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WLF Universe- Legends Wresting Alliance
09-04-2015, 03:42 PM (This post was last modified: 09-04-2015 04:24 PM by CorsRoc15.)
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The New World Wrestling Federation
[Image: SaturdayNightsMainEvent.jpg]

September/Week 3/ 2015
From The Manhattan Center, in New York, New York
Live on The WWE Nework

[Image: 21117339562_94e6ce06a1_k.jpg]

Setember/ Week 3/ 2015- Saturday Night's Main Event came to us live on The WWE Network from The renovated Manhattan Center in New York City! Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan were your hosts for the show, and Jim Ross promised us another jam packed shows. It was announced right off the bat, that The Hitman Hart Number One contenders Tournament would come to a conclusion....TONIGHT. 3 matches remained. Shawn Michaels taking on Roddy piper, and Bill Goldberg locking up with Ric Flair. The winner of those two bouts would face off in the main event! Jim Ross also informed us that The North American Title Torunament that was originally scheduled had been canceled due to the complications of the new WWF roster set up, however WWF President Jesse Ventura has promised us a breaking announcement on that.

Harley Race def. Ted DiBiase in 9:34 via pinfall after a Piledriver.The first match featured The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase taking on Harley Race. A great old school match up, which saw Race get himself out of The Million Dollar Dream, and kick out of a nasty piledriver from DiBiase. DiBiase became frustrated and turned his aggression to the official, this would ultimately cost him the match as Harley Race nailed DiBiase with a piledriver of his own. This put The Million Dollar Man away for the three count. After the match, Harley Race grabbed a microphone and talked about how he considers himself to be one of the best of all time, no matter what Hogan says, Warrior, Savage or even Flair says.Race says he wants a WWF contract so he can face the winner of Hogan-Warrior and prove to the world that aren't familiar with him, that he's better then any "Overly enhanced" Northerner.

Jesse Ventura Announcement: WWF President Jesse Ventura made his way to the ring next. Ventura informed all of us that due the complications with WWF contracts, the original 16 man North American Title Tournament is being turned into a 6 Man Ladder Match at Fall Brawl. Jesse Ventura says he has talked it over with Vince and have decided that Curt Hennig, Rick Rude will both be involved. As they are considered to be two of the greatest IC champions of all time. Rude says he'll also invite Owen Hart to take place in the match if they can agree to terms on a deal tonight. Jesse says he hopes to have the final three names announced by the end of the night as our Fall Brawl Card will really start to take shape.

Bill Goldberg def. Ric Flair in 12:14 via pinfall after The Jack Hammer! The Nature Boy strutted his way out to the ring, feeling as confident as ever that he was a few wins away from once again being the man. However, Goldberg stood in his way. In more ways then one. Flair tried to work over the knee of Goldberg, and had some success, Goldberg tried to lift up Naitch for The Jack Hammer but his knee gave out. Flair then locked on the figure four for about two minutes, and Goldberg let out a monstrous yell as Flair's eyes bugged out of his head in disbelief. Goldberg overturned the figure four and forced Flair to the ropes. Goldberg used the ropes to get to his feet, as Did Flair! When Flair turned around Goldberg ran full steam ahead at him with THE SPEAR. He picked up Flair, this time was able to HIT THE JACK HAMMER. ONE! TWO! THREE! Goldberg looked into the camera after the contest and shouted "WHO'S NEXT!?" Heenan said " It's either Piper of Michaels you idiot!" Ross put over Goldbergs big win over Nature Boy and said Flair is going to have to regroup after this one.

Backstage Interview: Rowdy Roddy Piper is standing by with Mean Gene Okerlund. They talk about his upcoming match with Shawn Michaels. Hot Rod said one on one no problem, but three on one is tough for anybody. Piper is referring to The Outsiders coming down and helping Shawn win his match against Austin last week. Piper said he's got friends in high places, and a surprise for Shawn Michaels. The camera cuts to the ring, where an old school blue steel cage is being constructed! " You want to get your friends involved? Weeeeelllllll I hear Big Kevin Nash is afraid of heights. I'd like to see him climb over that cage to help YOU out HBK! As for Scott Hall, well lets just say he had a little mix up at the airport!" Mean Gene asks Piper what that means but Piper walks away to the ring. The Steel Cage is being constructed. Heenan calls Piper a moron for asking for a cage match. "Who ever wins this will now have a distinct disadvantage against Goldberg!" Ross says Piper was already at a disadvantage having to deal with Shawn's buddys!

Shawn Michaels def. Roddy Piper in 15:44 by escaping the Steel Cage. Shawn was irate when he found out Piper pulled some strings to get this to be a steel cage match. Never the less, he relunctantly entered. The two men used the cage against each other at every opportunity they got. Piper finally got his arms aroun the hard of HBK, and tried to put him to Sleep with a Sleeper Hold. Shawn indeed was out. Piper started to climb the cage and out came Kevin Nash. Nash didn't look very comfortable climbing the steel cage. But he was trying, however at the rate he was climbing, Piper would be on his way down in no time. That's when, from out of the crowd came another man in a leather jacket. The man quickly scaled the cage, and As Piper was putting his leg over the cage to make his way to the other side. The man nailed Piper in the head with a kick! Piper rocked back and forth on the top of the cage and the man kicked him again. This kick sent the mans sunglasses off his face, and it became apparent that it was SEAN WALTMAN! Piper fell alll the way to the canvas. Shawn was still out of it though. Shawn got to his feet as Waltman and Nash cheered him on. Piper got up too, but turned right into SWEET CHIN MUSIC. Shawn then climbed the cage, looked down at Piper, gave him the finger and made his way down for the win! It's going to be Bill Goldberg vs Shawn Michaels with the winner getting a shot at WWF Champion, Bret Hart in just a week at Fall Brawl!

After The Match: " Folks, I'm extremely disapointed in Shawn Michaels, he has all the talent in the world, and can do all of this on his own, but .....he is choosing not to and I don't understand why." Heenan says he is being smart, and when he beats Goldberg, it'll all be worth. JR says that remains to be seen. Ross says we have one more match before Goldberg meets Michaels and that is Scott Steiner vs Mankind. Also we will finally hear from The Ultimate One! The Ultimate Warrior! When we come back!

Kliq Promo: Mean Gene is backstage where Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman are standing by. "Okerlund, these are the men I stand side to side with day in and day out. These are my very best friends! These men will go into battle with me, each and every night no questions asked!" Nash says it's all about The Kliq, and getting Shawn his World Championship status back! Shawn says he can only trust five people in this four people in this business and two of them are standing right next to him. He doesn't care if people think he's cheating his way to a shot at Bret Hart, "It's Kill or be killed, Okerlund" Shawn says tonight, he's going to do what Bret Hart couldn't do and kick Goldberg's teeth down his throat! Shawn says it feels so damn good to know he's just a week away from embarrassing Bret Hart, one...more...time!

Jesse Ventura Contract Announcements:WWF President Jesse Ventura was in his office, where he announced that Owen Hart was in fact locked up to a WWF deal just moments ago. Jesse insets him into the 6 Man Ladder match at Fall Brawl for The North American Championship. Ventura says also officially signed to a deal is Harley Race, and The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, Mankind and Scott Steiner who will be in action in few moments. Ventura says who ever wins the match between Mankind and Steiner will be inserted into The North American Ladder Match at Fall Brawl!

Mankind def. Scott Steiner in 10:14 via pinfall after a Double Arm DDT. Big Poppa Pump just fresh off a deal with The WWF, looks bigger and badder then ever, but he can't seem to get on track. He locked up with hardcore icon, Mankind. Steiner looked good throughout most of the match, throwing Mankind around with an assault of suplexes. But Foley turned it around using his own body as a weapon. He hit a top rope elbow drop that got the crowd hot, and got a near fall. After a few more exchanges between the two, Steiner tried to his a Steiner Screw Driver on Mankind. Mankind slipped out of it, turned Steiner aruond with a kick to the shin, and connected on a double arm DDT for the victory. Foley celebrated his victory and motioned to his waist. as he is now in The 6 man North American Title Ladder Match!

Ultimate Showdown: We came back from a break and the intense music of The Ultimate Warrior hit. Warrior came out and talked about his destiny is to be part of the New WWF. He says "Hogan, You're old ways still not stand the test of time, The Ultimate Warrior is FOREVER!" As Warrior finishes dressing down Hogan, the Real American music hits. Hogan comes walking out in all black! Hogan tells Warrior, " You're stay here is going to be faster then your entrance, brother! This place isn't big enough for the both of us! In just one week, when I give you the big boot, and I drop the leg on ya, I'll be booting you not just out of the match brother, but out of The World Wrestling Federation, for life!" Warrior and Hogan comes nose to nose, and president Jesse Ventura walks through the curtain ordering every tom, dick, and harry to come out and get in between Warrior and Hogan. The crowd is going nuts as Hogan and Warrior try to get to each other but do not succeed. Warrior is forced to the back as Hogan is breathing intensely in the middle of the ring. Jim Ross SAYS we are just 8 days away from Warrior-Hogan, one last time! Commercial break comes up next before our main event.

Bill Goldberg def. Shawn Michaels in 13:45 with The Jackhammer!Shawn Michaels came down to the ring with Nash and Waltman. Hall was still in another city after having his tickets changed before going to the airport. Goldberg made his long march to the ring to a huge pop. The match was very good with their conflicting styles complimenting each other along the way. Goldberg went for a spear in the middle of the match which HBK leap frogged. Sending Goldberg shoulder first into the corner. He turned around and got Sweet Chin music, but somehow kicked out at a count of two. Michaels began to panic here. In the next few minutes, Michaels "accidently" bumped the referee. This allowed Nash and Waltman to get into the ring. The three men surronded Goldberg but then Bret Hart and Roddy Piper came flying down to the ring to a huge pop. Hart took out Nash and Piper nailed Waltman. Goldberg charged at Michaels with a spear, and then connect with a Jack Hammer! Bret woke up the ref. He counted the three, and Goldberg wins and will have Bret Hart at Fall Brawl!

[Image: 20940704039_d50feb9865_k.jpg]

After The Match: Nash pulled Shawn out of the ring and, Waltman Nash and Michaels limped towards the locker room. Hart got back into the ring and had an intense stare down with Bill Goldberg. The fans were going nuts as SNME went off the air focusing on these two men prepared to lock up for The WWF Championship in just a weeks time.

OOC Notes:
Wanted to give a shout out to all of the great CAW Makers that are here on WLF and elsewhere. I'm getting involved in a booking promotion on the board so I'm not sure how much Ill keep up with this. I'm also in The WLF e-fed so time won't be there to do everything.

I always uses JDBChurchs guys, BernieLomax, Razaback, Krad's, and I think SONY.
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