing Davey Boy that Sandow is not the legal guy; it’s Jarrett.
Bobby Heenan: Yes! Yes! There is justice in this world afterall!
Gorilla Monsoon: Davey Boy makes the tag to Kurt Angle, then he brings Jeff Jarrett in the hard way and slingshots him inside the ring!
Bobby Heenan: Damn that Bulldog! Look out, Jeff!
Gorilla Monsoon: Kurt Angle is all over Jeff Jarrett! Look at him go!
Bobby Heenan: Get outta there, Jeff! Get out of the ring!
Gorilla Monsoon: He’s trying, Bobby. But Angle clasps his arms around Jarrett… big time German Suplex on the WLF Intercontinental Champion, dropped him right on the back of his head! Angle going for the cover.





Kurt Angle removes the straps on his singlet and lets out a resounding “whooooooooooo!” as the capacity audience reciprocates accordingly. Angle gets up behind Jarrett and moves in for the kill with the Olympic Slam!

Gorilla Monsoon: Ohh no! Sandow just tackled Angle behind the leg with a chop block!
Bobby Heenan: That’s the way to do it!
Gorilla Monsoon: Kurt Angle now picking his leg; he’s easy pickings for the Intercontinental Champion.
Bobby Heenan: Let’s go, Jarrett! Finish him off already!
Gorilla Monsoon: Jarrett reels Angle in and slaps on the Figure Four leglock on the Olympic gold medalist! Will we see a submission here?!

[Image: figurefour_crop_340x234.jpg?1316753756]

Bobby Heenan: Give up already!
Gorilla Monsoon: The referee’s checking up on Kurt Angle, but the Olympic champion is saying no. He’s awfully close to his corner and he reaches for the tag.
Bobby Heenan: Drag him away! Drag him away!
Gorilla Monsoon: Eh? What’s this? Angle has his hand outstretched… but Davey Boy is simply nonchalant about it and simply stares down at his tag-team partner! What are you doing, Davey Boy? Make that tag already!
Bobby Heenan: He finally grew a brain; he’s finally come to terms with the fact that he may never ever beat Sandow or Jarrett.
Gorilla Monsoon: I believe it goes for deeper than that, Bobby. I don’t know what it is… but Davey Boy Smith appears to be leaving the ringside area!

The live audience responds with a crescendo of boos as the British Bulldog makes his way back up the ramp en route to exiting the arena.

Gorilla Monsoon: I can’t believe the Bulldog abandoned his partner just like that!
Bobby Heenan: This is just typical of the English, Monsoon. You can never depend on them.
Gorilla Monsoon: What’s going on here?
Bobby Heenan: Who cares? The Olympic twerp is still trapped in that Figure Four leglock! Give up already! You know you don’t stand a chance!
Gorilla Monsoon: All of a sudden Kurt Angle finds himself in a handicap match. Nevertheless, he’s close enough to the ropes and clings on to it to force Jarrett to release the hold. And Jarrett, of course, waiting until the fourth count before breaking it up.
Bobby Heenan: Of course. Why wouldn’t he?
Gorilla Monsoon: Jarrett is dragging Angle back to the middle of the ring to re-apply the hold no doubt, but Angle kicks him right in the face! KURT ANGLE NOW WITH THE OLYMPIC SLAM ON JEFF JARRETT!!!

[Image: 100_6722.jpg]

Bobby Heenan: Hang on a second! That shouldn’t count! He made the tag! Sandow already made the tag!
Gorilla Monsoon: Unfortunately he did; Damien Sandow made the blind tag just as Angle nailed Jarrett with the Olympic Slam.
Bobby Heenan: Now’s your chance, Damien! Finish him off!
Gorilla Monsoon: Angle has no idea about the blind tag and Sandow takes full advantage of it, surprising the Olympic gold medalist from behind with his patented neckbreaker!




Bobby Heenan: He did it! He did it! Damien Sandow did it again! The Intellectual Savior of the Masses picks up another win for the Million Dollar Corporation!
Gorilla Monsoon: You know, I have the feeling the outcome might have been a little different had the British Bulldog not abandoned Kurt Angle towards the end of the match.
Bobby Heenan: Bah, quit making excuses for him. A loss is still a loss… and he lost!
Gorilla Monsoon: I wonder what actually got in the Bulldog’s head to have him literally abandoning his tag-team partner and leave the ringside area.
Bobby Heenan: Who cares?
Gorilla Monsoon: Uh-oh… looks like we’re not through here in the ring. They might have won the match, but Jeff Jarrett and Damien Sandow are still in each other’s faces.
Bobby Heenan: Hey, what are you guys doing? No-no-no-no-no… don’t do it! You’re on the same team!

Just as Sandow looks as though he was about to pounce on the reigning WLF Intercontinental Champion, he instead raises Jarrett’s arm… much to the chagrin of the fans. Amidst the boos, the Intellectual Savior of the Masses welcomes the Chosen One as the latest WLF superstar to become a part of the ever growing Million Dollar Corporation.

[Image: WLFPoster3.jpg]
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WLF Prime Time - 16 July 2013
Akio vs The Great Muta
[Image: Akio_zps05ec7c2d.jpg] [Image: GreatMuta.jpg]
The non-native newcomer faces a fellow warrior from the Land of the Rising Sun in his WLF debut.
Will the Family Unit make its presence felt and ensure victory for the mist-spewing Pearl of the Orient?

Referee: Charles Robinson
Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby The Brain Heenan

Mean Gene Okerlund is swiftly walking through the backstage area. He looks like a man on a mission, obviously looking out for someone in particular. He stops in his tracks as he spots his target and calls out.

Mean Gene: Katsumi. Katsumi. Can I get a word please?

[Image: vfTrcXV.jpg?1]

Katsumi, halfway down the corridor, pauses and waits as Okerlund picks up the pace again to catch up to her.

Mean Gene: Katsumi, I just wanted to get a few words on Akio’s upcoming debut. Tonight he’ll be going up against fellow countryman The Great Muta.

Katsumi: Thank you Mr Okerlund.

Mean Gene: Please. Call me Gene. No need for formalities here.

Katsumi giggles.

Katsumi: Ok. Well firstly, Akio and I are so happy to be here in the United States and to be competing with the WLF. It’s an honour to be involved in such a great company and Akio is looking forward to entertaining its great fans.

Mean Gene: Well we’re glad to have you here too.

Katsumi: Tonight Akio will be competing with The Great Muta, the greatest to come from Japan. For this he feels very honoured. The Great Muta was an idol to Akio when he was starting off and showed it was possible to come from Japan and make a name here in America.

Mean Gene: He certainly did that. But Katsumi, surely you must be concerned about his running partners The Family Unit, and that’s not to mention The Million Dollar Corporation. We know all too well that these guys care little for the rulebook and will happily do whatever it takes to get a victory.

Katsumi: We hope that The Great Muta will be an honourable man. This is an opportunity to show to the world what competitors from Japan can do. I’m sure The Great Muta will want a fair fight to see who the better man is.

Mean Gene looks at Katsumi with a questioning expression.

Mean Gene: Errmm… well good luck with that and good luck for Akio’s match tonight.

Katsumi: Thank you Mr Oker…. Sorry, Gene.

Katsumi walks off towards the couples dressing room, leaving Mean Gene looking a little puzzled and maybe even concerned for the pair.

Gorilla Monsoon: Well, here comes Akio to the ring, followed close behind by his manager Katsumi....this youngster has made a splash in his native Japan, and I think it's just a matter of time before he achieves the same success here in the WLF...
Bobby Heenan: Easier said then done banana breath....he has to contend with Muta first....and the thought that Muta will be honorable? Hah! That's laughable!
Gorilla Monsoon: I would hope, Brain, that he *would* be honorable...he's facing a fellow countryman. I have no doubt Muta has seen tapes of Akio in action, as has Mr. Gekko, and probably can concede that Akio has a lot of skills and talent...
Bobby Heenan: Have you been under a rock these last few years? Muta only cares about two things....The Corporation and himself....everything else is just standing in his way of greatness...
Gorilla Monsoon: Oh please.....speaking of standing, we're standing by with Muta, along with his Family Unit associates Bad News Brown, and Christopher Walken...

Indeed, backstage, Sean Mooney is standing with Walken, Bad News, and Muta, who is standing stone still, his pre-match mask and robes on as he does

[Image: 28_muta.jpg]

Sean Mooney: Thank you very much Gorilla. Right now, I'm going to get some last minute words with....well, I had hoped for The Great Muta to speak some words....but he appears to be getting himself in the zone for this match, so to speak, so I suppose I'll have to direct my questions to you Mr. Walken...

[Image: christopher-walken-9th-annual-screen-act...0v63kx.jpg]

Christopher Walken: .....What's going on there Mooney? You don't want to talk to me eh? An Oscar winner? And manager of a great collection of talent?

Sean Mooney: Well, erm, no Mr. Walken, it's not that, it's just that, well, I wanted to see if I could get some words from Muta...

Bad News Brown: (Steps towards Mooney and points a finger at him) Listen fool, you talk to Mr. Walken, and *only* Mr. Walken....what, you got something against him? Cause a problem with him is a problem with me Mooney!

Christopher Walken: (Raises a hand to Bad News) No, no....Bad News, don't worry....I understand....Mooney is still young.....still naive in the ways of the world....he won't realize his mistake until he's older and wiser....

Sean Mooney: Uh....er..... (He gets a glare from Bad News and gulps, then slowly moves the microphone to Walken) Any.....ahem.....any words for Akio and Katsumi, Mr. Walken?

Christopher Walken: (A big smile, gently pats Mooney on the cheek twice with his hand) Smart boy.....really smart.....I do have some words yeah....though I don't think Akio will understand them....the poor boy speaks no English, am I right? (Mooney nods, Walken looks to the camera) Well then I'll simplify it as much as possible......Akio......Muta.....kick your ass! You.....just leave.....now.....before.....you get hurt! And as for Katsumi...word to the wise, cupcake....a woman like you doesn't belong in a wrestling ring....she belongs in the house, serving saki to her husband, bowing politely, and speaking only when spoken too....get that through that pretty little head of yours as soon as you can....before Bad News and I have to.....ahem....persuade you to leave....

With that, Muta, Walken, and Bad News begin to head off, but not before Bad News gives Sean one last glare.

Sean Mooney: .....Wow....Bad News Brown only has to *look* at me, and that man is scary....he really is bad news.....back to you at ring side....

Gorilla Monsoon: Hmmph! What despicable words from Walken!
Bobby Heenan: What? He's not wrong....Katsumi should just stick to cooking and cleaning, away from the danger of a man's world...
Gorilla Monsoon: Are you being serious?! When we have so many women managers here, not to mention the woman's division?
Bobby Heenan: Well.....yeah....but Katsumi is way to dainty then the rest....looks like the type where you'd break her neck just looking at her wrong...
Gorilla Monsoon: I think you'll see, Brain, Katsumi is much more capable then you and Walken give her credit for...

Howard Finkel: His opponent....making his way to ringside.....being accompanied by Christopher Walken and Bad News Brown....he is a member of The Family Unit.....The Great....Muta!

The reception from the Biloxi crowd for Walken and company is, not surprisingly, a harsh one, as the crowd boos soundly at the trio. Walken takes the lead and strides over to Katsumi, mockingly waving at her as Katsumi simply looks away. Soon, Muta approaches Katsumi and stands still, staring at her, mask and all, as Katsumi, nervously and hesitantly, bows to him. Muta, rather then bow back, begins to slowly stalk her around the ring

Gorilla Monsoon: Oh, what is this now? Muta just following Katsumi around the ring, trying to intimidate her!
Bobby Heenan: Muta just wants to say hello! Katsumi is being the rude one here!
Gorilla Monsoon: She looks scared out of her wits! I would be too if a goon like Muta was following me like that!

In the ring, Akio has had enough. He slides out under the bottom rope and steps in front of Katsumi, right in the path of Muta. The two men do a stare down as Charles Robinson orders both men into the ring to start the match

Gorilla Monsoon: Akio seems hesitant to leave his manager alone on the outside but he does and this match will get underway.
Bobby Heenan: Did you notice the kiss there Gorilla? Wasn’t it sweet? Maybe he should try that trick to win over The Great Muta.
Gorilla Monsoon: Will you cut it out?

Akio and Muta circle the ring and after 20 secs get into an elbow tie-up. Muta whips Akio to the ropes and Akio attempts to shoulder block Muta on the return but Muta doesn’t budge. Akio bounces off the ropes again and this time runs straight into a chop by Muta and finds himself on the mat.

Bobby Heenan: Haha Gorilla. Great start for your young superstar.
Gorilla Monsoon: It’s still the opening moments of his debut Brain. Let the kid find his feet.

Akio lifts himself to his feet and catapults himself off the ropes again. Muta goes for the chop again but Akio’s wise to it this time and ducks underneath it.

Gorilla Monsoon: Akio dodged that one and oh, he’s caught him with a roundhouse kick to the side of the head and now it’s Muta that’s on the mat.
Bobby Heenan: So? The kid got lucky. Muta won’t let it happen again.

Akio lifts Muta to his feet, applying an armbar as he does. More pressure is applied until Muta , using his free hand, grabs a handful of hair and , yanking it, sends Akio crashing to the canvas, breaking the hold in the process.

Gorilla Monsoon: That was cheap by The Great Muta.
Bobby Heenan: That may be so Monsoon but it worked, and Akio’s on his back once again.
Gorilla Monsoon: The Great Muta now going to work on Akio dropping those knees repeatedly into the ribs and lower abdominal regions.
Bobby Heenan: That’s it Muta, teach this boy what it means to be in the big leagues. Welcome to the WLF Akio.

Akio gets back up to one knee and as Muta goes to grab hold of him lands an uppercut square on Muta.

Gorilla Monsoon: Woohh, where did that come from? Akio lands a superb uppercut from out of nowhere and has Muta staggered here. He follows up with a few chops to the chest and then fires Muta into the corner.

The small flurry of offense from Akio has awoken the crowd and they start to get behind him. Akio can hear a few even starting to chant his name and his heart starts to speed a little. This is why he came to America. The big noise, on the big stage, in the big feds. The sound of the crowd now was giving him that feeling he used to get competing in Japan but had faded quite a while ago.

Akio rushes towards the corner and splashes Muta making him the filling in a Akio/ringpost sandwich. Muta staggers out of the corner and falls to the canvas. Akio, still feeling the rush generated by the sound of the crowd, places his hands on the ropes and in one bound leaps on to the top turnbuckle. He extends his full body and starts to steady himself.

Gorilla Monsoon: This young man from Japan is now really starting to build up some momentum folks. Oh … hold on…. What now?

Just as Akio was readying to launch himself from the top turnbuckle something out of the corner of his eye catches his attention. Walken and Brown had been circling the ring in opposite directions and were now closing in on Katsumi, leaving her trapped between them with nowhere to go.

Akio knew he had to help her. There was no way he was letting a pair of creeps like them get anywhere near the love of his life. Walken was just that, a creep, but Bad News Brown posed more of a physical danger. Akio jumped down from the turnbuckle onto the ring apron and running along it launched himself at Bad News Brown, twisting in the air and catching him with a hurricanrana sending the big man to the concrete floor.

Gorilla Monsoon: Did you see that Brain? Akio wasn’t having Bad News Brown getting any closer to Katsumi.
Bobby Heenan: I told you she’d cause trouble out here. I said she doesn’t belong down at ringside. She should have stayed out the back, ready to look after her man’s wounds once The Great Muta is done pounding him to a pulp.
Gorilla Monsoon: It’s not Katsumi’s fault Brain. She’d be fine out here on her own. It’s that pair of Walken and Brown that are creating the issue. And that pounding wasn’t happening, if anything I’d say Akio was starting to get the upper hand in things.

Outside the ring Akio had straddled Bad News Brown on the floor and was unleashing punches to the man’s face. Akio wasn’t usually one for losing it, or for reducing himself to brawling, but if one thing was guaranteed to push his buttons it was anyone messing with Katsumi. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and he spun round.

Gorilla Monsoon: Oh no! Damn you Muta! Akio didn’t see Muta join them outside the ring and he’s covered him in that damn mist. How long’s he been getting away with that one? When’s someone going to do something about it? He could end up permanently blinding someone one day!

Muta slowly slides into the ring as referee Charles Robinson begins the count. Meanwhile, Walken, who has walked over to Akio, who is on all fours, trying desperately to wipe the mist from his eyes, smirks and kneels down to him.

Christopher Walken: What's the matter Akio? Got something in your eyes? Come on there champ, you can get up.....I have faith in you!

Gorilla Monsoon: Walken now mocking Akio, what a despicable act by him! This crowd urging the youngster to get to his feet....Oh! Wait a minute! Akio tried taking a swing at Walken, but with that mist in his eyes, he couldn't see, he just swung at the air!
Bobby Heenan: How *dare* that runt try to harm an Oscar winner! Charles Robinson needs to admonish him for that!
Gorilla Monsoon: Oh will you be serious?!?
Bobby Heenan: Hey, Christopher wasn't doing anything! It's not like he was punching or kicking Akio!

Suddenly, Bad News, who has recovered from being clobbered by Akio earlier, comes over and hits a running knee right into the small of Akio's back. Akio howls in pain and goes stomach first onto the arena floor as the crowd boos and hisses

Bad News Brown: You *Never* take a swing at Mr. Walken! Consider that a warning, fool!

Gorilla Monsoon: What kind of a warning was that?!? He clobbered him! That seems more like an attack to me!
Bobby Heenan: Hey, you warn people your way, Bad News warns people his...
Gorilla Monsoon: Speaking of warning, Akio needs to try and get into the ring, and fast, before Bad News and Walken make a nuisance out of themselves again....

Gorilla Monsoon: Akio is struggling to get to his feet here but he does and manages to roll under the bottom rope just in time to break Charles Robinson’s count at nine.
Bobby Heenan: Now he’s proved his inexperience and his stupidity.
Gorilla Monsoon: How so Brain?
Bobby Heenan: Well first he proved his inexperience by getting distracted by the men outside, allowing Muta to attack just as he was building some momentum. And now he’s proved his stupidity by getting back in the ring. He should have stayed outside and allowed the ref to count him out. It would have saved him from even more of a beating.
Gorilla Monsoon: I don’t think Akio is that kind of competitor Brain. From what I’ve heard about this young man he’s not one for taking the easy way out.
Bobby Heenan: Nothing wrong with the easy way out if you survive to fight another day. The way this is going Akio’s first match here in the WLF may also be his last.
Gorilla Monsoon: Akio is back to his feet and swings for Muta but misses and his vision is obviously still impaired by that mist. Muta now with an Irish whip and delivers a backbreaker. Now he has Akio held there, stretched over his knee.

[Image: zeopNYh.png?1]

Bobby Heenan: Smart move by Muta. Akio was clearly favouring his back after that strike by Bad News and Muta’s taking advantage of that. He has his knee pressing into the small of Akio’s back and his arm across his chest to create leverage. We may even see Akio give up right here.
Gorilla Monsoon: I hope not Brain but I’m starting to worry you may be right.
Bobby Heenan: I’m always right Monsoon. You should know that by now.
Gorilla Monsoon: I’m not even going to reply to that as Muta rolls Akio off his knee and he falls almost lifeless to the canvas. That hold took a lot out of this young competitor. Muta now heading towards the corner and starts to climb the ring post.
Bobby Heenan: Yes! Yes! He’s going to finish him off right here. He’s going for the moonsault. This will be over in a flash.
Gorilla Monsoon: Muta from the top rope and ooohhh! I don’t know how Akio had the awareness to roll out of the way but he did and Muta hit the canvas hard and now both men are down and not moving. Well, at least that may have bought Akio some time to get himself together here.

Crowd: Akio! Akio! Akio!

Gorilla Monsoon: Listen to this capacity crowd! They are firmly on the side of Akio!
Bobby Heenan: Oh no, I think these humanoids are onto something, Akio's starting to get up!
Gorilla Monsoon: He is indeed! I don't know where Akio is finding the energy to do so, but he's slowly starting to come to, while Muta is still down...

Slowly, Akio gets to his feet. He groggily looks around, then spots the prone Muta on his back. Slowly, Akio looks to the crowd, then points to Muta. The crowd responds with a "Yeah!" as Akio grins and begins to climb the turnbuckle

Bobby Heenan: What is this little runt doing now?
Gorilla Monsoon: I've heard that Akio is known for his high flying moves, and we may just see a sample of it right here and now...

Indeed, Akio raises one arm to the crowd, then prepares himself and leaps off the turnbuckle onto Muta

[Image: tumblr_lmrfl5vr1n1qkfvt0o1_500.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Holy mackeral! Shooting star press, and a beauty! Akio hit it with perfection!
Bobby Heenan: No, no no no! Christopher, Bad News, do something!
Gorilla Monsoon: Walken getting bent out of shape on the outside, and it could get worse....Akio is going for a cover!




[Image: cm_punk_foot_on_ropes_wwe_raw_display_im...1349826113]

Bobby Heenan: Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Foot on the ropes!
Gorilla Monsoon: Now *that* just took the wind out of this crowd! They thought Akio had this one won! But Muta, somehow, managed to get his foot on the ropes! Akio looks frustrated here, but he can't let this get him down, he has to capitalize....

Akio, unwavered by his opponent’s resilience, decides to go for another high risk maneuver to bring him one step closer to victory. The newcomer starts scaling the turnbuckles. The Great Muta, perhaps out of desperation, lunges in for a make-or-break move and catches Akio with a lucky kick to the back of his leg. Akio trips and falls off the second turnbuckle, landing hard on the back of his head!

Gorilla Monsoon: Akio landed awkwardly there on the back of his head. He might well be knocked out after that. Katsumi is looking concerned, as well she should
Bobby Heenan: Pin him! Pin him!
Gorilla Monsoon: Muta, still groggy after that impressive shooting star press by Akio, slowly starts crawling over to his opponent at the constant behest of his manager.
Bobby Heenan: Hook the leg! Hook the leg!
Gorilla Monsoon: Muta makes the cover on Akio and hooks the leg.





Gorilla Monsoon: Close but no cigar.
Bobby Heenan: Stay on him! Stay on him! Finish him off!
Gorilla Monsoon: Muta, not exactly sprinting up the turnbuckle. He might be going for the Moonsault here. Hey, wait-a-minute… Akio suddenly springs to his feet! The kid’s been playing possum!
Bobby Heenan: Look out, Muta!

[Image: th_scan0109.jpg]

Bobby Heenan: Is that move even legal!
Gorilla Monsoon: Akio might be well on his way to collecting his first victory here on Prime Time. Cover him, Akio!
Bobby Heenan: No, don’t cover him!


Gorilla Monsoon: Christopher Walken all bent out of shape and who can blame ‘em?
Bobby Heenan: Eh? Why is the kid not going for the cover?
Gorilla Monsoon: Akio once again looks to the skies. He’s climbing to the top once again, looking to finish his opponent off with another high risk offensive move.
Bobby Heenan: Don’t these idiots ever learn? It’s never a good idea to take such risks!
Bobby Heenan: See? I told you it was a bad idea!

As Akio lands safely on his feet with cat-like agility, the Great Muta goes for a sneaky leg sweep. Akio sees it coming and jumps out of the way, countering with a roundhouse kick, but Muta manages to dodge that as well! With both athletes on their feet, they start trading kicks with one another as the capacity audience in the Mississippi Coast Arena responds accordingly!

[Image: bryanpunk1_display_image.jpg?1357623350]

Akio delivers the kick.

Crowd: YAY!!!

Muta kicks.

Crowd: BOO!!!

Akio kicks.

Crowd: YAY!!!

Muta kicks.

Crowd: BOO!!!

Akio kicks.

Crowd: YAY!!!

Muta kicks.

Crowd: BOO!!!

Gorilla Monsoon: What a series of exchanges here and the crowd is loving every minute of it!
Bobby Heenan: Those kicks look awfully stiff from here.
Gorilla Monsoon: Muta ducks under a roundhouse kick from Akio; woah, Akio almost took his head off with that one. Muta rolls the newcomer up in a schoolboy… nope, he transitions it into position for a slingshot; he’s got both of Akio’s legs there.
Bobby Heenan: This is where experience counts.
Gorilla Monsoon: Muta goes for the catapult and launches Akio into the corner… but look at this! Akio lands safely in the corner as he balances himself on the second turnbuckle!
Bobby Heenan: How in the world does he keep doing this?
Gorilla Monsoon: Akio catches Muta with a kick to the face… and he follows through with a somersault splash on his opponent! He’s got the legs hooked!





Bobby Heenan: Foot on the ropes! Foot on the ropes!
Gorilla Monsoon: I think the referee saw that. Yes! Charles Robinson is ejecting Bad News Brown from ringside for that interference!
Bobby Heenan: He can’t do that!
Gorilla Monsoon: He just did. Christopher Walken trying to plead for Bad News’ case, but he ends up being ejected as well!
Bobby Heenan: Is he crazy?! You don’t do that to Christopher Walken!
Gorilla Monsoon: And why the heck not?
Bobby Heenan: You might just find yourself sleeping with the fishes!
Gorilla Monsoon: Well, he’s just gonna have to do it some other time cause he has to leave the ringside area right this instant.


Bobby Heenan: If I were Charles Robinson, I’d call the police for protection right this instant.
Gorilla Monsoon: Bobby, as much as I’d like to entertain your notions of Christopher Walken being a member of the mafia, the man’s no more than an actor and now a manager in the WLF.
Bobby Heenan: Member? He’s not just any ordinary member! He’s the head of the Family Unit!
Gorilla Monsoon: I’m sure he is. Now how about we get back to the match? We’ve got ourselves quite the contest here between two of the finest imports from Japan.

[Image: z116543617.jpg]

With the Great Muta in a seated position, Akio runs the ropes and explodes into the Pearl of the Orient with a dropkick square to the chest. Akio performs a springboard moonsault off the second rope, but Muta greets his opponent by spewing him face full of the vile poison mist!

[Image: tumblr_m9lqk12gd21qzx70zo1_500.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Awww, come on! Was that really called for?
Bobby Heenan: The end is near, Monsoon.
Gorilla Monsoon: Muta now with the shining wizard off the ropes! Akio, blinded by that mist, didn’t even see the kick coming!
Bobby Heenan: He darn near took his head off with that one!
Gorilla Monsoon: This should do it. Tremendous effort by the young upstart nonetheless.





Bobby Heenan: What?! How is that even possible?
Gorilla Monsoon: It’s not over yet! There’s still some gas left in his tank!
Bobby Heenan: I could’ve sworn that was a three count!
Gorilla Monsoon: Not by my count.
Bobby Heenan: Come on, Muta! Finish him off already!
Gorilla Monsoon: The Great Muta with a scoop slam on Akio. He’s climbing up to the top turnbuckle, no doubt going for his signature Moonsault.
Bobby Heenan: Hey!
Gorilla Monsoon: Ohh my… look at this! Akio’s back on his feet! He delivers a spike dropkick on the Great Muta and straddles him on the turnbuckle!
Bobby Heenan: How in the world is he pulling this off? He can’t even see! And where does he think he’s going now?
Gorilla Monsoon: Akio fumbling his way out onto the ring apron; he’s climbing to the top.
Bobby Heenan: What is he trying to pull here?
Gorilla Monsoon: This does not look good for the Great Muta.

[Image: thsuper-sunset-flip-powerbomb.gif]

Bobby Heenan: This can’t be happening!
Gorilla Monsoon: Akio with the pinfall. Muta gave it his all, but it’s the newcomer who prevails in the end.





Bobby Heenan: It’s not over! It’s not over yet!
Gorilla Monsoon: Another close call! What a match this has been! They have gotta be going on fumes right about now.
Bobby Heenan: Come on, Muta! Show him who’s boss!
Gorilla Monsoon: Akio literally peeling Muta off the canvas. Akio’s snaring Muta’s head, perhaps setting him up for his finisher. But Muta nails him in the face with an errant elbow!
Bobby Heenan: Yes!
Gorilla Monsoon: Muta going for the poison mist yet again! But he’s gone to the well one time too many! Akio ducks out of the way… SHIRANUI!!! AKIO WITH THE SHIRANUI ON THE GREAT MUTA!!!
Bobby Heenan: The what?
Gorilla Monsoon: Akio’s going for the pinfall!




Gorilla Monsoon: He did it! Holy mackerel, he did it! Talk about making an immediate impact; what a first impression this is for Akio! What a match!
Bobby Heenan: He got real lucky here tonight, Monsoon.
Gorilla Monsoon: Luck had nothing to do with it! The Great Muta has nothing to be embarrassed about either; both men left everything in that ring here tonight! This goes to show why they are indeed two of the best from the east!
Bobby Heenan: Christopher Walken does not take losses lightly, and neither does the Million Dollar Man. There will be repercussions.
Gorilla Monsoon: Well whatever the case may be, after what we’ve seen here tonight, I have no doubt that Akio has a tremendous future here in the United States and the WLF. What a match.

[Image: WLFPoster3.jpg]
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WLF Prime Time - 16 July 2013
Moxie & Katja Arcanum vs Belle & Nasty Girl
[Image: Moxie_zps5cd2f362.jpg] [Image: KatjaArcanum_zps4feaae3f.jpg] [Image: Belle_zps5ef23557.jpg] [Image: NastyGirl.jpg]
The volatile Arcanum family has expanded in a matter of two weeks since their debut in the WLF.
Will the bubbly Belle be left to fend for herself given Nasty Girl's unstable emotional state of mind?

Referee: Chad Patton
Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby The Brain Heenan

A week has passed since Sarah or Belle has been seen. Sarah has spent the entire week with a broken heart over the betrayal of Aj. Aj and Sarah spent time at many shoe sales scrapping against other girls for the best shoes. As soon as the door opened, they were the first in and diving for the best stuff. They were a good team as they could get the best stuff being more then one person. Those shoe store sales are vicious.

Belle has been by Sarah's side all week. Belle has been Sarah's rock all week. If Belle had not been with Sarah all week, it is possible that Sarah would be flat on her back right now waiting to be buried. Belle has tried many things to cheer Sarah up but nothing has worked. Sarah even turned down a shoe sale which shows deep depression. Belle is very worried. Belle is not worried about the match, Belle is worried for Sarah's safety.

[Image: 13888153-teen-girl-consoling-her-sad-fri...oblems.jpg]

Belle: Sarah. We have a match soon against Moxie and Katja. I need you out there tonight.

There comes no response from Sarah on this subject. There is no movement from her either.

Belle: Please, I need you out there tonight. I cannot take on Moxie and Katja on my own. I am good but I am not that good.

Still no response or movement comes from Sarah. Belle is really worried now at this point. Belle suddenly gets a bit of an idea on how to maybe fix this. Belle knows Sarah got fired up last week when she saw Aj and Ivy. Belle knows that neither Aj or Ivy are in Biloxi tonight.

Belle: I will make you this promise right now. If you wrestle tonight and try your best..... I will find Aj and bend her into a pretzel. I will then find Ivy and break her arms for what she has done to you. You have my promise on those two.

Belle sees a little reaction from Sarah on this promise. She knows she is on the right track but more is needed.

Belle: I will petition Gordon Gekko asking for the match in the following weeks. I will keep sending letters, emails, texts until I get both matches.........

Suddenly the door is busted open by Mean Gene. Mean Gene has been on Sarah's case for the last couple of weeks. Mean Gene has gotten really mean over the last couple of weeks. That is why they call him Mean Gene.

Mean Gene: I finally found you two girls. You two girls have been hard to track down the last few days.

Belle is on her feet now. Sarah continues to sit there but is showing signs of improvement from minutes ago.

Mean Gene: Sarah........ You have to face another match against Moxie and this time Katja. How are you going to face them when you cannot even lift your head from your depression?

Belle cranks her neck slightly then gets in between Sarah and Mean Gene.

Belle: Sarah will be fine for the match. We will show this new family that we are not to be messed with.

Mean Gene: As you saw last week, Sarah was pretty much useless. The Rock got pummeled last week. The same will happen to you tonight, Belle.

Mean Gene waits for a reply.

[Image: belle.jpg]

Belle had just about had it with Mean Gene. For the last week, he'd been trying to catch up with Sarah in order to press her with questions that quite frankly were personal and he didn't have any real right to ask. If Belle didn't know any better, she'd have thought that Gene was trying to destroy Sarah.

Belle: Gene, I'm going to ask you a question, ok?

Gene: Well. Alright, I suppose that would be alright.

Belle: Let's say you lost someone close to you. Someone you loved....someone that meant everything to you. How would you feel?

Gene: Well I would feel horrible, I imagine.

Belle: Yes, I'm sure you would. Now imagine that you found out that another person that you trusted turned on that someone and was part of the reason why you lost that person that mattered so much to you. How would you feel?

Gene didn't seem to have an answer for that. The old interviewer wasn't heartless, but he did go after a story when it was presented to him. Unfortunately, he seemed to have forgotten that sometimes the story was intensely personal and painful to the person he was trying to get it from.

Belle: Now........imagine that someone is just constantly hounding you, asking you about it, dragging up all sorts of past issues, and just generally being a massive pain in the rear while you're trying to deal with all of these problems. How would you feel?

Again Gene was silent as he seemed to be embarrassed at how he'd been acting. Seeing that she'd finally managed to get through to him, at least in the short term, she decided that enough was enough.

Belle: I thought so. Now if you will excuse us, we do have a match to get ready for. And trust me when I tell you that Sarah will be ready and the Family will not be victorious here tonight.

Closing the door on Gene, Belle went back to where Sarah was still sitting, having just watched as Belle put Gene in his place. The young red head sat down next to her and started to rub Sarah's back, attempting to make her feel a bit better.

Belle: It's alright....tonight, we'll get the job done. And then we'll deal with Ivy and AJ. And I promise that they'll pay for what they did to you.......I swear it.

As she said this, the question was simple. Would Sarah be able to shrug off her issues and focus on the match between the dangerous and insane Moxie and Katja? Or would Belle be fending for herself tonight?

Katja was in the mirror pulling on her PVC outfit and lingering with her hands at certain points and exhaling in a feeling of ecstasy. Of course once again Mean Gene was running around playing with all the soft and fuzzy people in the fed and that left Lord Alfred Hayes to get the appointment in the locker room with the eldest Arcanum daughter.

There was a knock at the door. She grabbed at her chest pinching and twisting her eyes lighting up and then screamed.

Katja: AHHHH!!! Come IN!!!!!

Lord Alfred Hayes opened the door slowly expecting more than one person to be in the room. Instead he saw Katja dressed to kill starring with an almost glazed look in her eyes at herself in the mirror.

Alfred: Should I shut the -

Katja: Shhhh..... you are ruining the mood.....

She slowly turns her head.

Katja: Leave the door open. More chance that people will experience the truth that way.

Alfred: What are you talking about?

That is when the light on the camera comes on and the tron in the arena lights up. Henaan looses his mind.

Gorilla Monsoon: Here is the Katja let's hear what she has to say.

Katja: Oh Mister Hayes.... can you smell it?

Alfred: Smell?[/color]

Katja: That stench of sweet sugary goodness.

Alfred: I don't get it.

Katja: I have two people in this match tonight that are made with sugar and spice and everything nice. Don't they understand that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Alfred: What?

Katja: It is a simple concept Alfred. These two young ladies are about protecting each other, fending for each other. Backing each other up.

Alfred: That is what partners do. It is only right.

Katja: You funny little man. My partner about blacked me out only a day ago just to make a point. That is a woman who understands.

Alfred: She what!?!

Katja: She attempted to establish dominance in the relationship Alfred. Something I could do to you little man with a single finger.

She runs the finger slowly and sexually down the cheek. Alfred Hayes visibly squirms.

Katja: Let me make this simple for my opponents and I say my because I would never think of speaking for someone else. Moxie is a grown woman who can speak for herself. But if you two soft nothings think you stand a chance again me and a true partner.... well that is just funny.

She begins to laugh heartily and very honestly. Then as soon as it started it finished and she looked at the screen with that hard almost psychotic look.

Katja: And I don't like funny.

Then she smiles and drags a finger across Alfreds cheek again this time with force leaving a slight cut in the cheek.

Alfred: OUCH!!!

Katja:[/b] Sorry softy......

She walks out of the room to find Moxie. The sound of her heels clicking and the subtle laughing can be heard as well as little soft statements between the laughs.

-- As the dust gets kicked off another rousing edition of WLF PRIMETIME, the wandering cameras of the backstage dragoons find prey among scattered garbage and discarded crates in the oft forgotten back lot of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. In the distance the various noises of the city and approaching fandom give a fitting background, so chaotic and random, much like the blonde straddling a broken bench and eyeing the prying lens. She smirks, winks, invites with a finger gesture. This is her world; the rest of you just live in it. --

MOXIE - "About time you idiots showed up. Kind of hard to cut an edgy, gritty promo if there's no one filming the damned thing. At least I haven't killed the goat yet."

[-- The scenery shifts a little with the jerky movement of the camera. MAXINE chuckles and cracks her knuckles, stretching and yawning. Her worn t-shirt says, F**K THE POWER, across the front and barely covers her chest due to large slits ripped at the sides. Luckily, the production crew is fast with their censoring blur, or is this a prerecorded edit? And if so, is there a deeper meaning? --]

MOXIE - "Don't worry, I kid... No animals were harmed in the making of this video, and even if I felt the need for bleed there's too many other little targets on my radar. Isn't that right, sweetie?"

-- Turning to the right, the camera shows BLOODRAYNE standing on the concrete lip of the building near a service entrance for off-loading semis. She appears to be in the middle of spray-painting various graffiti all over the aluminium door and stonework walls. Several hearts, some bleeding, are there with a flower, a shining sun, and the words FAMILY, MAX, and FOREVER. The silent girl notes Maxine's question and nods smiling cheerfully before returning to finish the linework on what appears to be a rainbow. --

MOXIE - "No, tonight isn't about slaughtering livestock even though my opponents have been called cows at least once or twice in their lives. It isn't about bloodletting for bloodletting's sake or making statements to sell shirts and posters and tickets or even giving all you lovely sheep out there in television land another reason to sit through commercials... No, my friends, tonight is about PAIN and LOSS and the coming to terms with the cold, cruel reality that in this life we are truly alone. Well, unless you have a family..."

-- Maxine walks over to stand in front of the camera, Bloody behind her finished with her sloppy mural and waiting. She tilts her head, a half-smile on her pretty face, and stuffs her hands into her pockets. The approaching storm booms miles away and the wind picks up. It blows her hair about her face, though her bright eyes are crystal clear. --

MOXIE - "Belle, while I can't speak for Katja, I'm not going to harm one hair on your pretty, little red head tonight. I'm not going to break you, or carve you like a Thanksgiving goose, or even punt your teeth down your throat. In fact, I'm going to do my best to make sure you come out the other side of this match in perfect health..."

-- She smiles... It is sweet and cruel and chilling. --

MOXIE - "But I can't say the same for your little friend. Shame really... And she seemed like such a good girl. See you at ringside..."

-- And as Maxine walks out of the shot humming UNFORGETTABLE, the shot ends with Bloodrayne dragging a thick, black line of paint across the scratchy portraits of what appear to be a redhead and a weeping blonde, separating their joined hands and ending with a harsh slash across the latter's throat.

...And laughter. Bubbly, horrible laughter. –

The time was almost upon us for the tag match. Belle had managed to get some reaction out of Sarah which was a good start. Sarah was up and walking around, sorta. Sarah was standing up anyway. That was a good start for Belle as it meant Belle wouldn't have to drag her to the ring.

Belle: I am ready. Are you?

Sarah does not respond, she simply nods. Belle would probably have her rather talking but nodding is good for now. Nodding shows that Sarah is actually in this reality. Sarah has not been in this reality all week. Sarah being in some sort of reality is a good thing for Belle.

Belle opens the door and steps out first to see Mean Gene is not floating around out there. He is at least out of sight which is a good thing. Belle takes Sarah by the hand and they hold hand in hand as they walk down the aisle to where the curtain is located.

Gorilla Monsoon: Belle and Sarah vs Moxie and Katja. Two members of the family will face off against this interesting new coupling of Belle and Sarah. The family have made an sudden impact here in the WLF. They look to continue it tonight against Belle and Sarah. Thoughts, Bobby?
Bobby Heenan: The family will continue on there winning way. Moxie will no doubt that BloodRayne out here so casts a quiet but imposing figure with her height. Sarah is still in no mental shape to wrestle either so things are getting bad for her and Belle. Lucky for Belle, it is a tag match and not a tornado tag so that does help her some.

[Image: April_Hunter_TNA_entrance.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Here they come, Belle and Sarah. Sarah seems a bit more upbeat then this week. Her mind still does not seem all there though.
Bobby Heenan: Belle is on her own for today's match. I wonder if Belle will tag Sarah in at all or whether Belle will try and do it all herself.
Gorilla Monsoon: Who knows. Sarah may react to Belle being punished in the ring. We will have to wait and see. I do say that the family are favorites going into this match.
Bobby Heenan: Moxie is on her way up in this federation. She will be champion at some stage, I have no doubt. Katja seems to have all the right moves as well. If she was trained by her father then she could be a dangerous girl as well.
Gorilla Monsoon: Belle and Sarah look ready to go.

-- Somewhere a digital clocks ticks away the minutes and a stuffy-looking gentleman bites his lip and curses under his breath. He notes the time once more, his fourth such gesture in the last thirty seconds, and fiddles with the call button on his headset control. The back of his black shirt reads STAFF and the badge hanging from his lanyard denotes him as a SENIOR PRODUCTION OFFICIAL. His name is Barry. He has one very important job and thus far he is failing miserably.

Again he knocks on the door emblazoned with a logo and moniker becoming familiar with every one in the WLF. He tries the door handle, but finds it locked. He is sweating and irritated and nervous and mortified at the prospect of ruining his reputation on a live broadcast. One job... How could anyone screw up leading the next group to the gorilla position? --

BARRY - "Gekko's gonna kill me... Where the hell are these guys?"

-- His question never finds the television viewing audience or the excited crowd inside the Coliseum proper or even the broadcast team rattling on about how distraught SARAH appears. He doesn't think to check in with his superiors in the production truck or the bigger bosses hovering around just out of sight backstage. Instead, Barry continues to stand and fret and curse and pound the back of his hand raw on the door to THE FAMILY's locker room.

...If only he'd let someone know of his situation. --

GORILLA MONSOON - "And business is about to pick up, Brain, and it's not gonna be pretty..."

-- The demented tones of THE FAMILY echo throughout the building and the entrance stage comes alive in a shifting display of crimson and black light. Smoke rises from underneath the stage, and as the scene fades to show the crowd a lone sign is seen reading, I CHOOSE BLOOD. It is thicker than water after all and a fitting statement for any lost enough to follow these sickened individuals.

Inside the ring the opposing team stiffens. Sarah looks on, shocked or disjointed by the show it's anyone's guess. Her partner, BELLE, moves between her friend and the aisle, eyes fixed front and seething. It takes a few moments and an odd look from REFEREE CHAD PATTON for it to sink in this entrance is going on a little too long. --

BOBBY "THE BRAIN" HEENAN - "Have you seen these women? Are you even watching the same show I am? If anything's gonna be pretty tonight it'll be these two... Maxine is stacked like a brick house and that Katja... WOW!"
GORILLA MONSOON - "Will you get a hold of yourself? Looks aren't everything!"
BOBBY HEENAN - "Leave your wife out of this... What the heck's going on around here? Is the sound guy asleep or something? "
GORILLA MONSOON - "I don't know what the hold up is, but... Oh, here we go. Wait, it's just Bloodrayne."
BOBBY HEENAN - "Maybe they're waiting for me back in my dressing room..."
GORILLA MONSOON - "That's ridiculous!"
BOBBY HEENAN - "Hey, it could happen!"
GORILLA MONSOON - "No, I meant you having a dressing room... Don't you change in the janitor's closet?"

-- BLOODRAYNE walks out onto the entrance stage with a smile and a spring in her step. She looks out over the crowd, and though a little unsettled she finds strength in knowing her beloved friend would never steer her wrong. Just do it like she told her and everything would be okay. --

BELLE - "What the heck is this?"

-- The redhead's question goes unanswered by the official. Belle crosses the ring and gestures at the stage, her voice deafened by the BOOs and confused noises of the fans. She starts to step through the ropes, but Referee Patton steps in to keep her in the ring. This only infuriates her further, the feeling increasing the moment she notices Bloodrayne pulling something from her coat on the stage. It looks like white poster paper, something akin to the hundreds waving around in the sea of people surrounding them, and slowly the silent girl unfurls it and holds it aloft over her head.

...It reads: --

GORILLA MONSOON - "'Look behind you, stupid'... What the heck does that... WHOA!"
BOBBY HEENAN- "Katja touched me! Katja touched me!"

-- The hooded forms of two figures climb the guardrail and make a beeline for the ring nearly toppling the announce team in the process. Before the referee or either woman can make heads or tails of the situation KATJA ARCANUM rolls into the ring and lunges forward spearing Belle to the mat. The redhead tries to respond, but a hard right rocks her jaw... It is a little too hard. --

GORILLA MONSOON - "She's got knucks on, Ref! This thing's already out of control!"
BOBBY HEENAN - "Hey, you keep your grubby paws off her, Patton!"

-- Katja's demented screams fill the air, part of her joy at the carnage and part due to her annoyance at the official wrestling her weaponized fist to the canvas. Dazed and hurting though not out of it, Belle kicks her way free of the girl's writhing and her ears catch on another obscene sound, a familiar one... The sound of Sarah crying out in pain, and then in an instant she is silent.

...And in her horror she catches sight of MAXINE on the outside of the ring standing over her friend and partner with a twisted smile splashed across her face and a steel chair in her hands. –

[Image: belle.jpg]

Belle's jaw was throbbing after the brass knuckles caught her in the jaw. But the pain was secondary as she looked and saw Moxie standing over Sarah with a look that could only be described as sadistic pleasure. She saw the chair in Moxie's hands and drew the conclusion on what she believed had happened.

Grabbing ahold of the ropes, she started to drag herself back to her feet, rage filling the red head's entire body. She had been prepared for a fight, but Moxie had just started a war. If only Belle could stand to fight it.....

Gorilla Monsoon: And this is just deplorable! Katja and Moxie attacking their opponents from behind with weapons! They should be disqualified for it!
Bobby Heenan: The match hasn't officially started, so what's he going to do?
Gorilla Monsoon: Well he can cancel the match. Belle is barely able to get to her feet after being hit with the knuckles and I don't even know what happened to Sarah, but she's laid out on the outside.
Bobby Heenan: Oh come on, they're fine. They can compete I'm sure....stop trying to ruin this match for everyone with your over sensitive crap!
Gorilla Monsoon: Over sensitive? See how you react if you ever get hit with brass knuckles! The fact that Belle is standing again surprises me after a shot like that!

And sure enough, Belle had pulled herself to her feet as Chad Patton had managed to get the knuckles away from Katja, who was now outside the ring with Moxie, enjoying her handiwork. Patton quickly turned his attention to Belle, trying to make sure that she was alright.

But Belle wasn't listening to him. She saw red as she ran at the ropes and threw herself over them, crashing violently into the Arcanum Family members. They landed in a heap on the outside as the referee just shook his head, finally starting to realize it was unlikely he was going to gain any sort of control in this match.

Gorilla Monsoon: Oh my god! Belle launches herself over the top rope and into Katja and Moxie!
Bobby Heenan: Well that was a foolish mistake. Now the Family is just gonna have to hurt her more. She should've just let this be over.
Gorilla Monsoon: I doubt she's willing to do that....still, I question whether or not she should be doing that when the state of Sarah is unknown to us. However, if she can press this advantage, she might be able to pull off a victory.

But Belle wasn't concerned with the win right then. Seeing Sarah still on the ground in pain, Belle crawled out of the tangle of limbs and to her partner and friend, the only thought on her mind being to make sure she was alright.....

Katja was caught a little by surprise at the fact that Belle had been able to recover as "fast" as she had from the brass knuckle shot and after getting to her feet she saw that the young one had committed yet another fatal error.

Gorilla Monsoon: I understand that Belle is concerned for Sarah but how do you turn your back on someone like Katja?
Bobby Henaan: I wouldn't expect an ape like you to understand the finer points of mating but let's just say turning your back can be a wonderful way to change things up.
Gorilla Monsoon: Would you stop that!!!

It was unfortunate for Belle that she couldn't hear the commentary over the loud reaction of the crowd. But the fact was that Katja had just stood up and walked slowly over to where Belle was now bent over her partner trying to ascertain the damage from the situation.

Gorilla Monsoon: And Sarah could be very hurt here!!
Bobby Henaan: I am just extremely entertained by the whole scenario.

Katja tilts her head to one side and then looks on inquisitively.

Belle: Sarah? Are you okay?

Katja: I would be more worried about you my lovely little sex kitten.

Belle wheeled around and was face to face with the eldest Arcanum daughter.

Belle: You witch!!!!

She charged the taller woman who immediately side stepped her and dropped to the mat with a drop toe hold catching one of the legs of the charging opponent and sending her hard face first to the mat outside.

Bobby Henaan: A wrestling move!!! And a really sound one at that!!
Gorilla Monsoon: Really what's it called!?!
Bobby Henaan: What does it matter I am a broadcast journalist!!!

Moxie seeing the more active member of the team once again on the mat wastes no time in just laying in sick kick after sick kick to the prone head and face of the down Belle. Katja and Moxie make brief eye contact and one can only consider that crazy women communicate on a special wave length as Katja nodded and rolled into the ring. She put her arms out and spread her legs so that the referee could search her for any additional weaponry.

Bobby Henaan: Excuse me Gorilla I need to go pat down a competitor!!!
Gorilla Monsoon: Would you sit DOWN!!!

Henaan feels himself pulled back into his chair by the portly elderly man. Chad Van Patton pats down Katja and as he does she smiles. When he is finished she looks at him blows him a kiss.

Katja: Call me.... you have strong hands.

Then she smiles and Moxie rolls a limp Sarah into the ring then goes back to just pummeling away on Belle on the outside. Katja steps back and waits.

Gorilla Monsoon: The referee at a lost for what to do?

Then seeing two competitors in the ring he signals for the bell.

Gorilla Monsoon: WHAT!?!
Bobby Henaan: And now the match has officially started!!!
Gorilla Monsoon: This is sick The Family has monster upper hand here. This match should have been thrown out.
Bobby Henaan: Why? Because one team is smarter than the other? I think that was an incredibly intelligent move by the two family members.
Gorilla Monsoon: It was a sick and underhanded move and they should have to pay for that.

In the ring Katja looked at the down Sarah.

Katja: Oh my depressed little butterfly I think it is time you re learn how to fly.

With that she picks up the limp Sarah and presses her over her head.

Katja: Fly butterfly!!! FLY!!!

With that she tosses her over the top rope and she lands flat on Belle on the outside.

Gorilla Monsoon: SOMEONE CHECK SARAH!!!!
Bobby Henaan: What compassion!!!
Gorilla Monsoon: WHAT!?!
Bobby Henaan: That was touching she tried to re teach her how to fly.
Gorilla Monsoon: You are all sick.

Moxie grabs Belle and tosses her inside the ring. Katja picks up where her partner left off and peels a still disoriented Belle off the canvas, then proceeds to chucks her over the ropes and back out to the arena floor on the other side!

Referee Chad Patton admonishes Katja for her roughhouse tactics, prompting a response from Arcanum’s eldest daughter.

Katja: What’d I do wrong? She wasn’t the legal one, so you were gonna throw her out anyway. The way I look at it, I just did you a favor.

While Chad Patton is being distracted by his conversation with Katja in the ring, Moxie fully capitalizes on the situation and starts choking an already groggy Nasty Girl with the microphone cord!

Gorilla Monsoon: Hey, come on! This is going too far!
Bobby Heenan: I don’t hear the referee complaining.
Gorilla Monsoon: That’s because all this is happening behind his back!
Bobby Heenan: Then I think you just answered your own question. The referee can’t call what he doesn’t see, now can he?
Gorilla Monsoon: Moxie is choking the life out of Nasty Girl with that cable!
Bobby Heenan: Yeah, but Chad Patton doesn’t know that.
Gorilla Monsoon: You’re just as despicable as they are!
Bobby Heenan: Why thank you.
Gorilla Monsoon: Moxie finally releasing her grip on the microphone cord and rolling Nasty Girl back inside the ring. The damage had already been done.
Bobby Heenan: Katja’s going for the cover.
Gorilla Monsoon: The pinfall should be academic at this point. She’s not even bothered to hook the legs.





Bobby Heenan: Huh? What is she doing? What could she possibly be thinking?
Gorilla Monsoon: There’s a lot of fight left in that girl.
Bobby Heenan: That’s just suicide.
Gorilla Monsoon: Nasty Girl has come back from more injuries than I care to remember. I don’t think a simple chairshot and a choke with the microphone cord would be enough to stop her.
Bobby Heenan: Yeah? I think Moxie and Katja are just getting warmed up, so there’s plenty more where that came from.
Gorilla Monsoon: Katja drops an elbow across the spine of Nasty Girl and now she’s grinding her face into the canvas!
Bobby Heenan: She won’t be the prettiest in the compound anymore after that!

Belle, having recovered from the onslaught earlier, comes to her partner’s rescue, delivering a dropkick on Katja Arcanum. Katja barks at the referee, reminding the match official to do his job and admonish Belle back to her corner. Katja turns her attention back to Nasty Girl and pulls her up from the mat, but the former WLF Women’s Champion surprises her opponent by rolling her up in a small package!





Bobby Heenan: That was a field goal right there!
Gorilla Monsoon: Sarah never saw that coming.
Bobby Heenan: But why aren’t they capitalizing with a pin attempt?
Gorilla Monsoon: Some dissention in the ranks perhaps?

Moxie grabs Katja by her arm and looks her straight in the eyes with some advice for her.

Moxie: You need to be more careful.

Katja: I don’t need you bailing me out. I’ve got everything under control.

As if right on cue, Belle sneaks up on Katja from behind and delivers a perfectly placed dropkick to her spine, sending the Arcanum progeny straight into her own tag-team partner! The collision knocks Moxie through the ropes and out to the arena floor.

Bobby Heenan: That cheat!
Gorilla Monsoon: You’re one to talk.
Bobby Heenan: She has no right getting into the ring like that and attack Katja!
Gorilla Monsoon: Aren’t you the one that keeps saying it ain’t cheating unless you get caught? Besides, she has the twilight zone of five seconds anyway, meaning she can do whatever she wants.
Bobby Heenan: She didn’t mean it, Moxie! Katja didn’t mean it; it was that no good red head!
Gorilla Monsoon: Belle is being admonished back to her corner, but not before she drags a semi-conscious Nasty Girl along with her. And now Belle tags herself in.
Bobby Heenan: Is she allowed to even do that?
Gorilla Monsoon: She just did.

With momentum on her side, Belle immediately tackles Katja to the canvas and unloads with lefts and rights! Moxie tries to break it up, but Belle drops her with a double leg trip and proceeds to catapult the deranged diva straight into the cornerpost! Belle whips Katja straight after her. The popular redhead follows through with an impressive somersault across the ring and landing with a handspring back elbow on her opponents in the corner!

[Image: n9QBz.gif]

Gorilla Monsoon: It’s all Belle now! She’s got Katja in a side headlock… bulldog onto the unforgiving canvas!
Bobby Heenan: What are you girls doing? Where’s Josh when you need him?
Gorilla Monsoon: Moxie misses Belle with a right swing and the often bubbly diva counters with an earth shattering tornado DDT, spiking her opponent’s head straight into the mat!
Bobby Heenan: So who’s legal?
Gorilla Monsoon: I believe it’s still Belle and Katja. Speaking of which, Belle is turning Katja over for the cover.





Gorilla Monsoon: Ohh my… will you look at this! Belle saw it coming from a mile away and moved out of harm’s way as Moxie connected with her own tag-team partner!
Bobby Heenan: Order in the house! There needs to be order in the house!
Gorilla Monsoon: There’s no love lost between these two divas. Belle kicks Moxie in the midsection and she’s got her in a front facelock.
Bobby Heenan: Suplex, you think?
Gorilla Monsoon: Could be… nope, she lifts Moxie up and drops her right on top of Katja with a gourdbuster. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.
Bobby Heenan: I can’t remember the last time I saw that move being used.
Gorilla Monsoon: And Belle now rolling Moxie off Katja as she goes for the cover!





Gorilla Monsoon: Close but no cigar. Katja making full use of her long limbs there and reached the ropes.
Bobby Heenan: Now where does she think she’s going?
Gorilla Monsoon: Belle coming off the ropes… and look at this amazing maneuver! These divas could give the men a run for their money! Belle with the Belle Lock on Katja Arcanum! Bet she wasn’t expecting this when she signed up with the WLF!

[Image: aj-lee-black-widow-submission-on-layla-o.gif]

Katja feels like her arms are being separated from her shoulders as she grits her teeth and grimaces in pain. Before further damage is done, Moxie quickly takes action and moves to aid her tag-team partner. The deranged diva pounces on Belle from behind, shoving both the bubbly redhead and Katja over the ropes and on to the outside!

Bobby Heenan: Well, that would do the trick.
Gorilla Monsoon: Moxie dumping both Belle and her own tag-team partner to the outside. Referee Chad Patton having a word with her… and, aww come on. We apologize for this, ladies and gentlemen. The referee was chastising Moxie for her actions but she simply flipped him the bird and went on her way.
Bobby Heenan: Maybe she was just telling him he was number one.
Gorilla Monsoon: I’m sure she was. Our match officials are subjected to all manners of abuse.
Bobby Heenan: Where is she going now?
Gorilla Monsoon: Moxie climbing to the top turnbuckle. I think she’s looking to splatter Belle on the arena floor.
Bobby Heenan: Hey, wait-a-minute… that emotionally needy one is already back up! Watch out, Moxie!
Gorilla Monsoon: Nasty Girl surprises Moxie from the blindside and takes her leg from right under her! Moxie trips and straddles herself on the turnbuckle; she’s gonna be feeling that one tomorrow.
Bobby Heenan: Ohh, now she’s done it. That dumb Aussie has just signed her own death warrant. Look at those eyes, Monsoon. She may be in pain right now, but Moxie has her sights set on Nasty Girl.
Gorilla Monsoon: I’m sure Nasty Girl would be more than capable of handling herself. But in the meantime, Belle and Katja both return to the ring as the match continues on.

Nasty Girl, appearing to have regained her bearings somewhat, remains on the ring apron to cheer her partner on. Belle, with renewed vigor and motivated by the fact that her partner is back on her feet again, explodes into her opponent with one clothesline after another coming off the ropes. Katja tries to end the sequence with a clothesline of her own, but Belle ducks under the poor attempt and counters with an impressive spinning headscissors and launches Miss Arcanum halfway across the ring!

While everyone’s focus is directed at the action in the ring, one disturbed soul decides it is time to wreak vengeance. Moxie slowly paces herself down ringside, making the corner around the ringpost, her eyes like wolves on a prey. With Nasty Giril still concentrating on the match at hand and totally unaware of her position, Moxie moves in for the kill.

Moxie kicks Nasty Girl’s legs off from right under her, causing the blonde from down under to trip and smash her face against the ring apron on her way down! Just as Nasty Girl is picking herself up from the floor, Moxie charges in full head of steam and scores a penalty goal, kicking her face right off!


The live audience in the Mississippi Coast Arena gasp in horror and disbelief at Moxie’s action with an obvious intent to injure a fellow competitor.

Bobby Heenan: Look at that, Moxie accidentally ran into Nasty Girl and the edge of her foot caught the Aussie in the face.
Gorilla Monsoon: Are you kidding me?! That was deliberate and intentional! Moxie is even far more cold and more calculating than any other wrestler I can think of in recent history, male or female!
Bobby Heenan: I guess you did not appreciate that kick? Then you wouldn’t like what’s coming next either.
Gorilla Monsoon: Nasty Girl is unconscious and probably needs medical attention after that kick to the face, but Moxie is still at it! She’s hovering over Nasty Girl and continuing to pound her face in! I can’t believe the referee is allowing this to continue!
Bobby Heenan: He’d stay out of it if he knows what’s best for him.
Gorilla Monsoon: Somebody needs to stop this!

Belle, distracted by the commotion on the outside, drops her guard for a second, allowing Katja to fully capitalize on the opportunity. Katja strikes Belle down from behind with her patented Fissure and goes for the cover.




Gorilla Monsoon: The match may be over inside the ring, but I don’t think Moxie is even concerned about it at this point. That woman is just laying into Nasty Girl!
Bobby Heenan: Does she even know that the match is officially over? Does she even care?
Gorilla Monsoon: Hey, wait-a-minute… look at this! Look who it is!

[Image: courteney-cox1.jpg]

Bobby Heenan: IT’S POISON IVY!!! But… but… why?
Gorilla Monsoon: I might be wrong here, but I think she’s out here to save her cousin! Poison Ivy sprints down the ramp, making a beeline down the ring area… and she explodes into Moxie with a spear! Listen to this place going bananas!

The fans erupt, many of whom are salivating at the idea of a Moxie-Poison Ivy collision down the line.

Bobby Heenan: I don’t get it! What is she getting out of this?
Gorilla Monsoon: She does have a heart afterall!
Bobby Heenan: Heart? What are you talking about heart? That’s Poison Ivy there; she doesn’t give a hoot about anybody else!
Gorilla Monsoon: Moxie is trying to fight back, but she’s got Katja pulling her away, perhaps looking to regain some ground and strike back from a more advantageous standpoint.

While her adversaries retreat back up the ramp, Poison Ivy remains in the same spot, standing as a shield over the fallen Nasty Girl.

Crowd: POISON IVY!!! *clap*clap*clap*clap*clap* POISON IVY!!! *clap*clap*clap*clap*clap*

Bobby Heenan: Eh? They’re cheering for her?
Gorilla Monsoon: I don’t think this is a response that she’s used to. Poison Ivy looking somewhat perplexed by the reaction she’s getting from the crowd.
Bobby Heenan: I don’t think she even cares.
Gorilla Monsoon: Well, maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t. But one thing’s for sure, she’s certainly made herself some new enemies here tonight.
Bobby Heenan: What is AJ gonna say?
Gorilla Monsoon: The Family may have won the match on this night, but the story here is definitely Poison Ivy’s most unexpected but very much welcomed intrusion. We might have a real war on our hands.

[Image: WLFPoster3.jpg]
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WLF Prime Time - 16 July 2013
The Shield vs The Twin Towers
[Image: Shield_zpsbc41d6cb.jpg] [Image: TwinTowers.jpg]
Despite a countout loss against the Family Unit, this new unit has shaken up the Corporation.
Which two of the three members of the Shield will be sent into the field for battle this week?

Referee: Teddy Long
Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby The Brain Heenan

[Image: 3467%20-%20microphone%20sean_mooney%20su...%20wwf.png]

Sean Mooney: It’s my privilege to be standing here alongside side the most successful tag team in the WLF, a tag team which for the last few months was side-lined due to the injuries of one of its members, but now they are back together again and gunning for a THIRD WLF tag team championship. Doctor of Styles, Slick. How are you feeling about your chances of leading the Twin Towers to a potential third WLF tag team championship?

[Image: slick7.jpg]

Slick: POTENTIAL third championship? POTENTIAL? Sean Mooney, my man, let me tell you what it’s alllllll about brotherrrrrrrrrrr. It’s not a POTENTIAL third reign, it’s an INEVITABLE third reign. It is only a matter of time before my home boys have that gold around their waists for a record THIRD time! There ain’t no tag team in the WLF that can defeat my home boys, not one! The Legion of Dumb, we’ve beaten so many times I’ve lost count. The Russians… the only team that came close to the greatness of the Twin Towers have high tailed it back to Russia.

[Image: slick8.jpg]

Sean Mooney: What about the Moondogs? They have provided you with stiff competition over the last few months.

Slick: What about the Moondogs? They held the WLF championship once for about a week. Since then they haven’t come close to capturing that title again!

Sean Mooney: What about former champions Luger and Sting? What about the Hart Foundation who are now here in the WLF? The Twin Towers have never faced either of those two tandems before. We’re talking about two tag teams that have proven their excellence here!

Slick: And the Twin Towers have proven themselves to be even MORE excellent, bro! We’re talking about the TWO time WLF tag team champions, both reigns lasting longer than ANY OTHER tag team’s in the WLF!

Sean Mooney: What about the WLF world champions Demolition? They have proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with of late. They may be holding onto the championship belt for a long time to come!

[Image: slick3.jpg]

Slick: Well they will have to hold those titles for a lonnnnnng lonnnnnng time to be able to beat the record of the Twin Towers Holmes and I can’t see them doing that!

Akeem: No wayyyyyyyyyy brotherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! They might have been able to keep those belts if I was injured bro, but not now! Ha ha HAH! The Twin Towers are BACK brotherrrrrrrrrrrrrr! We’re gonna take dowwwwwwn those jiiiiiive turkeys just like we’re gonna take dowwwwwwn the Shield bro. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[Image: slick2.jpg]

Slick: I don’t know who these turkeys think they are, but my main man Akeem is right. We’re gonna take them down and we’re gonna show them why they should NEVER mess with the Million Dollar Corporation, Holmes. Tell ‘em Boss!

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT6Ag2EN692u64FudSw8uu...Wjq_l3EzmQ]

Boss Man: YOU THREE PUNKS BETTER GET ONE THING STRAIGHT! THE BIG BOSS MAN DON’T TAKE KINDLY TO PIECES OF TRASH LIKE YOU ASSAULTING MEMBERS OF THE MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION! I know your types! I’ve seen your types on the streets… Ya all are nothing but a bunch of STREET PUNKS who gang up on little old ladies and people who can’t defend themselves. You think you’re some kind of big shots just because you can gang up on a guy and take him down? Well as far as I’m concerned you’re just a BUNCH OF PUNKS! Ya wanna mess with the Million Dollar Corporation? Ya wanna mess with the Twin Towers? Well ya all are gonna find out the HARD way that there’s a price to pay for messing with us and that price is gonna be the service of HARD TIME!

Slick: Exxaaaaacatively!

[Image: 2394%20-%20akeem%20microphone%20wwf.png]

Akeem: These guys are the dumbest turkeys ever BRUTHErrrrrrrrrrrrr! They should know that NOBODY can take down the Corporation bro and NOBODY can topple the Twin Towers! Ha ha HAA! We’re gonna kick there asses bro and gonna send them back to the gutters they came from Brutherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Returning to the arena…

Gorilla Monsoon: The Twin Towers certainly confident about their match against the Shield tonight.
Bobby Heenan: So they should be. They’re the longest reigning tag team champions in WLF history and were never actually beaten for the title. So by rights they should still be WLF tag team champions right now.
Gorilla Monsoon: Let’s not get into another one of those arguments. We already went through that with Jeff Jarrett!
Bobby Heenan: And just like with Jeff Jarrett, it’s inevitable that the Twin Towers will be champions again. It’s like Ted DiBiase said, Gorilla. The Corporation are going to hold EVERY title in the WLF and they’re well on their way!

The Fink: This bout is scheduled for one fall! First! Making their way down to ringside accompanied by their manager Slick, with a combined weight of 855 pounds … the TWIIINNNNNN TOWERRRRRRRRRS!

Gorilla Monsoon: Well I have to admit the African Dream is looking in great shape. Just look at him dance.

[Image: 1276925_o.gif]

Howard Finkel: And their opponents… at a total combined weight of 707lbs... Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns… THE SHIELD!!!

Bobby Heenan: So which ones are competing?
Gorilla Monsoon: Your guess is as good as mine. Whomever it is, I bet all three are gonna be out here anyway.
Bobby Heenan: And just exactly how is this fair?
Gorilla Monsoon: Well, only two of them can legally compete. I guess the third man would assume a managerial type of role down ringside.
Bobby Heenan: There shouldn’t even be a third man; we can’t allow another miscreant down ringside! None of them even possess a manager’s license!
Gorilla Monsoon: I’ll let you take it up with them.
Bobby Heenan: That’s not my job! Let some other monkey do it.
Gorilla Monsoon: Like I thought. They’re taking an awfully long time to get out here though.
Bobby Heenan: They’re running scared, Monsoon. I think the Family Unit successfully scared them off last week.
Gorilla Monsoon: If only that were the case; I don’t think any member of the Shield scare too easy.


Bobby Heenan: What was that?
Gorilla Monsoon: What do you mean?
Bobby Heenan: You didn’t hear that?


Bobby Heenan: There it is again!
Gorilla Monsoon: I heard it that time. I believe it’s coming from the GekkoTron.

[Image: stock-footage-television-static-noise-au...-white.jpg]

[Image: sd713_shield_041913_USE.jpg]

The GekkoTron suddenly lights up with all three members of the Shield broadcasting from somewhere within the building.

Bobby Heenan: What the heck is going on here? Why aren’t they out in the ring?
Gorilla Monsoon: Something must be up.
Bobby Heenan: I told you they were scared!

Seth Rollins: Rollins.

Dean Ambrose: Ambrose.

Roman Reigns: Reigns.

Dean Ambrose: And collectively, we are the Shield of justice. All you folks out in the Mississippi Coast Arena might be wondering what we are doing back here when we are supposed to be out there facing the almighty Twin Towers.

Seth Rollins: Or you might actually be wondering where “here” actually is.

Dean Ambrose: It doesn’t really matter at this point cause there’s nothing anyone can do about it. You probably don’t know what we’re talking about just yet, so Roman, why don’t you do the honors?

Roman Reigns picks up the camera and starts panning it around the room in what appears to be a locker room… to be precise, it is the locker room of the Million Dollar Corporation!

Gorilla Monsoon: They can’t be serious!
Bobby Heenan: What have they done?!
Gorilla Monsoon: The Shield has completely and utterly destroyed the entire locker room of the Million Dollar Corporation! They’ve turned the whole place upside down!
Bobby Heenan: They’ve signed their own death warrant, that’s what they did!

The Shield need not say anything else; the message has been sent. The Twin Towers, along with manager Slick, are beside themselves as they scramble out of the ring and start making their way back to the locker room area!

Bobby Heenan: So what happens now?
Gorilla Monsoon: I’m guessing the match is no longer taking place? I can only presume that the Twin Towers are making their way backstage. I would hate to be anywhere within the vicinity when these two teams find each other back there. In the meantime, we’ll hand you over to our broadcast colleagues, Jim Ross and Jesse the Body Ventura, who’ll be doing commentary for our next contest.

[Image: WLFPoster3.jpg]
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WLF Prime Time - 16 July 2013
Champion Chris Jericho vs Goldust
[Image: ChrisJericho.jpg] [Image: Goldust.jpg]
Y2J must defend his championship against the man he had originally seized the title from.
Will the Bizarre One wrest the title away from the NWA and bring it back home to the WLF?

Referee: Randy Anderson
Announcers: Jim Ross and Jesse The Body Ventura

Jim Ross: Welcome back folks and up next we have Chris Jericho defending the NWA Television Championship against the Bizarre Goldust, the same guy who Jericho won the belt from.
Jesse Ventura: You heard him folks the NWA Television Title, not that piece of crap you guys called the X-Division Championship because as far as that goes the X-Division is dead.
Jim Ross: First off Jesse watch your language because we have kids watching and second of all folks last week Mr. Gekko himself started the show and told everyone that the X-Division is dead.
Jesse Ventura: The best part is that we don't have to here from those two horrible commentators, Joey Styles and Paul Heyman and it shows how the National Wrestling Alliance is better than the Wrestling Legends Federation.
Jim Ross: Chris Jericho's last title defense was at the World War 3 PPV where he and Kurt Angle fought a real intense match but it ended with Jericho getting counted out and retaining the championship.
Jesse Ventura: If Kurt Angle couldn't do it what makes you think Goldust can beat Jericho, I mean Jericho was the one who defeated this clown to get the title in the first place.
Jim Ross: Goldust will be looking out to get revenge and if he does that title will be going to the WLF.
Jesse Ventura: That won't be happening, I can't believe I have to cheer for Jericho, but as long as it means the NWA has a belt in their possession that Im all for it.
Jim Ross: I'm hearing that Bob Claude is standing by with the reigning Television Champion, Chris Jericho, Bob take it away.


Bob Claude: Thanks Jim and Im indeed standing by with Chris Jericho, two weeks ago at World War 3 you brought in this new title and defended it against the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and you retained after getting counted out after a spectacular move by Kurt Angle.

Chris Jericho: World War 3 is behind us now and I got to give Kurt credit, that was a great match and I wish it would have kept going but he nailed that nice move to get me counted out, kudos Kurt but you may have won, but I am still with the belt.

Bob Claude: Later in the night you then competed in the 60 Man Battle Royal and you threw CM Punk out and then it came down between you and Jake the Snake Roberts, but in the end it was Roberts who prevailed.

Chris Jericho: I am not going to complain but Roberts got the better of me and I did what I planned out to do and that was outlast 58 other people and make it all the way to the end and I did. I know no one from the National Wrestling Alliance won liked I said but I made the NWA proud because I was the only NWA member to make it to the end and in any other day I would of had Roberts.

Bob Claude: With World War 3 passed us, you defend your Television Championship against the very man you beat for the title, Goldust and I bet he will be out looking to defeat you and bring the belt to the WLF.

Chris Jericho: Oh yes Goldust, the guy who I beat to make this all happen, well Goldust you are a great athlete but you won't be taking this away from me, You'll never everaaaa take this belt to the WLF because I will hold on to this for awhile and it will be the end of the world as you know it.

Chris walks off.

Bob Claude: Well there you have a very confident Jericho ready to defend his title against Goldust, back to you up front.

Back to ringside:

Jesse Ventura: Jericho looks ready to defend the championship tonight.
Jim Ross: We now go to Gary Cappetta for the introduction.

Gary Michael Cappetta: This match is schedule for one fall and its for the National Wrestling Alliance Television Championship, first from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada weighing in at a combine weight of 226lbs, he's the NWA Television Champion, Y2J, Chris Jerichooooo!

Break the Walls Down hits and the lights go out and all we see are blue lights coming from the top of the ramp and when Jericho turns around the lights come up and the fans erupt as Jericho begins walking down the ramp with the title wrapped around his waist and before he gets in the ring he takes his lighting coat off and hands it to a child in the front roll and proceeds to climb the steps and gets in the ring as he goes to a corner and hands his belt over to the ref and begins stretching as we await for Goldust.

Viewers are taken backstage where the challenger is standing by with some comments before the match.

[Image: goldust-o.gif]

Goldust: Chris Jericho... you took something from me. Something you burned and turned into something new. Something which you have absolutely no affiliation nor appreciation for. So, Chris, as professionals I am willing to give you one... last... chance. Do I hear an echo?




"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill... the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill... you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes." - The Matrix, 1999.

Back in the arena...

[Image: 20130127201720.jpg]

As gold and glitter rain down from the heavens, the challenger parts the curtains and walk out onto the entrance ramp to a crescendo of applause from the live audience. Feasting his eyes on the champion in the ring, Goldust starts removing his entrance robe at the top of the ramp, all the while his eyes centered on Y2J.

Jim Ross: I don't think I've ever seen Goldust this focused.
Jesse Ventura: He wants that belt back, JR. Well, technically he's never held it, but Jericho did beat him for the X Division Title.
Jim Ross: Looks like Chris Jericho is gonna have one helluva title defense on his hands here tonight.
Jesse Ventura: Jericho had better be ready. It was pretty even the last time these two met.
Jim Ross: Goldust relied heavily on his mind games and psychological warfare in their first encounter. I don't think it's gonna be the same here; it's gonna be a straight up fight to the finish.
Jesse Ventura: Those mind games as you call them are his greatest weapon. For all you know, he's doing it right now.
Jim Ross: He probably is messing with all our minds right now. But one thing's for sure, Goldust is making a beeline for the ring and the referee is calling for the bell to officially start the match.

Jim Ross: Chris Jericho and Goldust circling each other and they lock up and Goldust wraps around Jericho and begins rubbing his hands against Jericho's belly.


Jesse Ventura: Goldust already playing his mind games as Jericho is on the outside trying to get a breather but Goldust is going out right after him and begins delivering hard rights into Jericho's face and he has him reeling.
Jim Ross: Goldust now with a kick to the midsection on Jericho and follows it up with a Irish whip into the guardrail at ringside.
Jesse Ventura: Goldust still not satisfy as he lifts Jericho and drops him throat first across the guard rail and Jericho is gasping for air.
Jim Ross: Goldust better watch Randy Anderson count as he's already up to four and Goldust picks Jericho off the mat and throws him back under the ring. Goldust following in and goes for a early cover.




Jesse Ventura: Goldust is looking to finish this match off early as he nails a neckbreaker on Jericho, and follows it up with a knee drop to the throat of Jericho and goes for another.




Jim Ross: It's been all Goldust so far in this match as he looks to continue the punishment on Jericho.

[Image: 20021223_jericho_christian.jpg]

Jim Ross: Goldust is wasting little time at going for the finish; he's going for the Curtain Call.
Jesse Ventura: If he nails this, it could well be over.
Jim Ross: Chris Jericho blocks it, he's countering with a series of knee shots to Goldust's head. Great counter there by Y2J. He's maneuvered the challenger into a front facelock now... and Jericho with a snap suplex on the Bizarre One.
Jesse Ventura: What's Jericho doing now?
Jim Ross: Chris Jericho sprints across the ring and springboards off the second rope... AND HE NAILS GOLDUST WITH THE LIONSAULT!!!
Jesse Ventura: Ooh, this could be a short match.
Jim Ross: Jericho going for the cover and hooking the leg.





Jesse Ventura: That was awfully close.
Jim Ross: Jericho complaining about a slow count, but I don't think he's gonna get much from referee Randy Anderson.
Jesse Ventura: I don't think he's done.
Jim Ross: Jericho now setting Goldust up on the top turnbuckle. I'm not sure what he's got planned here.
Jesse Ventura: Whatever it is, it can't be good news for the challenger.

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Jim Ross: Jericho's going for the superplex! He's gonna wrench Goldust right off the top!
Jesse Ventura: But Goldust is hanging on to the top! He's fighting Jericho off!
Jim Ross: Goldust trying to battle his way out of the predicament.
Jesse Ventura: Jericho could be on the short end of the stick here.
Jim Ross: But Jericho... what a move! Y2J, just as he was about to fall off the top turnbuckle, delivers a perfectly timed dropkick and knocks Goldust off the top as well, sending him all the way down to the outside on the arena floor!
Jesse Ventura: That looked like a pretty bad fall for the challenger.
Jim Ross: Goldust might not recover from this. Let's see how this match continues while the referee starts the count on the Bizarre One.

Jim Ross: The ref up to 4 and wait Jericho exits the ring and breaks up the count.
Jesse Ventura: What an idiot. Chris Jericho is. I would of left Goldust on the outside to get counted out and he would have retained his title.
Jim Ross: Chris Jericho is a man with class and wants to beat his opponents in that ring and Jericho now has Goldust and he whips him hard into the steel steps and his head smacked against the steps. Jericho now rolls Goldust back in the ring.
Jesse Ventura: Chris Jericho now climbing up the turnbuckle and he's waiting for Goldust to get to his feet and he's up and nails a Missile Dropkick hitting Goldust right in the stomach.
Jim Ross: Jericho now has Goldust and whips him towards the ropes and he comes back into a tilt a whirl backbreaker from the reigning champ.

Chris Jericho is looking to target the back and midsection of the challenger Goldust as he drags the body of his challenger towards the corner and he lifts him up and places him in the tree of woe position as Goldust is squirming trying to get unbuckled from the turnbuckle, but Chris Jericho has other plans as he's in the opposite corner and he charges a full head of speed and dropkicks Goldust right in the gut and he falls from the turnbuckle in a heap.

Jim Ross: Goldust now holding that back and Jericho lifting Goldust off the mat and hits another backbreaker, wait he's not done and hits another one, Jericho still not letting go and hits one final one and Goldust goes down to the mat.
Jesse Ventura: Jericho now going for a cover on Goldust, will this do it.




Jim Ross: Only a two count. This has been a tremendous contest thus far with lots of back and forth action.
Jesse Ventura: That just goes to show how important the NWA Television Championship is to these men.
Jim Ross: When you are the Television Champion, you are pretty much one step away from challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Jesse Ventura: Yeah, but neither men are ready for the big stage.
Jim Ross: I’d have to disagree with that statement, Jess. Chris Jericho has already challenged for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on more than one occasion.
Jesse Ventura: He didn’t win, did he? I rest my case.
Jim Ross: Both men are struggling to their feet now and they go for a collar-and-elbow tie-up once again. Jericho rakes Goldust across the face.
Jesse Ventura: That almost never fails.
Jim Ross: Jericho has Goldust trapped in a front facelock; I believe he’s going for a vertical suplex. But Goldust blocks it. Goldust now going for a vertical suplex of his own.
Jesse Ventura: And Jericho blocks it just the same.
Jim Ross: It’s Jericho’s turn to attempt another vertical suplex, but Goldust blocks it yet again. The Bizarre One finally manages to get Jericho off his feet… but Y2J goes over and lands on his feet behind his challenger. The reigning NWA Television Champion bounces off the ropes and takes his challenger down with a spinning wheel kick!
Jesse Ventura: He got Goldust good there.
Jim Ross: Jericho now with the Lionsault off the second rope… but Goldust lifts his knees!
Jesse Ventura: Hang on a second… Jericho catches Goldust’s legs! He’s turning him over for the Walls of Jericho!
Jim Ross: Chris Jericho gets the move locked in tight! He’s got the challenger trapped in the punishing Walls of Jericho!
Jesse Ventura: We might be looking at a submission here.

[Image: gm_jan13_41_USE.jpg]

Jim Ross: Goldust desperately reaching for the ropes and he’s only inches away with those long limbs of his.
Jesse Ventura: Jericho’s trying to pull him the other way towards the center of the ring.
Jim Ross: Jericho loses his balance and Goldust manages to capitalize on it, pushing his way out of the painful predicament. Goldust now pulling himself to the safety of the ring apron.
Jesse Ventura: You sure it’s safe?
Jim Ross: Ohhh myy, look at this! Chris Jericho using the second turnbuckle as a launching pad… springboard dropkick knocks Goldust right off the apron and deposits his kisster right on the arena floor!

[Image: 226475471.gif]

Jesse Ventura: He never even saw that coming!
Jim Ross: Chris Jericho is getting his second wind here, Jess.
Jesse Ventura: Hang on a second… what does he think he’s doing here?
Jim Ross: Chris Jericho climbing to the top turnbuckle; I’m not sure if that’s such a good idea.
Jesse Ventura: Of course it’s not a good idea; these high risk moves almost always never pay off.
Jim Ross: But when they do…
Jesse Ventura: IF they do, JR… and that’s a very big IF.
Jesse Ventura: What did I just tell you?
Jim Ross: And just like that, the entire momentum shifts in favor of the challenger.
Jesse Ventura: What an idiot. How did he win the belt again?

Goldust, picking himself up from the floor, whips Jericho, back-first, into the guardrail, followed by a clothesline that sends the champion over to the feet of the fans sitting into the front row. In the meantime, the referee continues his count.








Goldust rolls underneath the bottom rope inside the ring to break the referee’s count, then slides back out to the outside.

Jim Ross: Goldust realizes he can’t win the title on a countout.
Jesse Ventura: Yeah, cause that was exactly what happened with Kurt Angle last week.
Jim Ross: Gordon Gekko most certainly made the right call when he decided to trade in the WLF X Championship and replaced with the NWA Television Championship, a title to be defended every week whenever we go on air.
Jesse Ventura: Goldust is planning to suplex Jericho back to this side, but then decides to drop the champion, belly-first, across the barricade!
Jim Ross: Goldust grabs Jericho and tosses him back inside the ring. He needs to win either via pinfall or submission in order to become champion.
Jesse Ventura: And just exactly where does he think he’s going?
Jim Ross: This is most certainly unfamiliar territory for the challenger; Goldust deciding to climb up the top turnbuckle for an aerial maneuver.
Jesse Ventura: This is a big big mistake.
Jim Ross: Goldust waits for Chris Jericho to regain his feet… and he takes flight!

[Image: WWE-Payback-Chris-Jericho-Mid-Air-Codebr...60x314.jpg]

Jesse Ventura: I told you it was a big mistake.
Jim Ross: Chris Jericho catches Goldust coming off the top turnbuckle with his signature maneuver and the impact sends the Bizarre One tumbling all the way to the outside!
Jesse Ventura: He might have gotten a lucky break there, JR. He just avoided a certain pin.
Jim Ross: That might be true, but we might also be looking at a countout here. Referee Randy Anderson starting the count on the challenger.







Chris Jericho interrupts the referee and proceeds to step out onto the ring apron.

Jesse Ventura: I don’t get it. What does he think he’s doing?
Jim Ross: I guess he feels that he has a lot to prove as the Television Champion. His first title defense against Kurt Angle wasn’t exactly a success. If it hadn’t been for the rule that states championships can only change hands via pinfall or submission, he would’ve lost the title by now.
Jesse Ventura: What, so he’s developing a guilty conscience?
Jim Ross: I don’t think it has anything to do with guilt, Jess. He wants to win this match. You can almost see it in his eyes.
Jesse Ventura; Yeah, and that’s why he’s probably gonna lose.
Jim Ross: Jericho waits for Goldust to regain his feet and makes his move… but the challenger catches Y2J coming off the ring apron and drives him right on the concrete with a powerslam, knocking the wind right out of the champion!
Jesse Ventura: See what I mean?
Jim Ross: Jericho finds himself gasping for air. In the meantime, the referee’s continuing his count.







Goldust rolls back inside the ring.




The referee calls for the bell, citing the end of the match.

Jesse Ventura: I can’t believe this is happening again.
Jim Ross: Chris Jericho has been counted out for the second straight week in a row.
Jesse Ventura: This might be a strategy he’s employing to hang on to his title, JR.
Jim Ross: I doubt that is the case, Jess. Chris Jericho is proud to be the NWA Television Championship; he’d take on all comers if given the opportunity.
Jesse Ventura: Well then it’s mighty convenient for him to retain his title by getting himself counted out yet again.
Jim Ross: If anything, Jericho is probably hardest on himself. He could’ve won the match earlier via countout, but decided to go after his opponent on the outside.
Jesse Ventura: So nobody goes home happy. Jericho goes home with the loser’s share of the purse, while Goldust goes home without the title.
Jim Ross: Oh I’m sure Goldust will be demanding his rematch in the near future, as would Kurt Angle, both men currently holding countout victories over the reigning NWA Television Champion.

[Image: WLFPoster3.jpg]
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WLF Prime Time - 16 July 2013


[Image: WLFPoster3.jpg]
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WLF Prime Time - 16 July 2013
The Road Warriors, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, Pedigree, The Moondogs,
Brothers of Destruction, The Family Unit, The Hart Foundation, Sting & Lex Luger

[Image: RoadWarriors.jpg] [Image: BrainBusters.jpg] [Image: Pedigree_zpsc3e7b5a1.jpg] [Image: Moondogs.jpg]
[Image: BrothersofDestruction.jpg] [Image: FamilyUnit_zps21592ca4.jpg] [Image: HartFoundation_zps44d03a91.jpg] [Image: StingampLuger_zpsd41bad30.jpg]
Eight of the strongest tandems in the WLF go head-to-head in a no-frills elimination contest
where teams can be eliminated via pinfall, submission, countout, disqualification or over the top.

Referee: Jim Korderas and Earl Hebner
Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby The Brain Heenan

[Image: 16.jpg]

Jimmy Hart: THE HART FOUNDATION ARE BACK BABY AND BACK WITH AVENGEANCE! You saw the way we dealt with our opponents last week with the Twin Towers in our corner and tonight we’re gonna do the same thing again baby! We’re gonna defeat every other tag team in that ring to win the elimination match tonight! Tell ‘em Hitman!

Bret Hart: Look who we’re facing Anvil. You got the big mighty Road Warriors to start with. They’ve been nothing but AVERAGE since they’ve been in the WLF and got lucky a couple of time when they held the tag team belts briefly. Then you got Anderson and Blanchard who have done NOTHING in the WLF but kissed the ass of Ric Flair…!


Bret Hart: Then you’ve got Sting and Luger another couple of under achievers who couldn’t hold onto the tag team championship. And the Brothers of Destruction and the Moondogs who seem to think the WLF is some kind of freak show! And then what. Pedigree? Ok, these guys are tough, but who have they got backing them? The NWA. How can you respect a couple of guys whose loyalties lie with a WREAK of a federation like the NWA. The only men worthy of any respect in that ring tonight are the Family Unit! Chris Walken took a couple of nobodies and turned them into something great! But Walken, you better realise that greatness is not gonna get your boys past the Hart Foundation tonight, because the Hart Foundation represent TRUE excellence. TRUE greatness!

[Image: Anvil-Banner.jpg]

The Anvil: THAT’S RIGHT BABY! YA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Bret, this is gonna be one hell of a match tonight, baby! One hell of a match! Ya gonna have eight tag teams going at it in that ring baby! There’s gonna be bodies flying HERE! There’s gonna be bodies flying THERE! There's gonna be bodies flying EVERYWHERE! {Starting to get really excited now) We're gonna send them down to the mat! Over the top! Under the ropes! YA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! IT'S GONNA BE CHAOS IN THAT RING and you and me are gonna be in there sending fists flying in all directions baby! A punch here, a body slam there! YA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! We’re gonna take the Moondogs and throw them over the tope ropes. We’re gonna trample down the Road Warriors! WE’RE GONNA TAKE THE BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION AND POUND THEM INTO THE MAT. WE’RE GONNA TAKE THE…


The Anvil simmers down stroking his goatee.

Bret Hart: As you cans see the Hart Foundation are ready. And if you guys think that you can beat us… well you’re in for a BROKEN heart!


Returning to the arena…

Gorilla Monsoon: If there’s one thing you can say about Jim the Anvil Neidhart is he’s passionate.
Bobby Heenan: Which is one thing many of the tag teams wrestling in this match tonight don’t have. Passion.
Gorilla Monsoon: I disagree, but it’s hard to argue that the Hart Foundation could very well be one of the most formidable teams in that ring tonight…

The Fink: AND NOW… Making their way down to ringside accompanied by their manager Jimmy Mouth of the South Hart, with a combined weight of 515 pounds … the HARRRRRT FOUNDATIONNNNNNN!

[Image: 220px-The_Hart_Foundation_Tag_Team.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: The Anvil and the Hitman are ready. Now we’re waiting on the other teams in this one.

Sting: Lex tonight we find ourselves in a up huge elimination match against seven strong teams both from the WLF and from the NWA and this is our chance to make a statement and why we deserve the tag team titles back.

Lex Luger: You got that right Stinger, we will eliminate as many people as we can from this match and when we win we will be one step closer at getting our tag team championships back.

Sting: Before we get out belts back there's a little issue we need to solve and that's teach the Hart Foundation a lesson, Bret Hart what the hell happened to you man you were at the top all by yourself getting WLF and NWA Heavyweight Title shots and then you get injured and you throw it all away by coming back at World War 3 with that pipsqueak Jimmy Hart and the Anvil. Bret Hart you are no longer the best there is, the best there was, and the best there will be if you align yourself with Jimmy Hart.

Lex Luger: Listen up Bret who are you calling under achievers, I used to have the utter most respect for you but you've turn into a complete ass. Also the National Wrestling Alliance is about respect and tradition, its not our fault that your injured prone and would always get hurt, stop crying like the crybaby that you are and you should have dealt with it.

Sting: Hmm we also have the Legion of Doom in this match, Hawk and Animal we have respect for you guys even though you were the ones who took our tag titles away.

Lex Luger: Waylon Mercy and Nailz you two are scums also, aligning yourselves with the Million Dollar Man, he's using you guys but you are to stupid to see it.

Sting: Pedigree, Triple H and Curt Henning you guys are despicable for joining Barry Windhams new so called Horsemen. There are only Horsemen stable and that's led by the Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Lex Luger: Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard you guys are two of the toughest SOBS that we know and we are proud that you went to the WLF and if you ever need our help sometime just ring us.

Sting: Finally you have the Moondogs and the Brohers of Destruction, these two teams can eliminate you just like that so we will be watching for you guys as well, but long story short lets go out there and win the tag titles Lex. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Yeah baby.

Returning to arena.

Bobby Heenan: These guys make me sick, I mean calling out Bret Hart like that, who do they think they are.
Gorilla Monsoon: Sting and Luger do have a point though, Bret Hart was towards the top before he left.

Stings music hits and out comes the Stinger and the Total Package to a great reaction from the fans, they walk down the ramp slapping hands of fans and climb the steps and get in the ring and they begin taunting the Hart Foundation and Bret and Anvil go to meet Sting and Luger but the ref holds them back as Liger climbs on the top turnbuckle and raises his arm in the air as we await the next team.

The camera goes to the back and we see Paul Ellering with a rolled up paper in his hand and he is standing in between the Road Warriors who look upset.

Paul Ellering: Don't worry about it LOD. Your time will come once again. It's only a matter of time. Tonight, you have to do what you do best and that is beat people up and win another elimination match.

Road Warrior Animal: Your exactly right Paul. Our time will come again and it will come sooner rather than later. Hart Foundation, we will defend Demolition's honor and make sure you guys don't win this match but we also have to deal with the Brain Busters, Pedigree, Moondogs, Brothers Of Destruction, those psychos the Family Unit and last but not least Sting and Lex Luger. Sting and Lex we do respect you and hopefully it will come down to us and if it does we will do whatever it takes to make sure we win this thing. Hawk, let's do this.

Road Warrior Hawk: OHHHHHHHH WHAT A RUSH!!!!!

They walk out of the shot and we hear the music.

The Fink: Coming down the aisle, being accompanied by their manager Paul Ellering. The former WLF Tag Team Champions. From Chicago Illinois please welcome The Legion Of Doom!!!!

They walk out and slap the fans hands as they enter the ring and remove their shoulder pads and wait for the next team.

[Image: th?id=H.4776936703725012&pid=15....;amp;W=109]

Christopher Walken: (Standing backstage, with Nailz on one side of him, and Waylon Mercy on the other) It's Battle Royale time kiddies! And boy I gotta tell ya, my two guys here....they love Battle Royale time, they looooooooooove it! Why? It gives them more men to beat the snot out of! And what an array of victims to choose from tonight....You got the S&M rejects, the Road Warriors, Flair's minions, The Brain Busters, Windam's minions, Pedigree....you got the crazy pooches, The Moondogs, the zombies, Kane and Undertaker, the surfer reject and the muscle man, Sting and Luger....and you especially got The Hart Foundation.....Bret, I really appreciate the kind words you had for my boys, I truly do.....they're still gonna beat the piss out of you, but I appreciate it nonetheless....

Waylon Mercy: Bret.....you seem to think giving us compliments somehow means we'll take things easy on you....but if there's one thing Waylon Mercy doesn't like.....it's kiss ups......kiss ups really make me......angry...... (A pause, he slowly holds up his hands to look at them, then chuckles) when I get kiss ups in the ring.....these hands.....these.....heh heh......two hands of mine? They just can't control where they go.....usually around someone's neck....

Nailz: (Snarling) Hart! Don't be mistaken......we don't like you! We don't like your tubby partner Neidhart, and we certainly don't like that little runt Jimmy Hart! When the bell rings, and all of the teams start going at it, we're not gonna ignore you.....if anything, we might just target *you* first!

Christopher Walken: Hoooo man, Hart, you were better off keeping your mouth shut about my boys....it seems you just made things worse for yourselves....we'll see you in the ring fellas!

Gorilla Monsoon: Wow, look at the look on Bret Hart's face....he's none too pleased his compliments got the response they got....
Bobby Heenan: Not for nothing, but was he *really* expecting something different? This is The Family Unit we're talking about, they're not one to have many friends....
Gorilla Monsoon: Boy, you can say *that* again partner...

Howard Finkel: And now....making their way to the ring....being led by their manager, Christopher Walken....Waylon Mercy and Nailz....The Family Unit!

To a chorus of boos, Nailz and Mercy slowly stride down to the ring, Christopher Walken a few steps behind. Slowly, Nailz and Mercy enter the ring, Nailz making sure to "accidentally" bump past Bret Hart as he and Nailz head to a neutral corner. Bret angrily shakes his head and stares at Nailz as we await the next team

Gorilla Monsoon: We have four of the eight teams in this match and coming out next I'm hearing that it's the Brothers of Destruction, the American Badass, The Undertaker and The Big Red Machine, Kane, and I'm hearing they are in a very bad mood.
Bobby Heenan: I wouldn't be afraid of the American Dumbass and the Big Red Freak, because there record as a tag team is worse than a lot of the other teams in the WLF.
Gorilla Monsoon: Folks if you missed it the Undertaker should be standing here as the Wrestling Legends Federation Champion but thanks to the other Million Dollar Coperation members that isn't the case.
Bobby Heenan: They proved that they are worthy of being in the Coperation.
Gorilla Monsoon: I'm hearing that Mean Gene Okerlund is standing by with the duo known as the Brothers of Destruction, be careful Mean Gene.


Mean Gene: Thanks Gorilla I'm standing by with the Undertaker and Kane and I agree you were robbed of a victory two weeks ago, lets show the clip for the people who don't know what I'm talking about.

The screen lights up and we see the events from World War 3.

Bobby Heenan: Yes! Yes! It’s only a matter of time now!
Gorilla Monsoon: The Undertaker’s fading fast! DiBiase’s got that hold synched on tight!
Bobby Heenan: Come on, ref! Call for the bell already! This match is as good as over.
Gorilla Monsoon: The Undertaker’s trying to reach the ropes, but he’s too far away.
Bobby Heenan: Like I said, this match is as good as over.
Gorilla Monsoon: The challenger appears to be running out of options, but then he charges straight ahead into the corner… and he rams DiBiase, face-first, into the turnbuckle! Ohh, he knocked the Million Dollar Man silly! This will at least give him a moment’s breather, while DiBiase recovers as well.

All of a sudden, the live audience are heard booing. The cameras pan to the entrance way and lo-and-behold, there stands one Christopher Walken, being flanked by his clients, Nailz and Waylon Mercy. The Family Unit begins making their way down the ramp as the boos grow even louder.

Back in the ring, Ted DiBiase tries to regain control of the match, but runs right into a big boot from The Undertaker. The American Badass kicks DiBiase in the midsection and sets him up for the Last Ride!

Gorilla Monsoon: We could be on the verge of crowning a new WLF Heavyweight Champion here!
Bobby Heenan: No-no-no… this cannot be!
Gorilla Monsoon: The Undertaker lifts DiBiase way up high and buries him into the canvas with the Last Ride! The Million Dollar Man has got the wind knocked right out of him!
Bobby Heenan: Come on, Mr Walken! Do something already!
Gorilla Monsoon: I believe he already has! He’s got the referee distracted from doing his job! That would’ve been a three count right there! But instead, Marella is busy admonishing Walken and his guys from ringside!
Bobby Heenan: Look at this!
Gorilla Monsoon: It’s another of Walken’s clients, Bad News Brown! He’s come in through the crowd! I don’t think The Undertaker has… ohh no! Bad News with the Ghetto Blaster on the American Badass! Come on, that should’ve been an automatic disqualification!
Bobby Heenan: Now Bad News is dragging DiBiase over The Undertaker!
Gorilla Monsoon: And he’s fleeing the scene like nothing ever happened!
Bobby Heenan: What else would you expect him to do? Hold his hand up and plead guilty?
Gorilla Monsoon: All Marella sees is DiBiase making the cover on The Undertaker. I can’t believe it’s going down like this!




Bobby Heenan: YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! I told you he was gonna do it! That’s why he’s the greatest WLF Heavyweight Champion of all time!
Gorilla Monsoon: Are you kidding me? What a miscarriage of justice here! The Undertaker would’ve won had it not been for Christopher Walken’s meddling!
Bobby Heenan: Excuses-excuses-excuses. DiBiase was at no time at all in any trouble at all.
Gorilla Monsoon: He was knocked out from the Last Ride, Bobby. As a matter of fact, he’s still knocked out! The man’s unconscious!
Bobby Heenan: Hey, at least he’s still the WLF Heavyweight Champion!
Gorilla Monsoon: Well, Christopher Walken has most certainly kept up his end of the bargain. Though I’m not entirely sure where that might land the Family Unit with the Brothers of Destruction. It’d be interesting to see the dynamics later this evening in that battle royal. DiBiase got real lucky here, escaping with just the skin of his teeth and the WLF Heavyweight Championship. We’ll see if the luck continues for the Million Dollar Corporation for the rest of the evening.

Back Live

Mean Gene: See folks The Undertaker had DiBiase right where he had him until Bad News Brown nailed him with a Ghetto Blaster, World War 3 aside tonight you are in a 8 Team Elimination match against 7 of the top teams from both the WLF and the NWA, how........................

The Undertaker grabs the microphone out of Gene's hand

The Undertaker: The Million Dollar Man you are the luckiest punk I've ever met because if it wasn't for your cronies I would be standing here as the WLF Champion, Ted your punishment will be coming sooner than later but first we are going after the punks who cost me my title and Christopher Walken, I'm looking at right at your guys because your the ones who distracted the ref, we don't care about the other teams in this match all we care about is to punish you guys and then after punish that punk Bad News Brown. Then after that Ted DiBiase you don't want to start a war with me because you won't win. I advise you to watch your back and soon your judgment day will come. Ted I'm challenging you to another match sometime down the road and you will accept because if you don't then we will take out all of your cronies, remember we are everywhere and if you are not careful you'll pay the price.

The Undertaker raises his chain high in the air and drops the microphone and they walk off

Back to ringside

Gorilla Monsoon: The Undertaker looking real intense there and he challenged DiBiase to another match.
Bobby Heenan: Who does he think he is issuing a challenge to the Million Dollar Man, the Million Dollar Man doesn't have time to deal with scum like the Undertaker.

The Brother's of Destruction's music hits and out they come, Undertaker riding his motorcycle down the ramp as Kane walks slowly down the ramp and surprisingly Paul Bearer isn't with them for the evening as something came up, the Undertaker parks his motorcycle near the announce table and climbs in the ring along with Kane and the American Badass wildly swings his chain in the direction of Nailz and Mercy as they wait for the next team

[Image: tumblr_mn60o5U46x1s0i9o7o1_250.png]

Triple H: Can you explain something to me, Curt, cause I can't seem to be able to put my finger on it.

Curt Hennig: Shoot.

Triple H: Why is it so hard for these nimrods to understand that they have absolutely no chance against us? What does it take to convince them that this entire match is a farce? I'm not just sayin' that we're not in the same league, heck we might as well be playing a different game.

Curt Hennig: I fully agree with you, my friend. But look at it on the bright side. We should see this night as an opportunity to prove to the world what we've known all along. Unlike our geriatric predecessors, the New Horsemen is by far and large the benchmark for technical wrestling excellence. We are far more superior over the rest of the competition in every way, shape and form. We have no equals. You should be in awe when you're standing in our presence... cause you're standing in the presence of perfection.

Triple H: Down on your knees and bow your heads. You will kiss our feet and marvel at our greatness. You are looking at the lords of the ring, the kings of kings... the masters of the freakin' universe. We are Pedigree.[/color]

Curt Hennig: Make no mistake about it, boys and girls, we are in a word... perfect.

Back in the arena...

Gorilla Monsoon: I'm not sure how much cockier you can get. Can you believe these two?
Bobby Heenan: They might well be telling the truth, Monsoon. You are looking at two of the best in the business. It's a shame that they're with the NWA, but that doesn't detract from the fact that they are among the elite.
Gorilla Monsoon: I'm not taking anything away from them. There is no doubt that Hunter and Hennig are tremendous athletes. But to have the gall to come out here and publicly state that you're head and shoulders above the rest? They've got another thing coming.
Bobby Heenan: You can't mess with perfection, Gorilla.
Gorilla Monsoon: Hunter and Hennig may be very accomplished wrestlers who boasts extensive singles careers individually. But that's just it... they are two individuals teaming up. Compare it to the likes of the Road Warriors, who have been teaming with each other ever since anyone cares to remember.
Bobby Heenan: That's precisely it.
Gorilla Monsoon: What?
Bobby Heenan: Nobody cares! So what if the Road Warriors have been a tag-team since the Nixon administration? So what if the Brothers of Destruction knew each other since they were born? Don't you get it? They're not perfect!
Gorilla Monsoon: I'd like to see how perfect they are once the bell rings.

Howard Finkel: And now....approaching the ring.....they are two members of the Four Horsemen.....The Enforcer, Arn Anderson, and Tully Blanchard....The Brain Busters!

Gorilla Monsoon: Anderson and Blanchard not wasting any time here....coming right down the aisle without any last minute words....
Bobby Heenan: Sure sign of two guys who are just too dumb to form a sentence...
Gorilla Monsoon: Oh will you be serious? We all know that Anderson and Blanchard aren't ones for talking...they let their actions talk in the ring...

Anderson and Blanchard slowly enter the ring, Blanchard pausing to shove Bret Hart back as he does. The crowd pops as Hart angrily tries to get at Blanchard, though is held back by The Anvil

Gorilla Monsoon: Wow....excuse me.....Bret Hart making a lot of enemies in that ring for him and The Anvil....I think Christopher Walken said it best, Bret was better off keeping his mouth shut...
Bobby Heenan: That was a lucky shove, nothing more....Bret will bend Blanchard into pretzels once the bell rings...
Gorilla Monsoon: Well folks, there's one team left to come out...a team that, while victorious at World War III, hasn't been seen since then, obviously healing up from the violence of the match itself....I'm talking The Moondogs....they and Richard Lee have some last minute words....

The camera cuts to a shot of The Moondogs, both Rex and Spot glaring menacingly at the camera

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRcBEPsuxpv31pSTTKs8Wf...QYVvHdrUNA]

Meanwhile, Richard Lee strolls into the shot, smirking and chuckling as he does

[Image: hqdefault.jpg?feature=og]

Richard Lee: Well, my my my.....what happened to Slick, Bossman, and Akeem hmmm? Suddenly, the three of them don't much want to talk about me and my Moondogs....suddenly, they wanna focus on Demolition? Could it be because....we embarrassed them at World War III? That we beat them handily? I think it may be....Slick, let this be a lesson to you, ya dancing fool....you try and mess with the dogs....you get bitten! But hey, never mind those losers....right now, we have ourselves a tag team battle royale to focus on....and boy, what a collection of *losers* we're facing! Ya got the loud mouth Bret Hart and the laughing lunatic Jim Neidhart....you have the Legion of Dorks, or the Road Wimpiers, or whatever name you wanna call them....you got Flair's butt kissers, Blanchard and Anderson....you got Pinocchio Triple H and Mr. Not So Perfect....a guy who couldn't buy a win before Windham bailed him out....you got the two meatheads, Sting and Luger....you got Taker and Kane, two guys we've beaten so many times I've lost count...and Walken's army of psychopaths! Boys, you can all argue with each other all you want....it doesn't matter....cause once the bell rings, my Moondogs have fourteen chew toys to play with! And brother, let me tell ya....when they clamp down on their toys....they don't stop till they break....

Howard Finkel: And finally....making their way to ringside....being accompanied by their manager, Richard Lee....Spot and Rex....The Moondogs!

Surprisingly, there are some cheers mixed in with the boos of the crowd as Richard Lee guides the Moondogs out and towards ringside

Gorilla Monsoon: Huh, are those some cheers I can hear for Richard Lee and Rex and Spot?
Bobby Heenan: Have the humanoids finally lost it down here in the South?
Gorilla Monsoon: I can only assume, Brain, they're applauding the tough, violent match The Moondogs were involved in....as much as they're hated here in the WLF, they put on a heck of a show against the Towers....oh-oh! Rex and Spot rushing into the ring, and it's chaos already! This battle royale has begun!

Gorilla Monsoon: What chaos already. I don’t think the two of us can successfully do justice to all the action going on in that ring right now. You’ve got Spot going after the Hitman and Rex going after Sting. Then you’ve got Demolition and the Family Unit going at it while the Road Warriors and the Brothers of Destruction battle each other… Look there, Jim the Anvil Neidhart coming to the rescue of his tag team partner and he clobbers Spot over the back of the head. Spot dazed there, not knowing what hit him and now both members of the Hart Foundation double teaming him. Anvil holds Spot while the Hitman sends savage body blows to his gut. Rex desperately trying to get over to help his tag team partner, but Sting’s won’t let him. Sting determined to have his piece of Rex while he can.
Bobby Heenan: And look at Curt Hennig and Lex Luger. They have Arn Anderson teetering over the top rope! We could see the Four Dog Food men eliminated early!
Gorilla Monsoon: Dog food?
Bobby Heenan: That’s all they’re good for, Gorilla. Canned Dog food. The WLF should get like George Orwell’s Animal Farm and send those guys off to the knackers yard!
Gorilla Monsoon: Will you stop?

Anderson is saved when his partner Tully Blanchard comes to his rescue, hitting Curt Hennig with a clothesline that almost sends him toppling out of the ring. Meanwhile the Hart Foundation have Spot and are attempting to hurl him out over the top rope, but Spot is holding on for dear life.

Gorilla Monsoon: Spot in a really precarious situation here and his partner is still being isolated by Sting who is ramming his head into the corner turnbuckle. Could we be about to see a repeat of World War III where the Moondogs were eliminated early?
Bobby Heenan: No way. Look there’s Richard Lee on the outside grabbing the leg of Spot from below.
Gorilla Monsoon: You’re right. He’s stopping Spot from going over the top rope. And BOTH referees are busy at other parts of the ring. They’re not seeing this.
Bobby Heenan: Jimmy Hart has though and he's screaming through his megaphone.


Gorilla Monsoon: Jim Korderas completely ignoring Hart. He's probably blocked out Hart's irritating voice right from the beginning. The last thing he needs is to be distracted by the colonel with his megaphone
Bobby Heenan: The Anvil's paying attention though. He’s trying to kick Richard Lee in the head.

Neidhart angrily thrusts his foot out at the head of Lee, but Lee manages to evade, at the same time still holding onto the leg of Spot. Finally though Anvil finds his mark. His big boot connects with the shoulder of Lee and Richard Lee goes tumbling back. However the distraction leaves an opening for Spot who is able to break free. He bounces off the far rope and comes back with a double clothesline on both members of the Hart Foundation. The Anvil barely manages to prevent from falling out of the ring, however the Hitman is not so lucky. Over he goes, but somehow he manages to pull himself back in under the bottom rope before his feet touch the ground.

Gorilla Monsoon: Very close call for the Hart Foundation there! Spot now taking advantage of the situation and stomping on both men. Now finally here comes Rex, having somehow managed to get free of Sting. Oh I see. Demolition now pummelling the Stinger havnig taken the pressure off Rex.

Meanwhile we see the Brothers of Destruction just tearing into the Legion of Doom as the American Badass is pummeling Road Warrior Animal in one corner, then in another corner we see the Big Red Machine getting the upper hand on Road Warrior Hawk as Kane is unleashing hard punches into the midsection of the former tag team champion.

Gorilla Monsoon: Heres a interesting matchup, you have the Brothers of Destruction just pummeling the Road Warriors in opposite corners and the Undertaker is yelling something at Kane and Kane nods his head and he just grabs Hawk and whips him hard into his own tag team partner and now the Undertaker comes charging and he hits a devastating turnbuckle clothesline that sends both Road Warriors to the mat in a heap.
Bobby Heenan: The Family Unit is picking their shots at the Stinger as Nailz lifts Sting up and holds the Stinger as Waylon Mercy delivered some hard punches into the gut.
Gorilla Monsoon: We now see Triple H taking it to Arn Anderson as he whips the Enforcer into the ropes and he comes back into a back body drop on Arn.
Bobby Heenan: The Hart Foundation and the Moondogs are still tearing into each other, man these two teams sure don't like each other.
Gorilla Monsoon: The Family Unit has the Stinger over the top rope and Sting is doing whatever it takes to hang on.

Bobby Heenan: wait a minute, is that...?
Gorilla Monsoon: that is definitely the entrance music of....

Todd Pettengill: Yours truly! How come I was not invited to your party?

Bobby Heenan: Todd, your pretty boys aint in this match!
Gorilla Monsoon: Usually, you are always here when they have a match tonight..Gordon gave the dudes the night off.

Todd Pettengill: oh did he?

Gorilla Monsoon: what do you mean?

Todd Pettengill: I thought they were part of this match...

Bobby Heenan: wait a minute Monsoon...look over there...its Diesel and
Gorilla Monsoon: Shawn Michaels!

Todd Pettengill: see I told you they are part of this match

Gorilla Monsoon: they are not legally allowed to compete in this match...what are they doing here.

Todd Pettengill: what did I do just now?

Bobby Heenan: Crashed the party?

Todd Pettengill: Exactly Bobby!

Gorilla Monsoon: Diesel goes straight for the dead man..Undertaker goes down with the big boot...Sweet chin music to Kane from Michaels...wow..these guys are not just crashing the party..they are taking over!

Todd Pettengill: look at Big daddy cool setting up dead man for his last ride.

Gorilla Monsoon: Jacknife..oh my..Undertaker is down..Kane is down
Bobby Heenan: every other opponent is stunned...they dont know what to do with these intruders...they are coming here..

Todd Pettengill: Guys say hello to my best friends!

Diesel: Monsoon, step aside..I need more space here man.

Shawn Michaels: This party is just getting started!

The LOD see Diesel and Shawn Michaels making a mockery of this match and they tell them to come on. Michaels and Diesel look at each other and shrug their shoulders before they go into a huddle.

Bobby Heenan: What is wrong with the LOD Monsoon?
Gorilla Monsoon: Nothing at all Brain. They want to get rid of the intruders and they want a fight.
Bobby Heenan: There are 7 other teams to worry about though.

LOD attack Michaels and Diesel and both teams are each giving each other blows. The ref is trying to sort it out but he can't separate either team. LOD finally get the upper hand and Animal gorilla presses Michaels above his head and drops him on the canvas. Every other team is fighting each other as there is chaos ensuing.

Gorilla Monsoon: Jimmy Hart going crazy on his megaphone…

[Image: jimmyhart.jpg]


Gorilla Monsoon: And that’s just what the Hitman is doing. Look he’s slapping Waylon Mercy on the shoulder and pointing down to the Dudes. Now he’s tapping Rex on the shoulder. Meanwhile the Anvil is yelling at Ax and Smash and Pedigree. The Hart Foundation climbing out through the ropes to the floor…


Gorilla Monsoon: It’s working! Teams trickling out through the ropes now. They're going after Diesel and Michaels! They’re gonna show them not to interfere in their match!
Bobby Heenan: I’d hate to be in the Dudes shoes right now!

Gorilla Monsoon: Diesel is signalling for some help...Michaels and Diesel know there is no way out..they can not run.
Bobby Heenan: Michaels will leave Diesel high and dry I know it.

Todd Pettengill: Don't speak too soon Bobby.

Gorilla Monsoon: Marty Jannetty comes in with Poison and Motley Crue band members..looks like we got a war here.
Bobby Heenan: Michaels is super kicking every one who is coming at him..Diesel is laying the big boot...now we got these rock stars and Jannetty crashing the party.
Gorilla Monsoon: The ref has no idea what to do..all hell is breaking lose..Bret Michaels, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, CC De Ville and the rest of the guys..they are all here..9 guys with Jannetty..looks like they had an insurance policy.

Todd Pettengill: we always have a backup plan.

Gorilla Monsoon: we? since when did you call yourself part of their team..why don't you go and help them.

Todd Pettengill: I root for them here behind the mic..I aint no wrestler

Bobby Heenan: wow, I am loving this..these guys just crashed the party..and the match has become a war!
Gorilla Monsoon: Todd..where are you going?
Bobby Heenan: He is going after Jimmy Hart..and his microphone!
Gorilla Monsoon: one way to seek attention...this match is pure entertainment now...the fans are going bananas.
Bobby Heenan: this match just picked up..way boring before the Dudes crashed the party.....incredible!

Bobby Heenan: Oh no… trust this guy to ruin the party.

[Image: nick_fury_avengers_wallpaper.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: It’s Nick Jackson, head of security. He’ll sort this mess out. And yep, here comes his entire security crew. They’re getting rid of all those guys. Bret Michaels, Vince Neill… all those people who have no business being anywhere near that ring. Whoa! And down goes Bret Michaels. Spot just clobbered him over the back of the head with one of his bones! That's one less gate crasher security have to worry about.

[Image: Moondog%20Spot.jpg]

Jimmy Hart is moving around the other side of the ring to avoid Todd. He screams through his megaphone as he does.

[Image: Mini-Bookk-Scans03.jpg]


Gorilla Monsoon: The Dudes with Attitude and Marty Janetty proving a lot more difficult to get rid of, but now Jackson is in their face. No doubt threatening them with all manner of fines and impositions if they don’t leave.
Bobby Heenan: Go on Shawn, give that humanoid some sweet chin music, go on!
Gorilla Monsoon: Will you stop?

Jimmy jumps in behind the Hart Foundation for protection against Todd who is continuing to stalk him. Todd comes to a halt when the Anvil bars his way with his arms crossed and eyes narrowed.


Finally Jacksons men are able to heard the Dudes and Janetty away.


[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQCGeveENGrTvJqo_vA01a...geSrYz7u5A]

Jackson glares for a moment at Jimmy. He then points to the exit.

Gorilla Monsoon: What? Jackson is ordering Jimmy Hart out too. No doubt tired of his insessant shouting through that megahone and issuing him orders. Holy Mackerel! He's not just sending the Colonel out. He's sending out ALL the managers!
Bobby Heenan: He can’t do that!
Gorilla Monsoon: I say good on him. That weasel Jimmy Hart in particular is a major distraction with his megaphone.

Todd (having given up on chasing Jimmy): What the hell is Jackson playing at? Why doesn’t he just get rid of everybody? We’ll just move onto the next match shall we? Hell, while he's at it he might as well eject all the fans to. Empty out the entire arena!

Gorilla Monsoon: Jackson is quite within his rights to get rid of the all those guys. He’s the head of security. I say good on him. This match needs to continue without further interruptions. The referees are having a hard enough job as it is keeping order here without having to worry about scheming managers and other people who have nothing to do with this match.

Jackson strides over to the announcers table and grabs Todd by the scruff of the neck.

Todd Pettengill: Hey, get your hands off of me!

Nick Jackson: You're out of here too, mother ****er!

Gorilla Monsoon: Amen to that! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Todd.

Todd Pettengill: Damn it Jackson you can’t do this to me!

Nick Jackson: You really think so, mother ****er? Move it!

Some of the crowds are booing as Jackson and his team escort the last of the gate crashers and managers from ringside. Others of the crowds are cheering.

Gorilla Monsoon: NOW maybe we can get on with this match. All the teams climbing back into the ring now…

No sooner have the teams began piling back into the ring, then does Marty Jannetty come walking back down, with two referees trying to subdue him as he does so

Bobby Heenan: Oh brother...
Gorilla Monsoon: You said it Brain, Jannetty can't seem to grasp the fact that he can't be down here! Is that dope sliding into the ring? He's heading right into no man's land, with sixteen guys in the ring who aren't his biggest fans right now!

Marty Jannetty: (Heard on camera) You can't get rid of us *that* easily! Dudes with Attitudes for the win man! We....URK!

Jannetty is cut off as Nailz clamps one of his big hands across Marty's throat. He lifts Jannetty up high in the air, and brings him down with a chokeslam. As Jannetty quivers on the mat, Arn Anderson picks him up and hits a spinebuster. Jannetty, now with no clue what planet he's on, twitches on the mat as Kane lifts him up and launches him out of the ring to the outside as the crowd applauds

[color=navy]Gorilla Monsoon: Good riddance! Jannetty has no one to blame for this but himself....he could have easily left with Nick Jackson without getting his clock cleaned....but he had to be stubborn...

Bobby Heenan: You think *now* we can get back to this Battle Royale?
Gorilla Monsoon: It looks like it....the men in the ring are going back to fighting now....I've no doubt Mr. Gekko will give The Dudes and Marty a dressing down for this little stunt backstage...
Bobby Heenan: You think that idiot Pettengill will get it too?
Gorilla Monsoon: It's a possibility. Todd has chosen, for reasons beyond me, to associate with The Dudes....that makes him guilty by association. Just what Mr. Gekko will *do* to Todd for this, if anything at all, remains up in the air though...

The camera cuts to a dazed Brett Michaels now being helped off by two backstage workers as the crowd mocks him

Crowd: Poison sucks! Poison sucks!

Gorilla Monsoon: I think Mr. Michaels, besides Jannetty, got the worst of that little skirmish...poor guy looks like he doesn't have a *clue* where he is right now...

Brett Michaels: (Slurred, dazed voice) Am I.....Am I on stage? (Sings, badly) Every rose.....has it's thorn.....like....every night....has it's dawn.....ugh....

Gorilla Monsoon: Well, with no more distractions, this Battle Royale continues....
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WLF Prime Time - 16 July 2013
[Image: jr_article_gorilla_heenan.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: This match has gone on quite a while now with no elimination in sight.
Bobby Heenan: That’s because of those idiotic Dudes!
Gorilla Monsoon: Well, they had their part to play in it. But now that we’ve gotten them out of the way, maybe we can get back to the match proper.
Bobby Heenan: You know what? They should’ve gotten rid of Kane and The Undertaker when they had the chance. Diesel and Michaels really did a number on them both.
Gorilla Monsoon: That is true. One was a recipient of the Jackknife, while the other fell victim to the Sweet Chin Music. But they’re pretty much back up now; the opportunity had passed.
Bobby Heenan: Maybe so. But the Family Unit has taken them out once, they can do it again.
Gorilla Monsoon: They are most certainly trying, I’ll give them that. Nailz has singled out Kane, while Waylon Mercy sizes up The Undertaker. This would’ve been a tremendous match up on its own.
Bobby Heenan: They don’t stand a chance; the Family Unit will swallow them whole.
Gorilla Monsoon: Are you kidding me? Will you look at this? Christopher Walken has got his hands underneath the bottom rope clinging on to Kane’s boot! And Nailz of course takes full advantage of the situation as he clobbers the Big Red Machine from behind.
Bobby Heenan: Now the Deadman’s gonna have to deal with both members of Family Unit!
Gorilla Monsoon: That doesn’t mean he’s gonna back down. As a matter of fact, he holds these two men responsible for his failure to capture the WLF Heavyweight Championship at World War III.
Bobby Heenan: He’s gotta learn to let go; that’s not healthy.
Gorilla Monsoon: The Undertaker’s taking the fight to both Nailz and Waylon Mercy, but he eventually succumbs to the numbers game.

The Undertaker drills Nailz and Waylon Mercy with one right after another, then comes off the ropes with a diving lariat on both men. The American Badass puts his hands around both men’s throat, signaling for a much anticipated double chokeslam. Nailz and Mercy put the boots on The Undertaker and drop him with a double suplex instead! The Family Unit continues to stomp and kick away on the American Badass when he suddenly sits right back up!

[Image: b183583257.jpg]

Startled, Nailz and Mercy try to back away, but Kane soon joins his brother and lay into the Family Unit, ramming both of them into each other. Kane goes for the chokeslam on Nailz, while The Undertaker has his hand around Mercy’s throat and looks set to do the same. Christopher Walken reaches in through the bottom rope and grabs the Undertaker’s foot, interrupting the American Badass from completing his move!

The Undertaker, in response, releases his grip on Waylon Mercy as he reaches out for Christopher Walken on the outside. Mercy sees his window of opportunity and tosses the American Badass over the ropes for the first elimination of the night!


Bobby Heenan: Finally!
Gorilla Monsoon: Christopher Walken’s interference actually paid off, but I think he just made an enemy for life!
Bobby Heenan: Run, Walken, run!
Gorilla Monsoon: The Undertaker’s not even taking a second look back at the ring. He’s just focused on Christopher Walken, stalking the manager back up the ramp! I’d hate to think what would happen if the American Badass eventually catches up with him!
Bobby Heenan: Wait, where’s Kane going?
Gorilla Monsoon: A superstar whose partner has been eliminated will have to vacate the ring as well. That’s how it works in this match.
Bobby Heenan: It doesn’t even matter at this point. We still have seven other teams going at it in the ring right now!
Gorilla Monsoon: I like what I’m seeing over on this side of the ring. The Road Warriors have actually engaged the Four Horsemen in combat.
Bobby Heenan: Who?
Gorilla Monsoon: These two teams go back a long way. They’re certainly no strangers to one another, having fought through most of the 80s way back in the old NWA.
Bobby Heenan: Why are you giving me a history lesson here? We’ve got a match going on!
Gorilla Monsoon: I believe the New Horsemen are responsible for this. They’ve been trying ways and means to get rid of Anderson and Blanchard.
Bobby Heenan: This might just do it.
Gorilla Monsoon: Ohh, look at this! Road Warrior Hawk’s got Tully Blanchard way up there in a military press!

[Image: tomko2.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: All he has to do now is to dump him to the outside and they’ll be one team closer to winning this battle royale!
Bobby Heenan: Then tell him to do it already!

Arn Anderson comes up behind Hawk and tackles the Road Warrior in the back of the leg with a perfectly timed chop block! Blanchard comes crashing down on Hawk and hooks the leg!





Gorilla Monsoon: The Road Warriors are outta there!
Bobby Heenan: I still can’t believe they’ve made champions twice.
Gorilla Monsoon: Why is it so hard to believe? Hawk and Animal are two of the toughest son of a guns you’d ever come across.
Bobby Heenan: And yet they’ve been eliminated.
Gorilla Monsoon: Curt Hennig and Triple H conveniently targeted Arn Anderson, while Tully Blanchard made the cover on the Road Warrior! It was a ploy all along!
Bobby Heenan: Of course it was a ploy!
Gorilla Monsoon: Left alone to fend for himself, Anderson is easy pickings for Hennig and Hunter. And the New Horsemen rids the ring of the Enforcer by tossing him over the top rope!


Bobby Heenan: Now we’ve got ourselves a match, Monsoon! I was beginning to think that this match might never end.
Gorilla Monsoon: We still have five tandems left in this elimination contest. Regardless of who wins, you can bet that their names will shoot right to the top of the rankings and they’ll most likely be in contention for a possible title shot in the near future.
Bobby Heenan: Wait, you mean there’s no guarantee they’ll get a shot?
Gorilla Monsoon: Not exactly; I don’t think that was part of the deal.
Bobby Heenan: Hang on a second… what’s going on down ringside?
Gorilla Monsoon: Anderson and Blanchard are furious over their elimination, but the referee’s telling them they have to go. It’s not helping matters that Hennig and Hunter are goading them on.
Bobby Heenan: Will somebody get rid of them already? I’d always known them to be a bunch of sore losers.
Gorilla Monsoon: Weren’t you managing Anderson and Blanchard at one point in their careers?
Bobby Heenan: Yeah, that was their peak. It was all downhill after I dumped them.

With Curt Hennig and Triple H involved in the commotion on the outside, the Hart Foundation somehow manage to convince the Moondogs and the Family Unit to work together and eliminate the one team representing the NWA in the ring right now.

Gorilla Monsoon: Are you kidding me? It’s six on two!
Bobby Heenan: Hey, they knew the risks when they signed up for this contest. That’s what you get for signing with the wrong company.
Gorilla Monsoon: Bret Hart was, until most recently, signed to the NWA himself! If you ask me, I wouldn’t trust any of these guys with a ten foot pole.
Bobby Heenan: Well nobody asked you.
Gorilla Monsoon: The Hart Foundation will just as soon turn on you as they would invite you to a thanksgiving dinner.
Bobby Heenan: Is that all you can think about? Dinner?!
Gorilla Monsoon: I beg your pardon?
Bobby Heenan: Got some turkey grease in your ear eh?
Gorilla Monsoon: I’ll grease you in a minute if you don’t stop. Sting and Lex Luger finding themselves on the short end of the stick here, faced with six opponents all at the same time. And this is why they were former WLF Tag-Team Champions! Look at them go! It doesn’t matter the odds, Sting and Luger are taking the fight to all their opponents!


Gorilla Monsoon: Even the capacity crowd is rallying behind them!
Bobby Heenan: It wouldn’t do them any good; it’s only a matter of time before the numbers game catches up with them.
Gorilla Monsoon: Look at how Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart are conveniently positioning themselves in the back, while they push their so-called allies forward.
Bobby Heenan: They’re playing it smart.
Gorilla Monsoon: Sting unloads on Moondog Rex and Waylon Mercy with lefts and rights! Luger grabs Moondog Spot and Nailz, and rams their heads together! Now they’ve got the Hart Foundation cornered!
Bobby Heenan: They’re far from being out of the woods yet.
Gorilla Monsoon: Nailz comes up behind Luger and smothers him with the choke sleeper!
Bobby Heenan: And just like that, Sting is up against the Hart Foundation at a one-man disadvantage!
Gorilla Monsoon: Well, he ain’t backing down! The Stinger exploding into the Hitman and the Anvil with lefts and rights across the face. He rams both their heads together. Now he’s got Bret and repeatedly smashes his face into the turnbuckle! And the crowd is chanting along with each blow!











Waylon Mercy lunges at Sting from the blindside, but the Stinger somehow manages to dodge out of the way as the certified lunatic goes tumbling over the ropes all on his own! Mercy is somehow able to cling on to the ropes and remains on the apron. Sting makes sure Mercy doesn’t make it back inside the ring with a standing dropkick to the back, depositing the member of the Family Unit onto the floor!

[Image: Royal_Rumble_1992.7.jpg]


Bobby Heenan: Hey, hang on a second here… what’s going on now?
Gorilla Monsoon: It’s members of the Shield! Rollins! Ambrose! And Reigns! They’re out here pouncing on Nailz and Waylon Mercy!
Bobby Heenan: What’s their problem? Do they have a deathwish or something?
Gorilla Monsoon: The Shield is assaulting the Family Unit! They’re ganging up on Nailz and Waylon Mercy down ringside!

[Image: Shield.jpg]

Bobby Heenan: What is their beef with the Million Dollar Corporation? I just don’t get it.
Gorilla Monsoon: Whatever it is, DiBiase and his goons certainly have no choice but to take notice now.
Bobby Heenan: And here comes the cavalry!
Gorilla Monsoon: Akeem and the Boss Man rushing down the ringside area to even up the odds. These two have been in the hunt for the Shield all night.
Bobby Heenan: Now look at this, Monsoon! They’re running with their tails tucked between their legs as usual!
Gorilla Monsoon: I don’t think they’re running out of fear, Bobby. This is all part of their strategy more than anything else. This is guerilla warfare and I must say that they have employed the hit and run tactics very well.
Bobby Heenan: They’re cowards, that’s what they are. Stand and fight like real men!
Gorilla Monsoon: Coming from a weasel, I don’t think that really holds much water.
Bobby Heenan: Run, you cowards! Don’t think you can mess with the Million Dollar Corporation and get away with it!
Gorilla Monsoon: I must say that I wasn’t expecting to see such unity between the original members of the Corporation and Christopher Walken’s motley crew.
Bobby Heenan: Don’t be starting no rumors, Monsoon. They’re all members of the Corporation and they all answer to one man, that is your WLF Heavyweight Champion, the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.
Gorilla Monsoon: Anyway, back to the action in the ring. While everyone’s attention was distracted by the brawl down ringside between members of the Shield and the Million Dollar Corporation, Sting and Lex Luger have pretty much been cleaning house in the ring.
Bobby Heenan: Yeah, but they’ve completely forgotten about the New Horsemen who were on the outside throughout this entire debacle.
Gorilla Monsoon: Like serpents in the grass, Hennig and Hunter snuck back inside the ring and pounce on the former tag-team champions from the blindside.
Bobby Heenan: The New Horsemen are gonna win this, Monsoon. I have a very good feeling about this team.
Gorilla Monsoon: They’ve done nothing but orchestrate ambushes and sneak attacks.
Bobby Heenan: Like I said, I have a good feeling about this team.
Gorilla Monsoon: Curt Hennig has Luger hooked in and he executes a textbook Perfect Plex on the Total Package. The referee is making the count. And in the meantime, just adding insult to injury, Triple H is setting Sting up for the Pedigree.
Bobby Heenan: Yeah, bury his face into the canvas!

[Image: P5210592.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Ohhh my… Sting counters the Pedigree with a back body drop and Hunter goes flying over the ropes onto the arena floor!


Bobby Heenan: WHAT?! But the referee was making the count! Hennig had Luger pinned!
Gorilla Monsoon: You can’t pin someone when you’re already eliminated, Bobby. He’s one second too late.
Bobby Heenan: This is preposterous! Sting and Luger should’ve been gone by now!
Gorilla Monsoon: The way they’ve been double-teamed and triple-teamed for most of this contest, I would agree with you. But this also goes to show the tenacity and the determination that these two have.
Bobby Heenan: Bah, it’s only a matter of time before they get theirs.
Gorilla Monsoon: You’ve been saying that for the past twenty minutes, Brain, and they’re still in there. The Hart Foundation once again convincing the Moondogs to work together and first eliminate those guys from the NWA.
Bobby Heenan: And with Luger still down following the Perfect Plex, it’s pretty much four on one for the Stinger!

Never one to back down from any challenge despite the odds, Sting takes the fight to his opponents. Instead of waiting for them to come to him, Sting launches himself at the foursome and starts slugging it out with them! Bret, taking a more methodical approach, knees Sting in the spine and stops him dead in his tracks. Together with his tag-team partner, the Hitman proceeds to toss Sting over the ropes. But the Stinger somehow manages to cling on to the ropes and remains on the ring apron. The Moondogs pull Luger back up and thrust the Total Package right into his own tag-team partner and finally knocks the Stinger off the apron!


Gorilla Monsoon: Tremendous effort being shown by Sting and Lex Luger. Alas, it was not enough as they still come up a little short.
Bobby Heenan: I told you it was only a matter of time.
Gorilla Monsoon: Credit where credit’s due, Bobby, I’m not sure if any other team would have done any better than they did given the circumstances.
Bobby Heenan: Blah-blah-blah… it now comes down to two teams, two highly respectable teams!
Gorilla Monsoon: There are a lot of adjectives I can think of for these teams and highly respectable is not one of ‘em.
Bobby Heenan: You’re just jealous of their success.
Gorilla Monsoon: The Moondogs, I agree, have achieved some level of success here in the WLF. The Hart Foundation, in spite of their rich history, is gonna do a whole lot more to impress me.
Bobby Heenan: Like winning this contest?
Gorilla Monsoon: That would be a start. But they’ve got their hands full here. If you’d recall, the Moondogs won the WLF Tag-Team Championship on their debut in a match very similar to this one.

The Hart Foundation decides to employ a divide and conquer strategy as Bret Hart takes on Moondog Spot, while Jim Neidhart tangles with Moondog Rex. Bret and Spot go for a collar-and-elbow tie-up and the Hitman immediately applies a side headlock. Similarly, Neidhart snares his opponent in a headlock as well.

Bobby Heenan: Great minds think alike.

The Moondogs shove their opponents off, sending them colliding into each other!

Gorilla Monsoon: You were saying?
Bobby Heenan: No matter, if you fail, try and try again.
Gorilla Monsoon: I don’t think they’re gonna have that many opportunities. Bret and Jim slide on to the outside to regroup and rethink strategy with their manager Jimmy Hart. The Moondogs have gotta be the favorites at this point.
Bobby Heenan: Don’t count the Harts out yet.

Bret Hart returns to the ring solo, while Jim Neidhart starts circling the ring like a vulture ready to pounce. Bret goes to tie up with Spot once again, but immediately sidesteps and catches his opponent in the gut with a knee shot. At about the same time, Neidhart reaches in underneath the bottom rope and trips Rex from the outside, dragging the Moondog out to the arena floor. The Anvil picks Rex up and slams him right onto the concrete!

Back in the ring, Bret delivers an elbow to the back of Spot’s head and runs the ropes. The Moondog misses with a clothesline as Bret trots across the ring to the other side and catapults his partner from the ring apron!

[Image: kotr4slingshot.jpg]

The Anvil explodes into Moondog Spot with a bone-crushing shoulder tackle and knocks him right out! As Neidhart picks up the pinfall on Spot, Bret makes sure Rex does not come in to make the rescue by diving through the ropes and tackling the Moondog on the arena floor!





Bobby Heenan: It’s over! The match is over! You see, Monsoon? I told you they could do it!
Gorilla Monsoon: The Hart Foundation stepping up to the plate on this night and proving that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with.
Bobby Heenan: You’re looking at the next WLF Tag-Team Champions!
Gorilla Monsoon: I wouldn’t venture that far just yet. They have done well and they have most definitely impressed a lot of folks with this victory, and a title shot could very well be on the horizon, but I’m still not sure if they’ve got it in them to win the big one.
Bobby Heenan: Now you’re just talking crazy. If those face painted warmongers can do it, you don’t think a team combining speed and finesse with brute force and power can do much better?
Gorilla Monsoon: Don’t get me wrong, Bobby. I’m not saying they don’t have what it takes, but there are a whole lot of hungry teams out there and they’re just one of ‘em.
Bobby Heenan: Well, they’ve beaten seven other hungry teams, so I say they should be next in line for a title shot!
Gorilla Monsoon: That might well already be in the books, but let’s not forget Demolition’s desire to face the Twin Towers. They’ve issued the challenge earlier and I won’t be surprised if they did again later tonight.
Bobby Heenan: You make it sound as though they’re gonna retain against the Midnight Express. Cornette’s boys are gonna prove to the world tonight why exactly they are the team to beat here in the WLF.
Gorilla Monsoon: I guess we’ll see.

[Image: WLFPoster3.jpg]
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