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WLF TITLE: Jake vs Pharaoh vs Jose vs Roman
05-05-2015, 06:07 AM
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WLF TITLE: Jake vs Pharaoh vs Jose vs Roman
Champion Jake Roberts vs The Pharaoh vs Jose DeJesus vs Roman Reigns
[Image: JakeRoberts.jpg] [Image: Pharaoh.jpg] [Image: JoseDeJesus.jpg] [Image: RomanReigns_zpsb9d61606.jpg]
The Snake, Prince of Egypt, Voice of the Future and Juggernaut will headline WrestleMania.
Who will leave the Showcase of Immortals as the undisputed WLF Heavyweight Champion?

Referee: Joey Marella
Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon, Jim Ross and Jesse The Body Ventura

[Image: WLFPoster3.jpg]
05-05-2015, 06:42 PM
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WLF TITLE: Jake vs Pharaoh vs Jose vs Roman
[Image: l.jpg]
Gorilla Monsoon: This is it what we all been waiting for, who is gonna leave tonight as the WLF World Heavyweight Champion. It's been a long road for all four of these guys, and that road has lead them to this path in life. Jake Roberts going into this match as the WLF World Champion is tough enough, but having to defend the title and escape over three time..tough for any champion.
Jesse Ventura: Well no doubt, and in recent memory for some reason champions especially World Champions, have lost their titles in triple threat and fatal four type of situations. Still if their were a better World champion in Jake Roberts that could overcome those odds, I don't know them if not Roberts.
Gorilla Monsoon: Good point there, I vaguely remember Jose winning the World Title and losing a World Title where he needed to defend his title versus more than one challenger. We will see if Roberts can handle that pressure here tonight.

As Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura were talking it cuts to Jose DeJesus in the Locker Room with Mickie lending against the wall. Jose is thinking about his career in WLF and NWA since arriving. He's remembering winning the WLF Intercontinental Title over Brian Pillman. He's remembering the headache of winning the WLF World Title for the first time over Ted Dibiase, and what it took to be one of the longest reigning Champions in WLF. He remembers going to the NWA, not being liked being treated like a WLF defector. Jose remembers his hand being raised in the air by Sting after taking the NWA World Title away from him. Even with all the joy winning the World Title again, it was taken from him in a Elimination Chamber. Bloody and depressed he left NWA for nearly half a year. Now with his return in WLF once again alongside The Bullet Club, the whole crew could be swimming in money. They want to take over WLF and purify the water, and it starts with Jose DeJesus's World Title shot in the main event. He knows this battle will lead him closer to a Wheelchair, but he's willing to take the risk to win a World Title for the third time. Jose starts to smack himself and starts saying to himself, I'm the Snake that was left in the garden of Eden in the Bible. It's my time..no muscle head, no regret Age of Apocalypse reject is going to stop me for taking the title for the King Cobra of WLF. One more time..
[Image: Alberto-del-Rio-stitches.jpg]

Mickie James: You are you ready babe?

Jose DeJesus: Time to be like Bruce Lee and flow like water babe..

Gorilla Monsoon: Man oh man, Jose is ready. I haven't liked his decisions with the Bullet Club, but you can't deny the skills he has in that ring.
Jesse Ventura: It's about time you give the man his due. You see that The Bullet Club is not coming out with him, he wants to win this match fair and square.

Gorilla Monsoon: I don't believe that for a second, who's to say a new member of the Bullet Club makes their debut while screwing over the other competitors in this match?
Jesse Ventura: Jose would never do such a thing, unless he's provoked to.

[Image: torumble-o.gif]


[Image: Alberto-Del-Rio-590x900.jpg]

[Image: efKce2Z.gif]
05-06-2015, 05:17 PM (This post was last modified: 05-06-2015 05:25 PM by kevin7ee.)
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WLF TITLE: Jake vs Pharaoh vs Jose vs Roman
A man whose identity is concealed by his cloak, parts the curtains and steps out into the bright lights of the main arena. He is being flanked by two intimidating sentries, one on the left and the other on the right, holding spears in their hand and spotting shiny golden helmets of the Egyptian god Anubis.

[Image: latest?cb=20111214125243] [Image: stargate_zpsvszcvvlw.jpg]

As the confused crowd starts to murmur amongst themselves, he pulls out what appears to be a papyrus scroll and begins to read aloud from it.

When Israel was in Egypt's land...
Let my people go.
Oppressed so hard they could not stand...
Let my people go.
Go down, Moses,
Way down in Egypt's land,
Tell old Pharaoh...

Jesse Ventura: What is this? Are we on the right channel?
Jim Ross: The last time I checked.
Jesse Ventura: We're not gonna have a bunch of druids start chanting next right? I'm getting a little uncomfortable here. Can we get back to our regular scheduled programming?
Gorilla Monsoon: Hang on, Jess, something's happening here.

The man in cloak and his sentries step aside when the curtains suddenly fling open and out comes a chariot riding out into the main arena!

[Image: the-ten-commandments-yul-brynner-1956-everett.jpg]

Jim Ross: Hang on a second, folks... is that who I think it is?
Gorilla Monsoon: Why that's Yul Brynner! He played Rameses in the original Ten Commandments!
Jesse Ventura: They're pulling out all the stops in this one.
Jim Ross: I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime and sure as hell not at WrestleMania!
Gorilla Monsoon: Symbolic as it may be, the legendary Rameses rides his golden chariot into the Showcase of Immortals!
Jim Ross: But where is the Pharaoh?

While the great Rameses II rides on his makeshift chariot down the ramp and circles the ring one time, an entire battalion of battle-ready ancient Egyptian army march out onto the entrance ramp of the Arrowhead Pond!

[Image: egypt-wara.jpg]

Jesse Ventura: What the heck is going on here?
Jim Ross: There are literally hundreds of them!
Gorilla Monsoon: I guess it's safe to assume that they make up part of the Pharaoh's imperial army?
Jesse Ventura: This is getting a tad bit ridiculous, don't you think? What is he gonna do next? Part the Red Sea?
Gorilla Monsoon: This is WrestleMania, Jess! Everything is supposed to be over the top! This is what sports entertainment is all about!
Jim Ross: I hate to break up your little spat, gentlemen, but in case you haven't noticed, the entire ground is rumbling beneath their feet!

The battalion begin to shuffle amongst themselves to create a path right down the center for Rameses to ride the chariot through and return from whence he came. Once the chariot disappears from sight, the mystery man in cloak steps onto the center stage once again and, with scroll in hand, begins to read out loud.

[Image: anubis_zpszgw4g1ls.jpg]

Thou shalt have no other worthy champions before me.
There is only one who is truly worthy and no others. Many have stake false claims, but there is only one true WLF Heavyweight Champion. Jake the Snake Roberts. Jose DeJesus. Roman Reigns. These are all false idols and they shalt fall on this night, where only one shalt rise as he ascends to his rightful throne and becomes world champion undisputed.

Thou shalt not take the name of the Pharaoh in vain.
The last descendant of the great Rameses II commands your respect. The Prince of Egypt remains as the greatest Television Champion of all time and on this day, he shalt take his first step in becoming the greatest WLF Heavyweight Champion in history.

Remember that thou keep holy the sabbath day... the day of WrestleMania.
On this fourth day of the fifth moon in the year 2015 anno domini, where the Prince of Egypt shalt complete his journey and step onto the pedestal that has been laid before him... and he shalt be crowned the WLF Heavyweight Champion.

Honor thy history and thy predecessors.
Many have charted this path before us. Honor them in the spirit of competition. Respect them for they are your elders. It is a legacy that has been entrusted upon us. For there is not present without the past, no future without the present.

Thou shalt not kill.
Jose DeJesus. You were once a paladin of the people, a fighter of freedom, a raider of righteousness, a messiah for the masses. But such a man you are no longer. You have revealed your true colors. You have show us your true nature. Like a jackal, you run with a wolfpack who pillage and plunder as you see fit. You cower behind them and their actions. You have committed a serious offense, DeJesus, an unforgiveable sin which shalt be cleansed and the wrongs righted on this night.

Thou shalt not commit adultery.
Roman Reigns. The Juggernaut of the Shield. You have been the victim of many an accusation, some unwarranted, yet some holds the unmistakable truth. Are you truly ready for the pinnacle of sports entertainment? For you are in your nascent years. As you continue to suckle on the proverbial tit of experience, you bear an unforgiveable sin. You lust at being the best. You desire to be world champion. Friend or foe matters not. This is the Showcase of Immortals. Only those who are truly worthy may enter. And you, just like the rest of those unwilling souls, shalt falter and fade along the way... you shalt never become WLF Heavyweight Champion.

Thou shalt not steal.
Jake Roberts. The Snake. The Pastor. The serpent. You are the greatest sinner of them all. You have shrouded this world with darkness and confusion, whilst you snuck past the forbidden gates and you reached for the holy grail that is the WLF Heavyweight Championship... and you stole it like a thief in the night. And yet you proudly parade it around your waist as if it truly belongs to you. The world has been blind to your sins, Jake Roberts, but your evil shalt come to a screeching halt on this day... when light conquers night... when the Prince of Egypt shalt stake claim to his rightful throne and return the WLF Heavyweight Championship to its glory days.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
To the thousands in attendance and to the millions around the world... have faith. You shalt be tried and tested. You shalt be teased with illusions of other plausible conclusions... that one of the other shalt stand victorious on this day. But let your belief be your guiding light... and in it you shalt bear witness on this Showcase of Immortals in this game of pawns and kings, where the lord Pharaoh embraces his destiny and becomes your champion.

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife.
A final word of caution to the three poor souls who are about to set foot into the battlefield against the Pharaoh. Try as you might, you are powerless to affect the outcome of this crossroad confrontation. You stand alone in a squared circle, whilst the Prince of Egypt comes to you not as a solitary man... for he is the living embodiment of an ancient civilization so vast and so mighty. You shalt covet... you shalt crave... you shalt desire... you shalt lust... and you shalt fail.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house...
*crowd responds with a resounding WHAT!* nor his field... *what!* nor his servant... *what!* nor his handmaid... *what!* nor his ox... *what!* nor his ass... *what!* nor anything that is his.
This has been repeated aplenty, but let it be heard once more. The Showcase of Immortals shalt culminate with the Prince of Egypt, the last descendant of the great Rameses II... the mighty Pharaoh shalt take his rightful place alongside his legendary ancestors as he embraces his destiny of being anointed the undisputed WLF Heavyweight Champion.

So it is written, so it shalt be done.

With that passing note, the man removes his cloak and the crowd erupts the moment they see who it is! The Pharaoh stands before the thousands in attendance and the millions more watching around the world. It is now or never.

[Image: victor_webster_05.jpg]

Jesse Ventura: Of course it's the Pharaoh. Who did you think it was?
Gorilla Monsoon: The Prince of Egypt comes into WrestleMania bearing a very strong message to all three of his competitors.
Jesse Ventura: Whatever, Gino. It's evident by this entire masquerade that this fool still lives in a fantasy world. There's no way he's walking outta here as the WLF Heavyweight Champion.
Gorilla Monsoon: That remains to be seen, Jess. As far as I'm concerned, this Fatal Four Way main event is wide open. Either one of the four superstars competing in this have the goods and the potential to leave WrestleMania as the undisputed champion.
Jim Ross: Well put, Gorilla. Any given Monday. It's anybody's game at this point.

[Image: pw%20banner_zpszc8xr32p.jpg]
05-07-2015, 01:11 AM (This post was last modified: 05-07-2015 01:33 AM by Recker.)
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WLF TITLE: Jake vs Pharaoh vs Jose vs Roman
[Image: jake65.jpg]

Jake the Snake: {chuckles} This federation is full of pretenders. People pretending to be heroes, people pretending to be champions… people pretending to be great leaders and kings… people pretending to be righteous when really darkness hides in their hearts.

People have criticised me, calling me evil and dark and that’s fine with me, because that’s what I am. Darkness is within me and I don’t try to claim to be righteous like others do. In fact I embrace the darkness with in me. I recognise it and I am willing to pay the price for that darkness. I HAVE paid the price for that darkness and that puts me in the position I am in today and that’s to enable others to be vindicated… or for those that are unable to be vindicated… punishment... Suffering and pain; the just desserts of those who continue to pretend to be something they are not. Who continue to refuse to accept what they really are.

I AM the darkness Pharaoh. But, brother, that doesn’t make you the light. In fact when I see into your heart through my third eye, I see nothing but darkness. Yet you try to claim to be a king, a king whose goal it is to vanquish the darkness. {snickers} There is an old saying from the good book, that if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. Evil cannot rise up against evil, otherwise that evil is finished. That's why you can't possibly fight against the darkness, because you are darkness yourself and you shall fall just as the good book says.

Pharoah, darkness and sin dwells within you, I can see that full well. You put yourself up there as a God, as someone to be worshipped, but let’s not forget that Pharaoh defied the one true God over and over. No matter what tricks, trying to equal the power of God, Moses, came through and his magic outshined the Pharaoah’s each time. The Pharaoh’s empire was destined to fall because he took on the wrong guy. You know, Moses wasn’t all he was cracked up to be. Moses had darkness deep within himself. He was a murderer… a man who struck dead another man in cold blood. Yet God used him to free his people. He used Moses to foil the Pharaoh and his plans and the Pharaoh’s army ended up drowned in the red sea, routed… destroyed.

{smiles} Can you not see a similar man here before you now? The WLF champion, but yet a man with his own personal demons. A man who has never been pure. A man who has darkness within him and done bad things. Yes, whether you like to admit it or not, I am your Moses, Pharoah. I am the man who will overcome the might of even the Egyptian Empire. The man who foiled the great Pharaoh. {gleam in his eye}

[Image: jake_snake_crop_340x234.jpg]

Jake the Snake: Jose DeJesus. Rumour has it you’ve been going around claiming to be the snake left in the Garden of Eden. Ha ha ha. Here is the snake, left to play, left to do his dirty deeds and the man upstairs knew this full well but let him play anyway. The snake came as a beautiful creature… just like Damien here… and beguiled the naïve, innocent Eve. You see that snake wasn’t such a beautiful creature. Deep down in his heart, only evil dwelt. He came and he tempted Eve to sin, which resulted in all mankind being cursed. It resulted in suffering for everyone and it resulted in sin infiltrating God’s so-called perfect creation. The snake showed it’s true colours and everyone realised just what a truly evil piece of work the snake truly was.

But the story doesn’t end there. God blamed the snake for the sullying of his creation and he cursed the snake. He sentenced the snake to wallow in the dirt, to be a creature to be scorned and trodden on. Some may say, what was God thinking? Cursing all snake-kind for the actions of one creature, but yet he did.

If you are that snake, Jose, that snake who God cursed, then there is only heartbreak and pain in your future, no glory, for the snake that sullied God’s creation cannot possibly ever win. He can never be the champion.

You also liken yourself to the dragon. You want to be like Bruce Lee, but let’s not forget that Bruce Lee met a tragic end and even in his last movie, he was replaced by a far lesser actor, a man who could never fill his shoes. Once again I see that in you, Jose. A man who was once a great man in the wrestling world. A man who had it all, but then he fell tragically and since then a new man has taken his place. A man far less worthy than the old Jose. {smiles}. Times change, Jose. The world has moved on. You are no longer a champion and will never be again.

[Image: jakebelt.jpg]

Jake the Snake: Last but not least… Ha ha ha ha... Roman Reigns. My man, I know that this here belt is the prize you seek. Just like the Pharaoh you have only ever held a second rate title, a title that means little in the world of the professional wrestling. This here is the true prize. I know you’re hungry, my man, but you know, that no matter how hungry you are, you can never be as hungry as the snake. The snake can eat prey even larger than itself and then enjoy digesting on that prey for weeks after. You see the Snake has the prize and the snake isn’t gonna give it up so easy.

You may be the stand out member of the Shield, but this isn’t some frat party. This is Wrestlemania IV. This is the biggest stage of them all and only the biggest, most hungry predator is going to come out on top. And you know who that predator is, don’t you?

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTM5mCMkJ7UjUuxaPCn0aL...Wj7RmQd6qg]

Jake the Snake: Of course you do.

Returning to the arena…

Jim Ross: I don’t know about you guys but that guy gives me goosebumps after every promo he does.
Gorilla Monsoon: Jake the Snake is certainly one warped individual. I’m just glad I don’t have to face him in the ring.
Jesse Ventura: And that’s one great thing about Jake the Snake Roberts. He uses psychology to intimidate his opponents. And not only that, but he’s dangerous. Like a snake he can come back and bite you when you least expect it.

Suddenly the arena is enveloped in darkness. Spooky music begins to play and then shadowy figures emerge from the entrance…

[Image: a8428c94adff82605e343b44e5c8fe21_origina...1423172102]

Gorilla Monsoon: Oh boy. We haven’t seen these gentlemen in a while.
Jesse Ventura: Where’s Jake? I don’t see him.

The druids make their way slowly and ominously towards ringside, but yet still there is no sign of the WLF champion. They reach ringside. The Pharoah and Jose are both standing on opposite aprons, peering at them as a few of them climb into the ring.

They gather in a semi-circle in the middle of the ring and then there is a sudden dazzling light that fills the arena.

A figure cloaked in red rises up suddenly from within the middle…

[Image: plagueHorizontalDruidPromotional.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Holy mackerel! Is that who I think it is!

The lesser druids move away and the clocked red figure now stands in the middle of the ring. He then in a single movement flings his robe back.


[Image: jake-roberts.jpg]

Jim Ross: And that’s not Damien he’s holding either. It’s an albino python.
Gorilla Monsoon: A special python especially for Wrestlemania IV. Wow, what an entrance. And look at the piercing glare on the faces of Pharoah and Jose.
Jim Ross: Now we are just waiting on Roman Reigns.
Jesse Ventura: As usual. I say we just start this match now. Make it a triple threat. Having Reigns in the match isn’t going to add any extra prestige to it.

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Video WLF TITLE: Jake vs Pharaoh vs Jose vs Roman
Gorilla Monsoon: There we see Jake Roberts, The Pharaoh and Jose DeJesus in the ring and we are just awaiting for the fourth and final participant and that's the Juggernaut of the Shield, Roman Reigns, who a lot of people like my brodcast partner here Jesse Ventura, says doesn't belong in this match and he's just been given this spot because of our president Antonio Banks.
Jesse Ventura: It's true, I mean tell me exactly what Roman Reigns did to even get in this match in the first place, besides kissing Antonio Bank's ass and helping that idiot beat The Million Dollar Man and Andre.
Jim Ross: Roman Reigns has proven himself to each and every one of these fans that he does belong here in the main event of Wrestlemania. You bash this young man for no reason whatsoever and I have a feeling he's going to lift heads here tonight and who knows maybe he will walk out of here with the WLF Heavyweight Championship.
Jesse Ventura: Ha Ha Ha, you kidding right! That's like saying the Anaheim Ducks are going to make it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs because they are going to get swept by the Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference Finals. You know Roman Reigns should just pack up his gear and leave the arena and let these three fight for the championship while he leaves and goes back to where he came from.
Gorilla Monsoon: I don't think Roman Reigns would miss a golden opportunity to fight for the prestigious WLF Heavyweight Championship.
Jim Ross: I'm not sure how long the referee can keep the three contestants in there for ripping into each other.
Gorilla Monsoon: We have one more participant before this match can officially get underway.
Jesse Ventura: That fool is always late! I really don't know what Antonio Banks sees in him. It just goes to show you how bad a judge of character our WLF president is.
Jim Ross: On the contrary, Jess, I was informed that Roman Reigns arrived very early in the arena this morning!
Gorilla Monsoon: What was he doing here in the morning?
Jim Ross: Well, it's not everyday you headline WrestleMania. I guess he wanted to get a feel of the place. Who knows, Gorilla. I'll do you one better. How about we take you to a pre-taped segment we had recorded earlier with the Juggernaut of the Shield.

Pre-taped segment.

[Image: RAW%20Backstage%20Pass%2023rd%20June,%20...view-M.jpg]

Roman Reigns: You know, there's a lot of history made in this place. The New Jersey Devils defeated the Anaheim Ducks in 2003 for the Stanley Cup. But the Mighty Ducks rebounded from their loss and won their one and only Stanley Cup in 2007. I intend to create my own history here.

Reigns crouches down to touch the floor, whilst WLF technicians and backstage crew work on setting the place up.

Roman Reigns: This is my first WrestleMania. Granted, I have many more years ahead of me. Win, lose or draw I intend to make an impact out there tonight. And leaving the Arrowhead Pond with the WLF Heavyweight Championship around my waist would be icing on the cake. Do I expect Jose DeJesus, Jake the Snake Roberts or even the Pharaoh to make it easy? Of course not. Likewise, they should not be expecting a free pass from Roman Reigns as well. Either one of those three guys have any after party planned, I suggest they had better reschedule. Anyone who has any intention of winning in this fatal four way had best be prepared for the fight of his life. Nobody is walking outta here without a fight, plain and simple.

Now I don't know about you fellas, but I ain't got any other plans here tonight. So if it stretches past the four hour mark, so be it. In case you needed a reminder, this is WrestleMania. This is the Showcase of Immortals. I have a family legacy to uphold. My entire family is gonna be out there watching me and I have every intention to make them proud. And if I do indeed walk away with the WLF Heavyweight Championship, the fans can be rest assured that I'll be a champion they can all be proud of. Believe that.

Back in the present.

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Jesse Ventura: Doesn't sound very confident, does he?
Gorilla Monsoon: It is a monumental task to become the WLF Heavyweight Champion, no secret there.
Jim Ross: But Reigns has been to the mountain top before; he's been the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.
Jesse Ventura: Yeah well he's never faced the likes of Jake the Snake Roberts and Jose DeJesus.
Gorilla Monsoon: On the contrary, he has defeated both men fairly recently.

[Image: 1c7d9da54f8869223e21824ed055f0e6original...348365.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: And there he is, ladies and gentlemen, standing amongst his legion of fans!
Jesse Ventura: Don't you mean the nose bleeds?
Jim Ross: Nose bleeds or not, they're still paying customers, Jess. Without which, you and I wouldn't even get paid.
Jesse Ventura: Speak for yourself.

[Image: Roman-Reigns-Fastlane.jpg]

Jim Ross: I'm telling you, folks, if this match could even be half of what we had just witnessed in the triple threat match between Flair, Savage and Windham.
Jesse Ventura: That match should've gone on last. It's the REAL main event afterall.
Gorilla Monsoon: Like Windham said it loud and clear, there is only one main event and it is for the WLF Heavyweight Championship!

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05-12-2015, 11:07 AM
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WLF TITLE: Jake vs Pharaoh vs Jose vs Roman
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Jim Ross: This is it, ladies and gentlemen! Hold on to your seats!
Gorilla Monsoon: The four superstars are feeling each other out.
Jesse Ventura: So who do you think's gonna get eliminated first?
Gorilla Monsoon: Is this an elimination match?
Jim Ross: That's a dang good question. Didn't anybody bother to find out?
Gorilla Monsoon: Whatever the case may be, this match has already started.
Jim Ross: Where is Jake going?

The reigning WLF Heavyweight Champion slowly backtracks and slithers underneath the bottom rope to the outside, spotting a smile just as he does so.

Gorilla Monsoon: That pretty much leaves Jose in no man's land.
Jesse Ventura: Turn around, you idiot!

[Image: eG04MXc1MTI=_o_wwe-monday-night-raw-kofi...el-rio.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: He does and I don't think he likes what he sees.
Jim Ross: And Roman Reigns draws first blood with a solid right hook across the face of DeJesus!
Gorilla Monsoon: The Pharaoh picks up on Roman's cue and tags DeJesus with a hard right as well!
Jesse Ventura: Clever of Jake to exit the ring when he did.
Jim Ross: I don't think clever's the word; Jake Roberts can be a very shrewd and manipulative man.
Gorilla Monsoon: Roman Reigns and the Pharaoh are teeing off the head of Jose DeJesus!
Jim Ross: If he didn't have a big head then, he might just get one before the night is over.
Gorilla Monsoon: Roberts slides back inside the ring, but he's staying out of harm's way and avoiding physical contact, at least for the moment.
Jesse Ventura: He's just sitting there in the corner minding his own business.
Gorilla Monsoon: What could possibly be on the mind of the Snake this instant I wonder?
Jim Ross: That is one dangerous man.

[Image: pw%20banner_zpszc8xr32p.jpg]
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WLF TITLE: Jake vs Pharaoh vs Jose vs Roman
As The Pharaoh and Roman Reigns are mugging Jose DeJesus inside the ring, The WLF World Champion is playing it smart early on, to have his opponent blow all that energy and pick them apart later the ring. He is sitting in the corner, as Pharaoh and Reigns decide to send Jose to the Turnbuckle. He smacks the Turnbuckle back first, and Pharaoh is telling Reigns to let him have his hand. Roman trusts him enough to let him sling him in the direction of Jose, but Jose moves outta the way and Reigns hits his Shoulder into the Post! Pharaoh is pissed off his plan falling apart, and he runs at Jose but back elbows him stopping his momentum. Jose runs up the Turnbuckle and hits a Whisper in the Wind as his legs hit Pharaoh's head as he comes down! Roman who is pain still from his Shoulder hitting the post exits the ring.

Jesse Ventura: Ha Pharaoh and Reigns thought they would gang up on Jose and make him at their mercy. Are they forgetting the man is a two-time World Champion?
Jim Ross: Well you can't be mad at them to try the tactic, but of course a fighting champion would be able to get through this.
Gorilla Monsoon: Roman must of hit that Post hard because he is being asked by Referee Joey Marella if he can continue through the pain?
Jim Ross: Reigns has worked too hard to give up now! He might lose his Arm and Shoulder after tonight, but he'll take it if he can hold the WLF World Title here tonight. What's the commotion going on, on the outside who are those two?
Jesse Ventura: Monsoon is that who it is? IT'S RICHARD SIMMONS AND OWEN HART! Who let these bums into the the building?!
Jim Ross: What Jesse you have a problem with Richard Simmons and Owen Hart?
Jesse Ventura: Sure I do. Richard Simmons Exercise routines are a scam. The last time I trusted that man, I ended up passed out in a alley somewhere naked, after a class with him! All I drank was some Water he offered, and I was gone hundreds of bucks and my Credit Cards!
Gorilla Monsoon: That doesn't mean Mr.Simmons had anything to do with it. You know Jesse that you have a problem of drinking too much, you sure that Water wasn't Whiskey and you weren't at the Gym, but at a Bar somewhere during one of our shows that night?
Jim Ross: Why is Richard Simmons and Owen Hart auguring with Roman Reigns?

[Image: x60hee.jpg]
[Image: qsrtjl.jpg]

Jesse Ventura: You sure Owen and Richard aren't on the you know? We are in California it's legal here. Even Roberts is exiting the ring and he chuckling this up right now.


Roman Reigns: What's wrong with you, are those shorts sucking up your Brain Cells?! What do you have a problem too Owen?


[Image: v3m1q8.jpg]
Jesse Ventura: I'm getting a text that Reigns and Bret Hart are good buddies, and I guess Owen is wondering why is friends with him, and not Owen?
Gorilla Monsoon: Oh brother, Owen and Simmons came to cause problems and they have succeed! Now Jose is seeing what's going on and he's nodding over to Richard Simmons!
Jim Ross: Richards just grabbed a handful of Roman's attire and Roman can't break free!
Jesse Ventura: What is Richards strength in his hands equal to the Hulk, Roman can't break free at all! That's what Roman gets for wearing the Squad team outfit since debuting in WLF. Jose is running towards the ropes, there he goes!

[Image: SmizucY.gif]

Jim Ross: What a Suicide Dive by Jose DeJesus onto Roman Reigns, he was truly helpless there! Oh boy Owen and Richard Simmons are drinking. I just saw both of them drop their Beers that were in a Paper Bag. Children don't start up drinking it's hard to stop when you get started up!
Gorilla Monsoon: Jose is hugging Simmons, but Jake Roberts rams a knee into his back of Jose and he hits the Post! Roberts is ducking punches by Owen and Simmons he's loving this!

Jake Roberts: Too bad Owen, you couldn't get in this!

Jesse Ventura: Owen didn't like that comment. I think Owen wants to get in the Bullet Club. He knows he came back to WLF, he can keep at his addiction! Roberts is now in control and fighting at his pace as he grabs Reigns and slings him into his Snake Pit, and let's see what Roberts has in mind for Reigns!

[Image: efKce2Z.gif]
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WLF TITLE: Jake vs Pharaoh vs Jose vs Roman
Gorilla Monsoon: Oh oh, it looks like Jake isn’t gonna have a chance to do anything to Reigns because here’s Owen Hart again hitting him from behind. Owen now takes a hold of Jake and whips him hard right into Roman Reigns!
Jesse Ventura: You know, I’m seeing some real intestinal fortitude from Hart coming in and interfering in this match. I say we just make him an official part of this match right now.
Gorilla Monsoon: All I’m having is de ja vu. I remember a long time ago in another federation Owen Hart and Richard Simmons making their mark.
Jim Ross: And now Owen is making a mark on the back of Jake the Snake as he rams his boot several times into his back.
Gorilla Monsoon: Trampling a snake is sure one way of putting a snake out of action. Just make sure he doesn’t bite you in the ankle. Meanwhile Jose has the Pharaoh at his mercy, pushing his throat down over the guard rail, choking him…
Jim Ross: Wait? Who’s this coming down to ringside? I don’t believe it! It’s the Big Boss Man!

[Image: 1999_Big_Bossman_WWF_Smackdown_(WWE).jpg]

Jesse Ventura: And he’s dressed in black!
Gorilla Monsoon: What’s he doing here?
Jim Ross: And who’s that with him? Isn’t that…?

[Image: tony-robbins-300x300.png]

Gorilla Monsoon: I do believe that’s self-help guru Tony Robbins! Yes it is! You may remember, gentlemen, some time ago, Tony Robbins was enlisted by the Doctor of Styles Slick to help the Big Boss Man overcome his anger issues. It seems the Big Boss Man might have hired him to try again.
Jesse Ventura: So why are they coming down here? Who are they working for?

The Pharaoh has meanwhile reversed the situation with Jose and now has the upper hand, having thrown him back into the ring and working on him with wear down maneuvers.

Owen Hart is still pummelling Jake the Snake as Roman Reigns lies seemingly unconscious near the announcers table. Suddenly the Big Boss Man attacks Owen Hart from behind!

[Image: tumblr_marlz6K7UO1qkbmd7o1_1280.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Holy mackerel! The Big Boss Man is going after Owen! He's pummeling Owen with his night stick! He’s saving Jake the Snake Roberts. Could this mean…? Could this mean the Big Boss Man is part of the Ministry?
Jim Ross: God help us!
Gorilla Monsoon: Holy… and Tony Robbins has just got stuck into Richard Simmons! Look at Robbins as he pummels Simmons around the head and rams him face first into the steel steps!
Jim Ross: Tony Robbins is one big guy. With that size behind him that’s gotta hurt Simmons.

[Image: f55573ec.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: And Richard Simmons is split right open. Tony Robbins completely destroying the fitness guru!
Jesse Ventura: Now we know who the better self-help guru is and his name is Tony Robbins!
Gorilla Monsoon: And look at the way the Big Boss Man is manhandling Owen Hart!
Jim Ross: Come on, this is ridiculous. This match is supposed to be about the WLF championship, not who’s the new member of the Bullet Club or the Ministry or for that matter who the best self-help guru is.
Gorilla Monsoon: And Jake seems to be thinking the same thing. He’s ordering the Big Boss Man and Tony Robbins to get those two out of here. Look at the smirk on his face. And he has Roman Reigns down there at his mercy.

Jake eyes his snake bag.

Gorilla Monsoon: Oh oh, could we be about to see that new snake of Jakes being employed in this match for the first time?
Jesse Ventura: Gotta be better than seeing Richard Simmons or Tony Robbins in action.

Jake reaches for his snake bag and pulls out his albino python.

[Image: jake-roberts.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Oh oh, what’s he gonna do with that thing?

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WLF TITLE: Jake vs Pharaoh vs Jose vs Roman
Jake The Snake is starting to whisper to his lovable Snake, trying to tell the Snake to scare the crap outta Richard Simmons and Owen Hart here tonight. Both of these guys have stuck their noses into business, they didn't belong and should pay for it.


Jim Ross: Oh boy Simmons looks like he's going to faint as Jake is getting closer with the Snake!
Jesse Ventura: Someone tell him to put away that Snake, look at Richard he's afraid for his life!
Gorilla Monsoon: Well he deserves what he is getting after attacking Roberts, and that goes second for Owen. Owen is being held down by The Big Boss Man as he's telling them to bring the Snake over. WAIT A MINUTE WHO'S THAT COMING DOWN THE RAMP WAY?

[Image: 33kx183.jpg]

Jesse Ventura: Is that the Slick, who is that with him?
Gorilla Monsoon: I don't know who that is, but he is a big fella!
Jim Ross: Where did Slick get a microphone from? He pulled it out his Suit Pocket?

[Image: 5kls07.jpg]
Slick: Ahem..excuse me my brothers and sistas, we are just in a break in the action right now. I like to introduce you the NEW AND IMPROVED AKEEM!

Jesse Ventura: Did he say that's Akeem?
Jim Ross: My..my Plastic Surgery can do wonders these days.
Gorilla Monsoon: Are Akeem and Big Boss Man joining forces once again, to take out Owen Hart and Richard Simmons what's going on here? We've lost total control of this WLF World Title match here tonight!

Slick: It's nice to see you again brotha Boss Man. Do you forget that you left Akeem and myself like a old Dogs on the Doorstep. We don't forget nothing brotha, and it's time to collect!

As Slick nods to the new and improved Akeem, he attacks Big Boss Man and Tony Robbins. Slick pulls out his Pimp Cane and starts to beat up Tony Robbins, swinging it around his body like if he was a Samurai. Roberts who was ready for his Snake to be put on Owen and Richard Simmons has to stop his attack and try to get back into defending his WLF World Title. As Roberts put his Snake back into his Bag, Roman catches him off guard and he Spears Jake into the Steel Post!

Jim Ross: We've got two fights going on Slick and Akeem are mugging Boss Man and Tony Robbins, and we've still got a World Title match going on! Did you guys see that spear from Roman towards Roberts truly vicious!
Gorilla Monsoon: Not often do you catch Roberts not paying attention, but when he does you better take advantage quickly! As Roman is starting to get up and attack Roberts, Pharaoh has the legs of Jose and he slings him into the Turnbuckle face first!
Jesse Ventura: I saw the spit fly from his mouth!
Gorilla Monsoon: Jose is on dream street and now Pharaoh has him once again what is he planning to do?

[Image: tumblr_ng9wnnlTTF1rdx8ebo1_500.gif]

Jim Ross: What a modified Backbreaker and Jose is screaming in pain! I don't know he's even felt that move before!
Jesse Ventura: From me just sitting here, that hurt me. Quite a unique move from Pharaoh and he's going for a cover it could be over here.



Gorilla Monsoon: Reigns stops the count just in time! Oh look who it is it's MVP!
Jesse Ventura: Give that man some more respect Monsoon, he signs your checks that pay your bills.
Jim Ross: Can you two please me quiet, I wanna hear what he's gotta say!

[Image: mvp_king_lashley_mean.jpg]
MVP: What the hell is this I'm seeing on the ramp? This is Wrestlemania, not The Circus! If this was the Circus where's the Beaded Lady, I don't see her? But really what's going on here? I have paying customers who want to enjoy the WLF World Title match, and that can't happen if all you bums are breaking their attentions. Boss Man I don't know why you thought you could come back tonight, if you have anger issues cry to your Momma, not here. Don't forget to take Tony Robbins with you, maybe he can save someone at Burger King not here. As for Slick and Akeem, I can see that you two still have problems with Boss Man and Robbins, I say take your asses to the Parking Lot and deal with it, don't mess around with my product. Get going, or I'll have you arrested for wearing that Suit for TV Slick! Ohhh..I almost forgot about Richard Simmons and Owen Hart! I can see that you both purchased a Ticket to come to Wrestlemania, but you broke the first rule on your Ticket..never go over the Barricade. You broke that rule time to go RIGHT NOW! Security make sure all of these guys leave the arena, hey Owen don't worry brother I'll send you a Box full of Wine. You can drink it with Richard Simmons in the Dungeon. BACK TO THE MATCH!

Gorilla Monsoon: Finally we have order again and Reigns is beating on the face of Pharaoh who was very close to winning the WLF World Title moments ago. Reigns slings him the turnbuckle, but Pharaoh reverses and knees him in the Face!
Jim Ross: Pharaoh is now on the second set of ropes double Foot stomp to the stomach of Reigns that could of cracked some Ribs!
Jesse Ventura: Pharaoh is starting to show his evil side once again. Look behind you Pharaoh!
Jim Ross: Roberts is back up and he DDTS PHARAOH OUTTA NO WHERE! He's going for the cover..ONE.
Gorilla Monsoon: Jose is on the top rope!

[Image: eguerrerofrogsplash.jpg]

Jim Ross: Jose broke the count at two with his patented Frog Splash, and boy that was close.
Gorilla Monsoon: All four men seem to be worst off than they were before the match started that's for sure.
Jesse Ventura: Roberts almost had the victory in hand, but Jose knowing that no one else could stop the count, this was the chance to keep the match going.

[Image: efKce2Z.gif]
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WLF TITLE: Jake vs Pharaoh vs Jose vs Roman
[Image: 9844928.jpg?355]

Jose DeJesus delivers a stiff kick to the side of the Jake Roberts' skull just as the Snake is picking himself up from the canvas.

Gorilla Monsoon: We knew it was only a matter of time before two of the most hated men in this sport turn on each other.
Jesse Ventura: What are you talking about? It's every man for himself. There are no long term alliances here.
Jim Ross: Roman Reigns is down. The Pharaoh is down. And now Jake Roberts is down as well. What is Jose DeJesus gonna do here?
Gorilla Monsoon: He appears to be climbing to the top turnbuckle.
Jesse Ventura: What does he hope to accomplish from way up there?
Jim Ross: The Voice of the Future is prepping himself as he leaps off the top turnbuckle! He comes crashing down on Jake with another frog splash!
Jesse Ventura: That's twice now he's hit Roberts with the frog splash off the top.
Gorilla Monsoon: But will it be enough to crown him the undisputed WLF Heavyweight Champion?
Jim Ross: We'll find out in about three seconds.





Gorilla Monsoon: Close but no cigar.
Jesse Ventura: Well Jose certainly didn't appreciate that interference.
Jim Ross: DeJesus almost immediately turns his attention on the Juggernaut. The leader of the Bullet Club can be a very vengeful individual. We've all seen his darker days when he resorted to the use of a fork. That was pretty sickening.
Jesse Ventura: I think he should just whip out that fork and stab Reigns in the throat. Afterall, we've already seen Richard Simmons, Owen Hart, the Big Boss Man, Slick and even that fake Akeem. What else? Is Peter Dinkles or Mrs Lozada gonna show up next?
Jim Ross: Dear god I hope not.
Gorilla Monsoon: Say all you will about his quirkiness and weird family members, DeJesus is one heckuva competitor. And here he is setting Reigns up for his finisher.

[Image: GringoKilla1.gif]

Jim Ross: Jose drops Romans on his head with the devastating Gringo Killa!
Jesse Ventura: I don't care how hard a Samoan's head is supposed to be, that's gonna do some serious damage.
Gorilla Monsoon: But look at this! There's no opportunity for DeJesus to capitalize! The Pharaoh is back up and he tackles the Voice of the Future through the ropes to the outside!
Jesse Ventura: What was that for?
Gorilla Monsoon: We have two men in the ring and two men on the outside. What's gonna happen here?
Jim Ross: Roberts is crawling over to Reigns. He's draping his arm across the fallen member of the Shield! Is this it? Will this be enough?
Gorilla Monsoon: This could well do it!





Jim Ross: Not yet!
Jesse Ventura: Chico makes the save just in the nick of time.
Gorilla Monsoon: That pretty much took everything he had. What a roller-coaster ride this has been! What a showdown! What a main event!

[Image: pw%20banner_zpszc8xr32p.jpg]
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