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WOMEN'S TITLE: Lita vs Jessie vs Torrie
12-10-2013, 09:56 AM
Post: #11
WOMEN'S TITLE: Lita vs Jessie vs Torrie
Torrie is getting frustrtated and she puts her hand on her hips. She rolls outside the ring and she grabs a chair. She rolls into the ring and she rams the chair into the stomach of Lita as she is on the canvas.

[Image: 2913229_o.gif]

Lita holds her stomach and gasps for air as she tries to roll away from Torrie. Torrie picks up Lita and gives her a bulldog back down to the canvas.

[Image: 200px-WrestlingBulldog.jpg]

Renee Young: Torrie is like a woman possessed right now first with the chair and than nailing Lita with that bulldog.

Sunny: Here is your winner and the new WLF Women's Champion Torrie Wilson. It's going to happen Renee.

Sherri is laughing on the outside of the ring as Torrie gives her a thumbs up. She picks up Lita and gives her another Nose Job knocking her out and she looks to see where Jessie is before making the cover.

[Image: torrie-wilson-nose-job-o.gif]

[Image: 16k51k5.jpg]
12-10-2013, 12:50 PM
Post: #12
WOMEN'S TITLE: Lita vs Jessie vs Torrie
Lita had just taken another nose job and is again knocked out cold. Torrie had just checked around to look for Jessie but had not seen her. Torrie now goes for the pin in an attempt to win the title.

Chad: ONE.....................TWO........

Jessie at the last possible second manages to scramble driving an elbow back into Torrie's head thus breaking the pin. Torrie rolling away from Lita after suffering the elbow to the back of the head. Jessie trying for the pin now on Lita and hooks the leg.

Chad: ONE..................TWO...

Torrie manages to grab one of Jessie's legs and pulls Jessie off the body of Lita. Torrie getting back to her feet and begins to lay in boots on Jessie. Jessie rolls away quickly to the outside to escape the boots. Torrie not chasing Jessie but instead tries for another pin.

Chad: ONE............... TWO.....

Jessie again breaking the pin up on Lita by dragging Torrie off Lita. Jessie pulling the unconscious Lita up by her hair and tossing her to the outside of the ring.

Jessie: Just you and me now.

Jessie saying to Torrie as Torrie the fresher of the two rises to her feet. Torrie raises her fists and begins to circle Jessie. Jessie mimics Torrie and raises her fists as well. Torrie can see Jessie is more worn out. Torrie sends in a fake jab which captures Jessie's attention allowing Torrie to sweep Jessie's legs from underneath her.

Sherri: That's my girl.

Torrie picks up the chair and begins to stalk the downed Jessie.

[Image: Nasty_zpsdbf8e457.jpg]
12-12-2013, 12:22 AM
Post: #13
WOMEN'S TITLE: Lita vs Jessie vs Torrie
Torrie measures Jessie and when Jessie rises Torrie nails her right in the head with the steel chair.

[Image: 93002b.png]

Jessie falls in a heap and Torrie looks for Lita but doesn't see her. Torrie doesn't make the cover but goes outside the ring. Sherri is wondering what is going on?

Renee Young: What is Torrie doing Sunny?

Sunny: I have no idea but look at Torrie. She is climbing to the top rope.

Torrie is seen climbing up the ropes to the top turnbuckle. She has Jessie measured and she turns around and she goes for the moonsault but Lita is up and she pulls off the top rope by her hair and slams her head off of the canvas as Sherri is beside herself on the outside.

[Image: 16k51k5.jpg]
12-12-2013, 09:19 AM
Post: #14
WOMEN'S TITLE: Lita vs Jessie vs Torrie
Sensational Sherri is beside herself on the outside as she begins yelling at Torrie for the stupid mistake she had made.

Renee Young: Lita now back into the ring and Jessie is still out from the chair shots from earlier and Lita looks to take the advantage here as she walks towards the downed Jessie and she picks her up and hits her with a scoop slam and now she makes her way outside the ring and begins scaling the turnbuckle and looks for a Moonsault but no! Jessie gets her knees up at the last minute and she crashes into Jessie's knees

Sunny: Jessie is now back to her feet and is the only lady standing as both Lita and Torrie are recovering on the mat and now she has a choice on who to go after.

Renee Young: She choses Torrie as she brings her to her feet and whips her into the corner and Jessie goes all the way across to the otherside of the ring and she charges and is doing handstands and she ends the sequence by hitting her booty against the chest of Torrie and that's got to hurt. Jessie now lifts Torrie onto the top turnbuckle, Jessie looking for a high risk move here as she climbs up after her and leaps and connects with a Hurricanrana from the top rope and Torrie hits her head hard on the way down.

Sunny: No don't let her win, Sherri do something!




Torrie just barley gets the shoulder.

Jessie looks a little disappointed as she thought that would of ended the match right there. Jessie sees the Women's Champion Lita getting to her feet using the ropes and Jessie charges at her and Lita sees her and tries to back drop the red head to the outside but somehow she hangs on to the ropes and Lita sees this and goes to punch Jessie but she ducks it and guts Lita in the midsection and flips her over with a Sunset Flip back into the ring.




Lita barley gets the shoulder up.

Renee Young: Jessie now is stalking Lita for a move and she is up and Jessie nails her with a dropkick and begins heading to the corner again and she makes her way up to the third turnbuckle and she leaps looking for the Split Legged Moonsault but Lita moves out of the way and she hits nothing but canvas as all three ladies are laying in the mat as they have taken a lot of punishment.

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12-12-2013, 10:52 AM
Post: #15
WOMEN'S TITLE: Lita vs Jessie vs Torrie
All three women were down on the mat. Lita had managed to find enough strength to try and hit a moonsault after two nose jobs. Pretty amazing.

Torrie had taken the least amount of damage out of the three so she was the first up to her feet with the help of the ropes. Sherri noticed Torrie slowly lifting herself back up to her feet so she walked around to where Torrie was standing.

Sherri: You can do it. They are hurt much worse then you are. Go and get Jessie.

Sherri could plainly see as much as anyone else that Lita would have been beaten by now if it wasn't for Jessie. Torrie slowly walks over to Jessie as Jessie is trying to get back to her feet. Torrie waits for Jessie to get halfway up then Torrie strikes. Torrie hits a nosejob on Jessie down to the mat.

Sherri: LITA!

Torrie walks slowly over to Lita who is rolling around on the mat in a load of pain. Torrie slowly reaches down to pull her to her feet. Torrie slowly pulls Lita up too her feet and delivers a third nosejob on Lita. Lita lays on the mat unconscious with a broken nose. A small pool of blood begins to form on the mat.

Sherri: PIN HER!

Sherri keeping her eyes on Jessie who has not moved.

Chad: ONE.


Chad: TWO!


[Image: Darkness.png]

Sherri: WHAT?

Sherri screaming as the arena is suddenly plunged into darkness. Sherri not hearing the three count driving her even more mad.

[Image: cp,375x360,s,ffffff.jpg]

The picture of a Raven appearing on the big screen but the arena continues to be plunged in darkness.





The arena again goes pitch black. The lights then begin to rise to see Torrie in the ring standing at the ring ropes.

Torrie: What was that?

Sherri: I do not know or care. Pin one of them and finish this.

[Image: Nasty_zpsdbf8e457.jpg]
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