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WLF TITLE: Pharaoh vs Jake
05-27-2015, 05:53 AM
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WLF TITLE: Pharaoh vs Jake
Special Guest Referee
Nature Boy Ric Flair
[Image: RicFlair.jpg]
Champion The Pharaoh vs Jake the Snake Roberts
[Image: Pharaoh.jpg] [Image: JakeRoberts.jpg]
In the fallout to the main event at WrestleMania, the serpent cashes in his rematch clause.
Will the Nature Boy as the special guest referee call this match right down the middle?

Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse The Body Ventura

[Image: WLFPoster3.jpg]
05-27-2015, 09:15 AM
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WLF TITLE: Pharaoh vs Jake
[Image: 02.jpg]

Sean Mooney: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Sean Mooney and this is the WLF Event Center. Now, as you would have known by now, WrestleMania IV extravaganza culminated with the crowning of a new WLF Heavyweight Champion in the Prince of Egypt himself... the Pharaoh.

This past week, the Pharaoh returned to his nation with the championship belt in tow, where literally hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets of Egypt, just for an opportunity to be in the presence of this champion who has ushered in what these people deemed as the "revival of the glory days of the ancient kingdom". But don't take my word for it. WLF cameras were on standby for this momentous occasion.

[Image: w_egypt-070313.jpg]

[Image: Egyptian-demonstrators-ma-007.jpg]

Sean Mooney is spot on as what the cameras had captured simply reaffirmed what he said as a sea of humanity filled the streets of Egypt, all shouting with joy, all celebrating alongside exploding pyros, torches, laser light displays in an over-the-top party atmosphere.

And being heralded on a platform is none other than the cause for this celebration... the newly crowned WLF Heavyweight Champion, the Prince of Egypt himself, the Pharaoh.

[Image: The%2BScorpion%2BKing%2B4%2BQuest%2Bfor%....34%5D.jpg]

The Pharaoh: I am humbled... and equally honoured at the same time that all of you have gathered here today at this very moment... not to celebrate me, oh no... this should not be mistaken for a celebration of any one individual, my friends. While it has befallen upon me to assume this righteous task of returning our nation to its glory days, I could not have accomplished what I have accomplished thus far without each and every one of you!


The Pharaoh: So this...*holds the WLF Heavyweight Championship belt up high* ...this is as much your trophy as it is mine. Cause every time I step into that ring, I bring along every one of you with me in spirit. And it is that warrior spirit of a civilization long forgotten that has brought us to this day. This championship belt right here clearly proves that the glorious kingdom of Egypt shall not remain buried! By the very gold I now hold in my hand, we have silenced the critics and we have proven the naysayers wrong. We are shouting out to the rest of the world... from the sinking sands of the Sahara to the bright lights of the WLF... we are announcing to the world that we have risen!

So hold your gauntlets up high... for tonight we shall feast! And we shall drink to our hearts content! We shall toast to our predecessors, to all the great Pharaohs and to all the people who have made sacrifices to build this glorious kingdom. For tomorrow lies another battle. But tonight... tonight, we celebrate them. Tonight, we honor them. Tonight... belongs to you. This...
*holds up the WLF Heavyweight Championship above his head* ...THIS BELONGS TO YOU!!!

Back to the WLF Event Center.

Sean Mooney: The evening ended with fireworks that seemed to go on forever. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure whether I've seen those cameramen back at work.

[Image: THSHK_MIDEAST_EGYP_1124505g.jpg]
05-27-2015, 11:07 PM (This post was last modified: 05-27-2015 11:13 PM by Recker.)
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WLF TITLE: Pharaoh vs Jake
[Image: jake65.jpg]

Jake the Snake: I gotta say, Pharaoh, I gotta hand it to you. At Wrestlemania IV you proved yourself to be the ultimate snake in the grass when you slithered in there and took advantage of an already beaten opponent, stealing the title away from the champ. And you did it without even pinning the champ. Instead you pinned the man in that match with the lowliest of reputations. Roman Reigns.

{smirks} Yeah, I know that’s the way Fatal 4 way matches work. You can pin the least of the men in the ring and walk away champion. You don’t even have to pin the champ, but I know Pharaoh that it’s eating you up down inside, because a man of honor doesn’t like to win a championship cheaply like you did. He wants to pin the champion. So yes, Pharaoh, let it eat you up inside because you know you didn’t really win that championship. Not really. You didn’t pin the champ. You are champion on paper only, but you and I both know that doesn’t really make you a champion just like the Mega Bucks beating Barry Horriwitz and Steve Lombardi doesn’t make them the greatest tag team in the world.

You say you are humbled. {snickers} You will be, Pharaoh and not just because you know you are an undeserving champion. You will be humbled because that’s the fate of the enemies of the one true god and Pharaoh, you worship false gods and false idols and the man upstairs doesn’t like that. In fact you are a false idol yourself, worshiped by the thousands of ignorant fans who don’t realise they are angering the one true god by putting you up on a pedestal.

Pharaoh {smirks}, you have the people ensnared. You keep them all as slaves to your empire, even though they might not realize it. Those slaves worship you like a god, but really you are nothing more than evil… a man whose inner soul is pitch black and can never be cleansed, no matter how much suffering you endure.

Well I intend to see that change. Consider me your Moses, Pharaoh. The man with a dark past… a man who committed evil acts in his past, but became cleansed and a prophet of God. He was the man who took his staff and turned it into a snake which engulfed all the other snakes. And then on behalf of the man upstairs he lumped the Egyptian empire with plagues.

It’s my job Pharaoh to see those plagues put upon you and tonight, you suffer the first of many plagues. Plagues designed to punish you for your evils. Tonight the water turns into blood. That’s right. All that alcohol you consumed while you and your people celebrated your tainted victory, will tonight be spilled in the form of your own blood. That blood will cover your body and fall upon the floor of that ring.

{smiles} You can’t avoid that particular plague, Pharaoh, but you can avoid further plagues if you do the right thing and release that which you so desperately cling to. The WLF championship belt, because deep down you know it doesn’t belong to you. Deep down you know it still belongs to the ministry. Release that trophy, Pharaoh. Set it free. It’s the only way you can possibly hope to avoid the suffering… the other plagues that will be coming your way…

And trust me. Those plagues won't be pleasant...

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTM5mCMkJ7UjUuxaPCn0aL...Wj7RmQd6qg]

Returning to the arena…

Gorilla Monsoon: There we go, Jake the Snake Roberts… or Pastor Jake as he prefers to be called these days comparing himself to Moses again. How can he possibly do that? Moses was a bible hero. A great man of God.
Jesse Ventura: So is Jake. And don’t forget that Moses was a murderer. He brutally killed an Egyptian slaver who was simply doing his job. Moses was definitely no saint, but yet God used him to free the slaves from Egypt. Jake too has a checkered past, so now the man up stairs is using Jake Roberts to free the championship belt from the Pharaoh. A perfect comparison if you ask me.
Gorilla Monsoon: The Man upstairs. I’d still love to know who exactly that is. Or what. I somehow doubt it’s the good lord.

The Fink: And NOW…, making his way down to ringside… hailing from Stone Mountain, Georgia , weighing in at 249 pounds … JAAAKE THE SNAAAKE ROBERRRRRRTS!

[Image: jake-the-snake-roberts-o.gif]

Jesse Ventura: Well whether Jake’s man upstairs is a god or not, he’s gotta be better than all those dodgy Egyptian gods that Pharaoh worships.
Gorilla Monsoon: I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Well, here we are and its time for Jake the Snake’s rematch. We’ll see just what plagues befall these two men, but if you ask me the plague that’s most likely going to befall them will probably have something to do with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, especially with the Nature Boy being the special guest referee. If I know anything from previous events, when you have a man like Flair as the guest referee we end up with a match that ends in a draw or a double disqualification.
Jesse Ventura: Come on, Gorilla, don’t’ be a negative Nellie. I’m sure the best man will win tonight and that man will be Jake the Snake Roberts.
Gorilla Monsoon: Well if he does, let’s hope that Ric Flair or the other Horsemen don’t have a hand in helping him.
Jesse Ventura: Why would they? The Horsmen aren’t part of the Ministry and Jake is not a Horsemen.
Gorilla Monsoon: Well you never know in this federation. You never know whose secretly aligned with whom until its too late.

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05-28-2015, 08:09 AM
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WLF TITLE: Pharaoh vs Jake
Jesse: I think the Pharaoh's in for a long night, Gorilla! Look into the eyes of the Snake!
Monsoon: Not if I can help it! He gives me the willies!
Jesse: There you go again, disrespecting the once and future champion!
Monsoon: That remains to be seen, Jess! And with that guest referee, ANYTHING goes! What do the Weasel and Flair have in mind tonight?
Jesse: I find the very question libelous, Monsoon! You'd better watch it!
Monsoon: Let's send it over to Mean Gene, standing by with the guest referee!

*WLF cameras take us to the backstage interview studio!*

[Image: tve74506-19910424-1877.gif]

Gene: Fans, we are a mere 24 hours away from Wrestlemania IV, and what a difference a night makes! We have a NEW WLF World Heavyweight Champion, and he's none other than the Pharaoh! If you missed out on the action, then call your cable or satellite provider and order the special encore of Wrestlemania IV, only on Pay Per View... and on the WLF Network! And speaking of making an impact, my guest at this time certainly has caused quite the reaction since returning... he is the SPECIAL Guest Referee for tonight's Championship match... none other than the "Nature Boy", Ric Flair!

*A smirking, cocky Flair walks into camera view*

Gene: Ric Flair, we are only hours removed from your match...

*Slick Ric cuts Okerlund off*

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Flair: Now, now, Okerlund, I find this line of questioning very unprofessional on your part.
Gene: Well, I...
Flair: You're here to do your job, which is focus on tonight's big match! Just like my job tonight is to ENSURE that this Championship match has a clear, undisputed winner!
Gene: Mr. Flair, with all due respect... some would question your ability to be impartial in a match like this...
Flair: Who signs your paychecks, Okerlund?
Gene: Why... the-the WLF!
Flair: Who bankrolls the WLF?
Gene: The Syndicate!
Flair: That's right! The very same Syndicate that has seen it fit to appoint the Nature Boy the official for tonight's match... don't bite the hand that feeds you, pal!
Gene: Yes, well... *ahem*
Flair: Now earn your paycheck by standing here and holding this microphone, and I don't want to hear another peep outta you, pal. The Syndicate knows there's only ONE individual in this Federation that is completely impartial, and has no vested interest in either competitor coming out on top.... and that's Ric Flair. I will call this match RIGHT. DOWN. THE MIDDLE! So here's a warning for everyone out there listening: if you think you can pull your shenanigans in this match and get away with it, you have another thing coming, PUNKS! I'm not some limp-wristed Hebner you can toss around!

Now, before we conclude, allow me, if I may, to address the competitors. Let's recognize something, first of all. Pharaoh, you knew how to take advantage of a good situation and came out on top! Roberts can cry and moan about not pinning him but when it comes right down to it, he dropped the ball and he knows it!

[Image: ric-flair-promo.jpg]

That being said, big man, tonight you're going to find out that it's one thing to BE THE MAN.... and quite another to STAY THE MAN! For whatever reason, you're at the top... and that just means you have a target painted on your back!

Now, as far as Jake Roberts goes... you can come out here and talk about the man upstairs allllll you want, but I know you too well, pal. You can pastor this and preacher that, but you're still a no-good snake talking out both sides of your mouth! And if you think for ONE SECOND that your dirty tricks are going to get you your title back tonight... ahahaha... brother, you're in for a loooooong night!

TONIGHT! PHARAOH! ROBERTS! There WILL be a clear winner!! And now if you'll excuse me, it's time to WWWWALK THAT AISLE!!!! WOOOOOO!!

Gene: There can be only one Ric Flair! Back to you, Gino!


Finkel: From Charlotte, North Carolina.... THE NATURE BOY RIC FLAIR!!

Jesse: Listen to that ovation, Monsoon! They love the Nature Boy!
Monsoon: Give me a break!! They're here to see the Champion defend the title, Jesse! They're not here because of Flair!
Jesse: That's a lie if I ever heard one!
Monsoon: Oh brother! Next thing I know you'll be spinning me a story where Flair will call this down the middle!
Jesse: He WILL call it down the middle! Didn't you hear the man?? That's why the Syndicate appoint HIM, not you or someone like that lazy Joey Marella!
Monsoon: Give me a break. And here we see Flair enter the ring! Looking at him, strutting like he's the star of the night!
Jesse: Just because you have the grace of a drunken elephant in that ring don't mean you can knock Slick Ric for stylin' and profilin'!
Monsoon: Look at him lecturing champion and challenger alike.... oh brother! They aren't amateurs, you know! They're some of the best wrestlers in the world!
Jesse: You know why this happens, Monsoon? So whiny Wendies like YOU don't cry foul when it's all said and done thanks to the incompetent officiating of WLF referees! It's always stealing this and injustice that! I APPLAUD the Syndicate for taking a step in the right direction! Before the night is through, we'll have a CLEAR, DEFINITE winner... I can't wait!
Monsoon: That must be some tasty Kool-Aid, Jesse. Well, it looks like Flair's getting ready to signal for the bell... don't go anywhere, folks!

[Image: Logo8_zpsywckr2it.jpg]
05-29-2015, 02:56 PM
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WLF TITLE: Pharaoh vs Jake
Lord Alfred Hayes: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Here we are, on the Memorial Day episode of WLF Prime Time, in the main event where the reigning WLF Heavyweight Champion will face the former champion in this championship rematch. Pharaoh... my liege, I have witnessed your meteoric rise ever since you set foot into the WLF to this day when all your sacrifices have finally paid off and it culminated at WrestleMania when you became the WLF Heavyweight Champion.

[Image: The_Scorpion_King_4_Quest_for_Power_2015_1080p_B.jpg]

The Pharaoh: Thank you, Your Lordship. You have always been kind with your words. It almost ironic if I were to recap my journey back to when I first started here... from my qualifying match against a legend like Tito Santana to earn a contract with the WLF, through a period when I challenged anybody and everybody who dared considered himself a king or a deity...

Lord Alfred: You won every single one of those matches.

The Pharaoh: And those victories didn't come easy, Your Lordship. Some of the stipulations were unheard of. There was the Egyptian Leash match against Triple H, the Samoan Strap match, the Inferno match and steel cage match against The Rock? Win lose or draw, I took on some of the best and I never looked back.

Lord Alfred: Then came your chance at your first gold in the WLF.

[Image: The%2BScorpion%2BKing%2B4%2BQuest%2Bfor%....57%5D.jpg]

The Pharaoh: The WLF Television Championship. That title helped define who I am today, Your Lordship.

Lord Alfred: I'm sure it does. Your second reign as the Television Champion ran for over eight months. And in that period, you managed fifteen title defenses... fifteen! It's unprecedented! And this is not just for the TV Title, no other champion in the history of the WLF has even come close to that record.

The Pharaoh: That's all well and good, Your Lordship. But I'm faced with a different challenge now. Different dangers and different opponents. I know I talk about this dream and that I'm still living on cloud nine, but there are many of those who would give their right arm to turn this dream of mine into a nightmare. Jake the Snake Roberts is one of them.

Jake, we've faced each other in the past. You beat me the first time we met. I'll admit, I wasn't prepared to how far you were willing to go to hold on to that title. I can't change the past. But I will learn from it. And to prove to you that I have, let me remind you what just took place at WrestleMania. I beat you. You can cry all you want about how you were not pinned nor made to submit, but rules are rules, snakeman. I'm sure you'd be gloating all the way to the heavens had you been the one with your hands raised at WrestleMania. But that wasn't the case, was it? I bested you and I bested two others. I guess that makes us even at this point. So tonight... tonight is the rubber match. Nothing has changed, Jake, except the fact that... well...
*holds up the WLF Heavyweight Championship* ...this now belongs to me. And just like you have in our first encounter, I will do whatever it takes to hang on to this... by any means necessary.

As far as Ric Flair is concerned, I just hope that he keeps to his word that he'll call the match right down the middle. But coming from the Dirtiest Player in the Game, I know that's a longshot. So Naitch, if you want a title shot, just say the word. I ain't going nowhere. And come tomorrow morning, I have a feeling that I'm gonna wake up still WLF Heavyweight Champion.

So it is written, so it shall be done.


Back in the arena...

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Jesse Ventura: Tonight we see what he's really made of, Gino.
Gorilla Monsoon: I recall a time not too long ago when you were singing his praises.
Jesse Ventura: Yeah, that was when he was the greatest WLF Television Champion fending off all comers. And that was before he started pandering to these idiotic fans.
Gorilla Monsoon: Nothing has changed as far as I'm concerned.
Jesse Ventura: Everything has changed, Gino. He's swimming in the big ocean now and he's in there with the sharks and the whales. Tonight is when we find out if indeed the Pharaoh is cut out to be in the main event.
Gorilla Monsoon: He's already proven that with his track record and by capturing the WLF Heavyweight Championship in the main event at WrestleMania.
Jesse Ventura: And tonight is when he proves that victory is not a fluke.

[Image: 931032292_4cc4bb39e8_m.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Boy, that title sure looks good around his waist.
Jesse Ventura: Speak for yourself, I think it looks better on Jake. Hell, it'd look even better on the Nature Boy.
Gorilla Monsoon: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. He's only the referee in this match, Jess. This is not a triple threat.
Jesse Ventura: What, no fanfare? No fireworks? No camels or ladies in waiting?
Gorilla Monsoon: That would be a tad too much.
Jesse Ventura: Maybe he's already spent all his fortune back in Egypt. That's the only way he could get all those people to come out from their little bomb shelters.
Gorilla Monsoon: I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that.

The Pharaoh enters the ring to a loud ovation from the capacity audience in the Tri Cities Coliseum. The Prince of Egypt climbs onto the second turnbuckle and holds the WLF Heavyweight Championship high up in all its glory for all to see. It does not take long for Ric Flair to snatch the belt off the hands of the champion to a resounding chorus of boos. The special referee holds on to the title for a tad too long, even spotting a smirk on his face, before being confronted by Jake Roberts.

Jake Roberts: You done admiring my belt? That's as close as you're ever gonna come to it, Ric. Now call the damn bell so we can get this over and done with.

Ric Flair: You see this, big man? *points at his referee's attire* This means that I'm calling the shots here. So we'll start when I say we're ready to start. You got that? Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo!
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WLF TITLE: Pharaoh vs Jake
Jake peers at Flair with malevolence in his eyes.

Flair turns to do his trademark strut across the ring with the belt in one hand, his back to both men.

Suddenly without warning Jake lunges at Flair. He drives a knee into Flair’s back and sends him face first towards corner ring pole. Flair as if by instinct raises the title belt in front of him which results in his head colliding with it. He drops into the corner and tumbles out of the ring where he lies flat on the ground.

Gorilla Monsoon: I can’t believe what Jake just did! That’s despicable!
Jesse Ventura: It’s perfectly legal. The match hasn’t started yet.

The Pharaoh looks equally shocked and he steps over to the side of the ring to check on Flair. Jake picks up the title belt and just as the Pharaoh turns towards him he drives it down over his opponent's forehead. Pharaoh drops like a sack of potatos.

Gorilla Monsoon: Holy mackerel! What a hit! The Pharaoh sprawled out on the mat! Why is Jake doing this? This is ridiculous. And look that hit split Pharaoh open! Blood seeping from a wound on his forehead.
Jesse Ventura: The plagues are coming down upon him. The water is turning to blood just like Pastor Jake predicted!
Gorilla Monsoon: This is ridiculous. This should earn Jake the Snake an instant disqualification.
Jesse Ventura: I doubt it. Flair had his back to both men so as far as he knows it was Pharaoh who attacked him from behind.
Gorilla Monsoon: Oh come on!
Jesse Ventura: Jake climbing out of the ring. He’s going for his snake bag. Was there a plague of snakes in the Moses story, Gorilla?
Gorilla Monsoon: I don’t think so. A plague of frogs and a plague of locusts, but no plague of snakes. Oh oh, he’s going for that snake bag alright. Oh oh! That’s not Damien!

[Image: 43jakeroberts_480x480.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Look at the size of that thing!
Jesse Ventura: That’s an Egyptian cobra, Gorilla! That might be from Pharaoh’s own garden!
Gorilla Monsoon: Imagine the irony of that. Oh no… I really think Jake wants to harm the Pharaoh.
Jesse Ventura: Can you blame him? He has Jake’s title.

The crowds watch in horror as Jake climbs into the ring and approaches a dazed and bleeding Pharaoh.

Gorilla Monsoon: This match hasn’t even started yet and already we’re having controversy. Wake up Ric! OH MY GOD! THAT COBRA JUST SUNK IT’S FANGS INTO THE PHARAOH! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!

[Image: savage-snake.jpg?w=600&h=0&a...p;amp;q=89]

Gorilla Monsoon: This is ridiculous! Has that snake been devenomised?

[Image: BklawlKIcAAMhaE.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Just look at the expressions on the faces of some of the fans.

[Image: snake.png?w=300]

Gorilla Monsoon: Jake taunting the Pharaoh. What a sick individual Jake Roberts is. Something needs to be done now. We need EMTs out there right now. The Pharaoh might not be able to keep wresting.

[Image: macho-snake-1_zps71f79b0c.jpg]

Jesse Ventura: The Pharaoh should be easy pickings for Jake right now.
Gorilla Monsoon: If we had a conscious referee in that ring, but Flair is still lying on the outside of the ring unconscious thanks to Jake driving him face first into that title belt. I think Jake just wants to torture and torment the Pharaoh. Look at him laughing.

[Image: 0.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: He is one sick twisted individual, there’s no doubts about that.
Jesse Ventura: You know, this might be the golden opportunity for Mr Money in the Bank to come in and cash in his briefcase.
Gorilla Monsoon: It could very well be.

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06-03-2015, 05:47 AM
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WLF TITLE: Pharaoh vs Jake
While the thousands in attendance continue to watch in horror and remain shocked by what they have just witnessed here, WLF officials and paramedics on standby rush down to the ring with a stretcher in hand.

Gorilla Monsoon: Look at that sadistic smile on Roberts' face.
Jesse Ventura: This is not how I imagine Prime Time would conclude, especially after how the program kicked off earlier this evening.
Gorilla Monsoon: I don't see what he should be so happy about. He's not getting his title back this way.
Jesse Ventura: Yeah, but he managed to outsmart both Ric Flair and the Pharaoh; that's not an easy thing to do.
Gorilla Monsoon: The WLF officials and paramedics are now assisting the Pharaoh onto the stretcher. This is just so painful to watch. Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you following this broadcast at home, we humbly apologize for what has transpired here. I don't think anybody expected such atrocity from one Jake the Snake Roberts.
Jesse Ventura: Ric Flair is starting to come to. Even he doesn't know why the WLF officials and EMTs are down ringside.
Gorilla Monsoon: Can you blame him?

The Egyptian cobra is bagged and taken away from the ringside area, presumably to be tested for venom.

Gorilla Monsoon: *referring to Roberts*That's the real snake they should be incarcerating!
Jesse Ventura: Careful, Gino. You don't want to be his next victim. Who knows what else he's capable of.

[Image: Mankind_vs_The_Undertaker_Hell_in_a_Cell...998_15.png]

Gorilla Monsoon: They finally managed to get the Pharaoh out of the ring on that stretcher, away from that vile Snake.
Jesse Ventura: Which one?
Gorilla Monsoon: For the Pharaoh's sake, I hope the cobra has been devenomized.
Jesse Ventura: This might not be a good time to ask, but does that mean we're not having a match?
Gorilla Monsoon: I don't think the Pharaoh is in any condition to compete, Jess.
Jesse Ventura: So shouldn't Jake win the match and title via forfeit?
Gorilla Monsoon: What are you talking about? The match hasn't even started when he jumped Flair from behind!
Jesse Ventura: Good point.
Gorilla Monsoon: The venom of that cobra is probably coursing through the Pharaoh's veins as we speak!
Jesse Ventura: This is insane, Monsoon! That man needs to be treated immediately!
Gorilla Monsoon: The Pharaoh is simply refusing any medical treatment! As a matter of fact, he's refusing any help at all! The reigning WLF Heavyweight Champion wants to fight!
Jesse Ventura: What does he think he's doing here?

[Image: daniel-bryan-stretcher-wrestlemania.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: The Pharaoh is getting off the stretcher! He's pushing the paramedics away!
Jesse Ventura: What is he thinking?
Gorilla Monsoon: I don't think he's even thinking at all! The Pharaoh's equilibrium is all off!
Jesse Ventura: And yet he's trying to make his way back to the ring?
Gorilla Monsoon: He wants to compete! The Pharaoh wants to get back in that ring!
Jesse Ventura: The man can't even walk a straight line; how is he supposed to compete?
Gorilla Monsoon: I've never known the Prince of Egypt to be a quitter; I don't think he's about to start now.
Jesse Ventura: It's gonna be his funeral, Gino.

[Image: 1280x720-dzY.jpg]

The Pharaoh musters all his strength to crawl back inside the ring. Jake Roberts tries to mask his surprise and turns to Flair, going "Is he serious?" The special guest referee, in turn, walks over to the side of the ring and yells at the timekeeper.

Ric Flair: So what the heck are you waiting for?! Ring the damn bell! We've got a championship match to run here!
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WLF TITLE: Pharaoh vs Jake
Gorilla Monsoon: The Pharaoh on his feet now! I can hardly believe it. He's peering at Jake now with venom in his eyes.
Jesse Ventura: Venom? Is that some kind of a joke.
Gorilla Monsoon: I didn’t mean that as a joke, but if that snake wasn’t devonomised… then who knows. .
Jesse Ventura: Pharaoh is beckoning Jake to fight. He seems to be a lot better now. What kind of Egyptian black magic is this?
Gorilla Monsoon: I may be remembering this wrongly, but didn’t Pharaoh once say that his father used to make him handle snakes and take in a little bit of snake poison at a time all to develop an immunity to it? Perhaps that’s why he’s recovering? Perhaps he has immunity to cobra venom!
Jesse Ventura: Tell me it isn’t so.
Gorilla Monsoon: In fact if my memory serves me he actually made that point quite clear to Jake Roberts.
Jesse Ventura: Well there you go. Jake knew the venom wouldn’t really hurt Pharaoh. Perhaps he was hoping it might just gain him a slight advantage. Or perhaps it’s just one of his mind games?
Gorilla Monsoon: Or maybe Jake just didn't believe him? Well he will now. And here they go! Both men locking up now and Jake thrusts Pharaoh away. Could it be that the snake venom still hasn’t been neutralised yet? That the Pharaoh is still weakened a little?
Jesse Ventura: But he’s firing back! He’s hitting Jake with blow after blow!
Gorilla Monsoon: Jake blocks the last one and he fires back then he whips Pharaoh hard into the ropes and a back drop sends Pharaoh sailing high into the air! Down he comes with a ring shuddering smash!
Jesse Ventura: The Pharaoh still must be suffering the effects of that venom. Perhaps he didn’t take enough bites of an Egyptian cobra when he was a royal brat?
Gorilla Monsoon: I don’t know about that! Pharaoh on his feet and he ducks under a clothesline from the Snake. He bounces off and wow! What a leap into the air and he comes down on Jake with a double axe handle. Jake goes toppling out of through the ropes to the floor.
Jesse Ventura: And the officials have left him with no tag team partner.
Gorilla Monsoon: If you’re talking about that Egyptian cobra, then that’s a good thing. This is a one-on-one match, not a handicap match. And Ric Flair is immediately putting the count on Jake.
Jesse Ventura: Flair clearly calling it down the middle here, but I think he could make that count a little slower.
Gorilla Monsoon: I think he’s already been way kind by not demanding to know who nailed him from behind before the match started.
Jesse Ventura: Well that’s the Nature Boy for you. He doesn’t cry just because he got knocked around. He just gets on with the job, just like he does when he’s wrestling. Jake now crawling towards the ring apron to get back in.
Gorilla Monsoon: The Pharaoh, assists him in by grabbing a handful of hair… OH and Jake with a blow to the breadbasket of the Pharaoh...! Jake now with several more blows... and he grabs Pharaoh’s arm, but the champ manages to counter by twisting Jakes arm around and then ramming him face first into the turnbuckle. And again and again! Pharaoh’s strength is definitely returning now. Another face plant, but this time Jake blocks. And an elbow back into the face of the Pharaoh sends him flying back across the ring. .

Jake walks over and drives his boot hard into the skull of Pharaoh. He delivers a few more stomps then drags his opponent to the ropes, shoves him throat first over the ropes and digs his foot down over the back of Pharaoh’s neck trying to choke him.

Gorilla Monsoon: Jake pushing his luck yet again and look at Flair he’s in there and he shoves Jake backwards. He shouldn’t be laying his hands on Jake, but he’s certainly getting the message across. He’s not gonna stand for any more dirty tactics, especially not ones he can see.
Jesse Ventura: He’s doing his job just like he said he would.
Gorilla Monsoon: Jake not happy, but he has to abide by the rules, after all this is official now. Mess with Ric Flair and you’re gonna get disqualified. That’s pretty much what the Nature Boy told him just now. AND PHARAOH NOW with a blow to the midsection of Jake! That’s what you get for arguing with the referee! Turnabout now for the WLF champion…

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