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OPENING: Austin vs SDB
06-01-2015, 07:33 AM
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OPENING: Austin vs SDB

SDB Gets his shoulder up with authority at the last second. Austin and the entire crowd is stunned.



Austin Begins to argue with the referee that it was actually a three count. So Does Paul E Dangerously. They are both screaming at the ref at this point over in the corner.

Gorilla- Now this is just bad form Jess.

Jesse- What, they are just conferring with the ref to make sure he made the right call. Theres nothing in the rulebook about that.

Gorilla- True but it was a plain shoulder up.

Jesse- Gorilla your not in the ring, you cant see everything like they can.

Gorilla- Im sure.

SDB gets to a knee as blood is still pouring down his face. He has became very weak by this point. He finally pushes himself up all the way. He gets up on both feet barely and bounces off the ropes while doing. Hes trying to shake it off but know one can tell if he can last the rest of the match. Austin finally turns around and notices SDB. He smiles deviously and begins an offensive.

Gorilla- Austin now, going after the wounded SDB with a big clothesline., but hes gottem right back up for another.

Jesse- This is where we are gonna see the destruction of one Steam Diesel Black.

After a third clothes line Austin slings SDB onto the ropes and prepares for a big belly to belly but when SDB gets there, in a last ditch effort, SDB lifts his leg and boots Austin to the mat, following with the foot and begins a choke like submission.


Jess- This is wrong, someone needs to stop this right now Gorilla!

The hold dosent stick for long as Austin reaches the nearby ropes, and rolls out in the process. Austin lays on the floor grasping his neck. SDB turns around to put some hurting on Bret when he sees bret charging at him. He connects and runs SDB all the way to the corner hard.

Gorilla- The Hitman, sending some big knees into the abdomen of SDB. Really going to work there, 4, 5 ,6....

Jess- 7, 8, 9, wow, im surprised he can count that high.


Bret wastes no time as he stands him up, just to put him back down with a big bulldog to the center of the ring.

SDB will be back....someday
06-01-2015, 04:36 PM
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RE: OPENING: Austin vs SDB
[Image: tumblr_my2r18mqmz1sg99p0o1_1280.png]

Gorilla Monsoon: Hart walks over to the legs of Steam Diesel after connecting with that Bulldog. With that Bulldog, it looks like he really opened up that cut even more, Jess. Bret is trying to get those big legs locked up and turned over! Austin's still on the outside if he turns this in it cold be over!

Jesse Ventura: He's the big man halfway around, Gorilla. I have to admit, i don't think I like the way this looks on bit!

Gorilla Monsoon: ANNDDD Bret has it locked in! He's got the sharpshooter on Steam Diesel in the middle of the ring, and there is NO WHERE for Steam Diesel to go!

As Bret has the sharpshooter locked in, Paul E hands a chair to Steve Austin who is just getting back to his feet on the outside. Austin grabs the chair and slides under the bottom rope, he charges into the ring and clobbers The Hitman in the shoulder blade area with that steel chair. Bret absolutley crumbles to the canvas, and Austin starts jabbing the chair into the knee of The Hitman!

[Image: 18_RAW_04211997_0001.jpg]

Jesse Ventura: There you go, Steve! Stunning Steve is going to snap Hitman's leg in half with that steel chair!

Gorilla Monsoon: Austin broke up the sharpshooter, and now he is absolutely going to work on the knee of Bret Hart! Steam Diesel is starting to sit up and OH BOY! He just took a steel chair right to the head! Austin drops the chair and goes for a cover on SDB!.....ONEEEE!....TWOOO!!!.....THREE.....SHOULDER UP AGAINN!

After Steam Diesel lifts up his shoulder, Austin covers for another cover but this time Steam Diesel kicks out. Austin slams both his hands down in complete frustration and now begins pounding away on Steam Diesel opening up that cut to new levels of nastiness.

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Charles Robinson and checking on Bret who is just holding on to that left knee, his expression tells the story of just how much pain he is in!

Jesse Ventura: Charles Robinson is earning his paycheck here tonight. Now he's trying to tell Austin to open up those fist, but Stunning Steve just flipped off Robinson! Ha Ha!

Gorilla Monsoon:I'll tell you what Jess, Stunning Steve has display a new kind of attitude here tonight. He seems meaner and badder then ever before. That might just be the edge he needs to become a top superstar here in The WLF.

Jesse Ventura:Gorilla, if I said something like that you would be all over me. I'm glad you're finally coming around to my way of thinking!

Austin gets off Steam Diesel but delivers a kick to the head for good measure. Stunning Steve looks back at Bret who is near the edge of the ring. Austin walks over with a few stomps and then leverages with the ropes to push Bret out of the ring down to the floor. Bret lays near the ring just holding onto his knee. Austin turns back around and Steam Diesel is sitting back up! Austin can't believe it. Steve tries for another Kick but SDB grabs the foot of Stone Cold and shoves him backwards. Austin bounces into the ropes and comes charging at Steam Diesel who connects with a big time back body drop on Stunning Steve. Austin manages to momentum his way right back up! He hits the ropes again, Diesel connects with a POWER SLAM!

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel just connected with a massive powerslam. HE HOOKS THE LEG! WE GOT A ONE! TWO!...SHOULDER UP BY AUSTIN!

Jesse Ventura: Austin still has too much fight in him, Gorilla. You can't take the fight out of Stunning Steve! He's been fighting all his life,and his fight isn't going to stop here tonight!

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel looks picks up Austin and sets him up for a.....piledriver! Piledriver! He drops Stunning Steve right on his head!

Jesse Ventura: I cringe every time see that move, Gorilla. All of a guys weight coming crashing down on their head and neck. It's total desperation it's one of the lowest things you can do to a guy but all is fair in love, war, and The WLF!

Stunning Steve kicks his feet around in pain as Steam Diesel gets to one knee. He looks around at the crowd who is going wild. Steam Diesel gets up to his feet and yells at Austin to get. Stunning Steve dazed, and hurt, gets to his feet Steam Diesel grabs Austin and tosses him hard into the corner. Stunning Steve's back crashes hard against the turnbuckle and he immediately drops down to the mat in pain! Steam Diesel moves in and picks up Austin, turning him upsetside down in the corner. Locking his legs in the top rope.

[Image: Raw07.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel has Austin upside down and is dirving his size thriteen boot right into the throat of Stunning Steve. Robinson again scolding SDB!

Jesse Ventura:Paul E's got this! He's back o the apron! HEY YOU CAN'T TOUCH HIM! SDB HAS PAUL E BY THE TIE!

Gorilla Monsoon: RIGHT A RIGHT HAND! Paul E goes crashing to the floor and gets just what he deserves! You can't continue to get involved in a contest like this and not expect to get your receipt, Jess!

Jesse Ventura: I think SDB should be disqualified for putting his hands on Paul E! Can we get someone down here to check on him?

Gorilla Monsoon: I think he'll make it, Jess...

Jesse Ventura: Steam Diesel turns back around to see Austin crawling around on the mat and wastes NO TIME in dropping an elbow on the back of Austin!

The Hitman can be seen from the camera shot across the ring pulling himself up to that bottom rope. Hart is trying to crawl back into the ring and SDB see's it happening. Steam Diesel decides to come over and help up Hart. SDB grabs the hair of Bret and pulls him up to the apron and then brings him in the hard way! Using the ropes to flip Hart over and back into the ring. Now Hart is laying next to Austin, Austin instinctively just drapes his arm over Hart and Steam Diesel laughs. Robinson goes to count but SDB doesn't even allowed for a one count as he just kicks the back of Austins head to break up the count.

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel now in control of both of these two superstars! What is he planning to do here.

Jesse Ventura:He picks up Bret, and BODY SLAMS him right on the chest of Stunning Steve! Now he is trying to cover both men!


Jesse Ventura: Not sure what that idiot was trying to do there. Why wouldn't you just cover one guy? Now he's just trying to show off....

Gorilla Monsoon: What a win it would be if Steam Diesel could defeat not only Stunning Steve but The Hitman as well! Who does this match mean more to? A big win would mean huge things for both Austin and Bret returning to The WLF! But Steam Diesel could launch his career to endless heights picking up a win here in this one!

Jesse Ventura: It means the same to all these men, Gorilla! They are doing whatever it takes!

Steam Diesel picks up both Austin and Bret by their heads and looks to be setting them up for a double headbutt! But Austin kicks SDB in the gut! And Bret sends a right hand in the direction of SDB! Now Austin and Bret look at each other and nods. They grab the arms over SDB and connect on a SUPLEX!

[Image: moneyincquake.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Bret and Austin teaming up for perhaps the first time ever!

Jesse Ventura:First and last Jess, because Austin just chop blocked Bret from behind and The Hitman is back down holding that knee in pain!

Gorilla Monsoon: What is Stunning Steve going for here? He's got Bret's leg and it looks like he's going for A FIGURE FOUR!

Jesse Ventura:Does it get any smarter then Stunning Steve? He knows the pain Bret Hart is in! He knows if he locks this in, Bret won't be able to last five seconds!

Stunning Steve begins to get Bret's leg in position for the figure four but Bret is fighting it. Bret manages to sit up and reverse the figure four into an inside cradle!

Gorilla Monsoon: BRET REVERSES IT! ONE! TWO!.....THRE........NO NO NO! A kickout by Austin!

Jesse Ventura: Stunning Steve pops up to is feet right away , and beats the Hitman to his feet to deliver a right hand! .

[Image: Picture+27.png]

Steve Austin catches Bret as he turns around in a sleeper hold! Stunning Steve is putting all of his weight on the back of Bret and that immediately gets Bret to drop down to his backside on the mat. Stunning Steve drives every pound that he weights onto the back of Bret to really synch in that Sleeper Hold!

Jesse Ventura: Goodnight Hitman!

Gorilla Monsoon: Austin is slowing down the pace of this one, and it could be enough to pick up the win, and at worst it gives Austin a chance to catch a rest while inflicting some pain!

Steam Diesel is still trying to get to his feet and shake off that suplex. Appears he is i the beginning stages of that. But by the time he gets up it may be too late! Austin now has Bret in position where he looks like he is out. Charles Robinson checks on the sleeper to make sure it isn't a choke. He slaps Bret on the arm and gets no respone! Charles look at Bret and grabs his arm lifting it up. Bret's arm slams down on the mat!

Jesse Ventura:ONE! Come on Robinson! Drop that arm two more times and give this thing to Stunning Steve!

Gorilla Monsoon:Bret Hart might be out....this crowd is stomping their feet and doing everything they can to alert the Hitman....Robinson lifts the arm up again......it drops....

Jesse Ventura:TWO! ONE MORE, STEVE.....LOCK IT IN!

Gorilla Monsoon:Robinson lifts the arm up of Bret and this one could be over.....

[Image: sg-me08_mizdolph_112112.jpg]

HART LIFTS HIS ARM UP TO A HUGE POP FROM THE CROWD. Austin can't believe it. Bret is fighting towards the ropes, he can't reach the ropes but delivers two elbows to Austin that makes Austin relinquish the hold! Bret hits the ropes and nails a clotheslines on Austin! Bret gets back up and BIG BOOT FROM SDB!

Jesse Ventura:Bret' might have just been decapitated after that big boot from Steam Diesel! OUT OF NO WHERE. Steam Diesel connects with that big boot.

Gorilla Monsoon: Oh the challenges of a triple threat match, Jess!
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RE: OPENING: Austin vs SDB
[Image: 4271958101_4eebda3f8f.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel is looking down at both Austin and Hart, and I can't even imagine what is going through his mind at this moment.

Jesse Ventura: He's got to be thinking to himself, how can I put one of these guys down long enough for the three count.

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel picks up Austin and DROPS HIM FACE FIRST. Double Arm DDT from Steam Diesel!

As Bret has the sharpshooter locked in, Paul E hands a chair to Steve Austin who is just getting back to his feet on the outside. Austin grabs the chair and slides under the bottom rope, he charges into the ring and clobbers The Hitman in the shoulder blade area with that steel chair. Bret absolutley crumbles to the canvas, and Austin starts jabbing the chair into the knee of The Hitman!

Jesse Ventura: Steam Diesel picking up Hart now and another double Arm ddt! What's he looking around at the crowd for, Gorilla?

Gorilla Monsoon: I think he's looking for their approval becuase Steam Diesel, the big man, the 290 pounder is thinking of going up top! He throws Hart right on top of Stone Cold! He's head towards the turnbuckle!

Steam Diesel slowly steps throuh the ropes to the outside and begins his climb to the top turnbuckle. Fans are chanting heavily as Steam Diesel gets one foot on the bottom rope and one by one gets to the very top. Never losing his balance. Steam Diesel lifts his arms as he goes for a big splash.....

[Image: bigelow.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: HART MOVES! BUT HE HITS AUSTIN! HE HITS AUSTIN! Diesel hooks the leg! ONE!....TWO!!!!....THRREE.....ELBOW! ELBOW TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD. It doesn't get any closer then that. The Hitman breaks up the count!

Jesse Ventura: Bret was about a half second away from behind on the receiving end o that big splash!

Gorilla Monsoon: Now it's the Hitman pounding away on the back of the head of Steam Diesel. Look at Paul E! He's dragging Austin out of the ring by his ankles! Austin is grabbing his ribs , I would NOT be surprised if he broke a few ribs on that move by SDB!

Jesse Ventura: Well give Austin a chance to recover, but not to long because this thing can end at any moment!

Bret continues to pound on Steam Diesel, and attempts to go for a russion leg sweep. Hart, can't connect thogh because Steam Diesel turns it into a side headlock take over. Now Steam Diesel has The Hitman in a side headlock! Bret's shoulders touch the mat, and Charles Robinson jumps into position! ONE! TWO! Shoulder up from The Hitman. Bret using his fingers now to wrench right into the eyes and nose of Steam Diesel, forcing him to release that side headlock. Bret gets up to one knee, beating the big man to his feet and connects on a dropkick!

Gorilla Monsoon: The Hitman with a nicely executed dropkick, shades of his days from Calgary Stampede! But it only rocked the big man! Bret hits another dropkick and again staggers Big Steam Diesel into the ropes. Steam Diesel now has his arms resting on the top rope and here comes Bret!

[Image: bretluger-rr94.jpg]

Jesse Ventura: THERE GOES BRET! Steam Diesel back body drops The Hitman right over the top rope to the floor. Austin's on the outside with Paul E! Brets on the opposite side licking his wounds. SDB stands tall in the middle of the ring!

Gorilla Monsoon: Yeah, BUT, you can't wint tihs thing by a count out. SDB has to make a move here if he wants to pick up the victory! He's taking a little bit of a rest himself! Now he's yelling at Bret to get up!

Jesse Ventura: Bret is taking his time getting up! I think he might be hurt.

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel is giving Bret a chance to recover here, almost showing some respect for The Hitman in not going in for the kill.

Jesse Ventura: Big mistake, could be the mistake of the night.

Steam Diesel stands near the ropes and corner of the ring as Bret uses the ring apron to pull himself up. But Suddenly Bret POPS UP to his feet and grabs the ankles of Steam Diesel! Bret yanks Steam Diesel, and SDB falls backwards on the apron! The crowd erupts. Bret pulls Steam Diesel towards the ring post and jams his groin region against the steel post! Now Bret tugs on the very thick legs of Steam Diesel and is attempting a figure four around the ring post!

[Image: 11283231_391351951058005_1710177858_n.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: My goodness , Jess! The Hitman..he was...he was playing possum!

Jesse Ventura: You can never trust a Canadian, Gorilla! Once a heel always a heel is what I always say!

Gorilla Monsoon: I wouldn't say he's a heel, but I'd say he outsmarted Steam Diesel on that one! The Hitman has those big legs locked around the ring post and correct me if I'm wrong Jess but this is a no disqualification triple threat match, this move is completely legal!

Jesse Ventura: That's right Monsoon! Meaning if Steam Diesel gives up here, this one is over!

Bret continues to pull down on the legs of Steam Diesel, and really pull into that figure four. However, on the other side of the ring, Paul E has a hurt but up on his feet Stunning Steve very away of the situation. Stunning Steve jogs around the ring, and leaps over the steel steps, and comes diving down onto the head of the Hitman with a fury of punches. Bret's legs are all tangled up with Steam Diesel's and can't defend himself! Stunning Steve continues to pound away at Bret and then gets to his feet and starts punching away at the injured knee of The Hitman until his legs become untangled with Steam Diesels!

Gorilla Monsoon: Stunning Steve making the save that time!

Jesse Ventura: I'm going to give that one to Paul E. He is the one who made Austin away of the situation and that allows this match to continue, Gorilla!
06-01-2015, 09:49 PM
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OPENING: Austin vs SDB
Gorilla: Wait I stand corrected. Steve is reapplying the figure four for Brett on Diesel! Brett looks out of it here folks.

Jessie: Look at what Paul is doing on the outside with Brett!

As Steve is going in for the pin Paul E. is holding down the Hit Man with a chair on the out side. Steve goes for the pin.


Gorilla: Did you see that SDB was tapping out at the same time as the three count!

Jessie: We can all see that it was Steve pinning that was first! There is no way SDB even knew to tap!

Wait there is another ref running down with medical personnel to check on The Hit Man.

Gorilla: What is this the new ref is raising the hand of Brett!

Jessie: This cannot be Charles is raising the arm of Austin! What is going on here? Who won?
06-02-2015, 01:03 PM
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OPENING: Austin vs SDB
Gorilla: Wait wait I'm getting conformation form the back this match is to be restarted!

Jessie: Wait what? No way we have a clear winner.

Gorilla: No we don't and we can't take a chance of having this kind of ending for the first match back from Wrestlemania!

Charles grabs the bell and hands it back to the time keeper and tells him to ring the damn bell.
Austin is going nuts in the middle of the ring. He is yelling at Charles saying he won and his hand was already raised. Brett is finally out of his trap in the corner since Paul E. is now pleading the case as well.

Gorilla: Austin is really walking out this time he is half way up that ramp.

Jessie: Oh but don't look now Brett his hot on his heels chancing him down!

Austin is spun around by Brett and is taking hay-maker after hay-maker. Austin is thrown don to the ramp and is being dragged to the back. SDB starts stirring in the ring and sees the other two going to the back. He starts lumbering after them as they are making their way into the parking lot.

Gorilla: Where in the heck to they think they are going?

Jessie: Looks like Brett is trying to take out the trash.

Brett and Austin start fighting right next to loading dock. SDB sees them tetering on the edge and runs full steam at them. The blood running from his face must have been a distraction as he misses Steve and takes Brett into the trash. Austin is taking a breath and walking down the stairs and starts to pull Brett and SDB out of the trash one at a time.

Gorilla: They were smelling before they were in the garbage. I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot poll.

Jessie: They smell worse then the Bushwackers after they lick you!

Austin throws Brett into the side of a car to buy some time to work over SDB. SDB is not taking this lightly as he starts to pick Austin up and throw him onto the hood of the car.
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RE: OPENING: Austin vs SDB
[Image: 15ssAustin_display_image.jpg?1321818749]

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel just launched Austin onto the hood of that car. This is getting way out of hand Jess! Charles Robinson is again ins Steam Diesel's face, pleading with him to get back to the ring...OH NO! COME ON!

Jesse Ventura: The usual cool headed Steam Diesel just throw little Charles to the side. He's pounding away on Austin on the hood of that car. Where'd you park Gorilla?

Gorilla Monsoon: Lucikly I took a cab from the hotel, Jess. With my luck these days, I'm sure they'd be banging up my beautiful lincoln!

Bret is slowly getting to his feet after getting tossed into the side of the car. Bret gets up and grabs a near by trash can. Bret takes the trash and and nails Steam Diesel in the back of the head. Steam Diesel staggers backwards but still on his feet. Bret takes the trash can and places it right over Steam Diesel's head! Bret takes finds a nearby chair and winds up, WHAM! Steel chair into the trash can that is resting on Steam Diesel's head!

[Image: 46_SS_08272000_0354.jpg]

Jesse Ventura: BACK BACK BACK BACK...GONE! Home Run for The Hitman! Steam Diesel is down, Steam Diesel is out!

Gorilla Monsoon:Jess, I would think The Hitman is out of his element here. But he is holding his own as this brawl has spilled out into the parking lot. Bret now focusing on Austin and smashes his head against the hood of the car! Oh no, now it looks like, ....yes....Stunning Steve has been busted open! Stunning Steve is bleeding. Steam Diesel has been bleeding from damn near the start of the contest! This one may have to be stopped!

Bret turns back around to Steam Diesel who is on all fours, still with the trash can over his head. Bret drops an elbow onto the back of the trash can and Steam Diesel's head. Steam Diesel rolls over and Bret goes for a pin. Charles Robinson is refusing to count. Bret is yelling at him to count.....

[Image: jericho_tor_nov99.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Charles Robinson is telling Bret to take it to the ring! It isn't a falls count anywhere match, it wasn't even supposed to be a triple threat match! Robinson telling the Hitman if you want to win this thing, you have to do it in the ring!

Jesse Ventura: Bret looks like he is respectfully disagreeing with the decision of Charles Robinson, but he gets off of Steam Diesel and HA HA! Stunning Steve just smashed The Hitman in the back with a steel chair!

Gorilla Monsoon: Austin put everything he had into that swing, Jess! Now it looks like Paul E is telling Steve to drag him back to the ring area. That's exactly what Austin is doing. He wants to win this thing, Jess!

Jesse Ventura: This match has been one of the best opening bouts we've seen on Prime Time in quite awhile. Austin and Bret making their way back to the ringside area. Austin just throws Bret to the ground in the middle of the isle!

Before they can make it back to the ring, Austin picks up Bret and throws him hard with an irish whip into the steel guardrail! Austin charges at Bret, who's arms are drapped over the steel , and clotheslines The Hitman up and over that guardrail into the crowd. Fans are going nuts slapping the back of the fallen Hitman, and security is rushing over. Paul E is urging Austin not to go into the crowd but naturally, Stunning Steve will not listen. Stunning Steve hops the guard rail and begins nailing Bret with lefts and rights! Austin grabs a soda from a near by fan and hums it right into the face of Bret Hart! The two continue to battle into the crowd.

Gorilla Monsoon: Security is doing their best to protect both the fans and the wrestlers here folks. This is a dangerous situation! Austin and taking it to The Hitman. He's got a chair again! NO Bret kicks Austin right in the gut, as Austin was going for another chair shot! Austin drops the chair, and now Bret picks up Austin , inverted atomic drop!

Jesse Ventura: That just spun Austin right around! Austin's heading back to the ring, not sure if he even knows where he is at, and here comes The Hitman right behind him!

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Bret grabs Austin from behind and throws him back over the guard rail Bret now gets over the guard rail, slowly one leg at a time. Bret grabs Ausitn and throws him face first into the ring post! Austin's bleeding even more now!

Jesse Ventura: Here comes Big Steam Diesel making his way back to the ringside area. Bret slides Austin under the bottom rope, and now Steam Diesel is picking up steam....no pun intended, Gorilla!

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel FROM BEHIND! OH MAN! Big Splash! Steam Diesel just crushed Bret between himself and the ring apron. The ring is hard,Jess...contrary to what many wrestling doubters may thing. Especially the edges of the ring. Steam Diesel just crushed Bret's abdomen into the side of the ring. Steam Diesel uses Hart's body as a step stool as he walks over him and climbs into the ring!

Jesse Ventura: Bret is down and doesn't look like he'll be getting up any time soon!

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel is in the ring, as is Austin, both men jawing at each other. Both men breathing heavily. Both men bleeding from their head, and now both men trading blows in the middle of the ring and Jess, you talk about a brawl, this is brawling 101. They don't call this a wrestling match, THEY CALL IT A FIGHT!

[Image: 19950904_hogan_bubba.jpg]

Jesse Ventura: Steam Diesel nails a right hand but Stunning Steve eats up. He's pointing at Steam Diesel and charges, and tackles him! He tackles him down, rights and lefts from Stunning Steve!

Steam Diesel reverses it, and rolls on top of Austin, now Steam Diesel is pounding away on Austin! Steam Diesel gets off Austin voluntarily and hits the ropes, Austin quick to his feet but is knocked back down by a shoulder tackle from Steam Diesel! SDB hits the ropes again and Austin does the same. Steam Diesel swings at Austin but Austin ducks! Austin comes running back at Steam Diesel and SDB catches him, BIG TIME SIDE WALK SLAM!

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: Big time slam from Steam Diesel! Steam Diesel goes for the cover! Robinson in position! ONE! TWO! THREEEE.....ANDDDD NOOO THREE AND THREE QUARTERS JESS!

Jesse Ventura: All Steam Diesel can do is lay over and be exhausted! Austin's down, Steam Diesel has his hands over his face, and Bret Hart is again on the outside slowly pulling himself up to get back into that ring!

Gorilla Monsoon: Look at this sold out crowd, every single one of them on their feet and giving these men a standing ovation! Every single one of them. Showing great respect to these three men, and this great sport.

Jesse Ventura: The Hitman is back in the ring, and Steam Diesel is up on his feet to greet him! Diesel with a kick to the gut and wrenches his around around Hart's neck! What's he looking at the crowd for?

[Image: british-bulldog-vs-bret-hart.png]

Steam Diesel looks to the crowd before hooking Bret's arm around his own head. Steam Diesel hoists Bret up and holds him high in the air, letting all of the blood rush to the head of The Hitman. This is an impressive vertical suplex, but from behind Stunning Steve Ausitn takes out the knee of Steam Diesel!

Gorilla Monsoon: Austin takes out the knee of Steam Diesel!



Jesse Ventura: Hart just...I can't oh man. Austin was so proud of himself. He didn't realize how Hart landed and if it wasn't for Paul E shouting at Steve to turn around I think it would be over. Gorilla, even Charles Robinson looks exhausted! He was VERY slow to get down and make the count!

Gorilla Monsoon: Robinson has EVERY RIGHT to be exhausted! He's been trying to wrangle these three men for well over twenty five minutes now!
06-03-2015, 06:09 AM
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OPENING: Austin vs SDB
Gorilla- Look at Steam Diesel there, hes fiddling in his jean pocket there.

Jess- What is he looking for Gorilla. Or is he-

Gorilla- Not here jess, not here.

SDB pulls out a bulky object from his pocket.

Gorilla- Is that.......thats a rock. Jess that is a stone in his hand!

Jess- Looks to be, yes.

Bret and Austin are trading licks in the middle of the ring, not paying any attention to SDB on one knee now attempting to stand once again.

Gorilla- WoW. SDB came back here to the WLF in prime condition. Its like he never left in the first place. I feel like im watching a Josh Arcanum match all over again, he just wont stay down.

Jess- Well that crimson mask says other wise cap'n. He cant have much left in the tank.

SDB is now standing, staggering, waiting for the right moment to use the weapon in hand. He leans against the corner as he awaits his time to strike, like a tiger waiting in the foliage.

Gorilla- Bret and Steve are trading rights and lefts all over the ring. OH A BIG LEFT KICK TO THE GUT OF AUSTIN FROM THE HIT MAN, OH AND ANOTHER!

Jess- ...AND A THIRD SENDS HIM REELING, OH RIGHT INTO A BIG OVERHAND TO THE HEAD COURTESY OF SDB! If Stunning Steve wasnt cut open already, its worse now Gorilla!

Gorilla-Stunning Steve just falls over on the mat. He isnt moving jess, SDB may have knocked him clean unconciouss!

Jesse- I dont think SDB is worried about his safety, he is roaring at Bret Hart. Hart dosent even know how to handle this. Steam Diesel Black is literally roaring at the Hitman.

Bret Hart goes for a clothes line but is caught and picked up on the shoulder of SDB.


Jesse- Is he really going to win this thing. Bloody face and all!

Gorilla- I think Paul E senses a possible end here for Stunning Steve, he just rolled into the ring.

Jesse- What is Paul E doing?

Gorilla- Im Not sure, hes speaking, hes pleading with the big man. What is he saying in there.

Jesse- Wait i think hes attempting to offer his managerial services to SDB, in exchange for letting Austin take the win.

Both Men are center of the ring as Paul E Dangerously presents his offer to Steam Diesel Black. The Crowd senses this and yells and screams no for SDB not to do it.

Gorilla- Dont do it SDB. Hes a snake!

Jesse- Listen to him, he can actually make you relevant.

Paul E dangerously holds his hand out for a shake. SDB stares at him intently.

Gorilla- Whats gonna happen??

Then In an instant SDB gives Paul E dangerously his answer.


Jesse- Come On Robinson, dont let him do this. PAUL E IS GONNA GET HURT.

SDB puts Paul's head between his legst. But before he can lift him up for the 1992 powerbomb, Austin comes outta nowhere with a last lunge clothes line, knocking Paul free.


SDB will be back....someday
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RE: OPENING: Austin vs SDB
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon: All three men are down in the middle of the ring , Jess. Charles Robinson appears to be making a ten count here on the participants!

Jesse Ventura: If this ends in a triple ten count, it'll be the first of its kind I think in the history of professional wrestling...and I'll personally get into that ring and knock Charles Robinson out for not letting this match have a clear cut winner!

Gorilla Monsoon: Robinson is up to two, Jess and we have no movement from any of the three men. All from pure exhaustion!

Jesse Ventura: Three! Paul E finds himself back on the outside of the ring, pounding on the apron and screaming at Stunning Steve to make a move! Come on Steve, get up! He's up to four!

Gorilla Monsoon: Robinson's count at five! Hart finally moving his arms around as he brings his hands up to his face, rubbing his face in pain. Austin is also showing some signs of life in his legs!

Jesse Ventura: SIX! Now Steam Diesel is trying to sit up. Looks like it might be the first sit up the guys ever attempted, Gorilla.

Gorilla Monsoon: Seven! Hart is on his stomach now trying to push himself up to all fours. Austin doing the same.

Jesse Ventura: Eight! This is getting a little too close for comfort, Gorilla! Come on Austin! Come on!

Gorilla Monsoon: Hart now at the ropes, using the ropes to pull himself up! NINE! Austin doing the same. Steam Diesel on one knee now in the middle of the ring!...TE....NO! Austin and Hart both up and charge at Steam Diesel! Diesel ducks! Austin and Hart collide in the center of the ring. Austin and HArt go right back down and now Steam Diesel standing tall in the center of the ring!

[Image: 4271948443_098390026d.jpg]

Steam Diesel raises his hands in the center of the ring to a nice little pop. He looks down at both men and begins to point at each guy. Steam Diesel points at Austin and the crowd roars. He points to The Hitman and the crowd boo's. Quickly back to Austin to more cheers from the crowd, then back to Hart for boo's. Steam Disel walks over to Bret and grabs his hair, the fan's boo heavily. Steam Diesel drops Bret and walks back over to Austin to a huge pop. Steam Diesel smiles and picks up Austin slowly.

Jesse Ventura: Since when do we let the fans decide the direction of a match, Gorilla?

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel is doing things his way, and right now he is going to pick up Austin and lock him into a bear hug! Old school wrestling move, but VERY effective! Austin is in pain, he has it locked in right around Austins lowerback!

[Image: 17914%20-%20Bear_Hug%20Big_Show%20Raw%20...%20wwf.jpg]

Jesse Ventura:Now he's got Austin off his feet, and he is really squeezing in that bear hug, Gorilla....Paul E looks nervous...

Gorilla Monsoon: As he should be! We saw The Hitman almost fall victim to the sleeper hold earlier in the contest, could we see Austin fall victim to this bear hug locked in by Steam Diesel!?

Steam Diesel wrenches in the bear hug as tight as possible and Austin lets out a shriek. Charles Robinson checks on Austin and Austin goes limp. Robinson lifts Austin's arm up and it drops! Robinson lifts Austin's up again! IT DROPS AGAIN! The crowd getting rowdy now as they sense the end is near! Robinsons lifts the arm and IT STAYS UP! Stunning Steve takes his arm and swings it around the back of the head of Steam Diesel. He uses his momentum of a DDT!

Gorilla Monsoon: What a reversal from Stunning Steve! He hops back up to his feet with a new burst of energy! And looks for some applause from the fans...

[Image: 19910629_austin_eaton.jpg]

Jesse Ventura: Forgot these idiots Steve, they wouldn't recognize talent if it punched them right in the face!


[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Jesse Ventura:Austin!

Hart rolls up Austin from behind as Austin was looking for some respect from the crowd. The referee gets into position! ONE! TWO! THR.......KICK OUT! Austin kicks up and Gets to his feet right away. Stunning Steve meets Bret who is on his feet with a kick to the gut, followed by a quick snap suplex! Austin spins around and covers Bret for a pin....ONE......TWO.....SHOULDER UP BY THE HITMAN! Austin beats on the canvas and gets back to his feet trying to think of what else he can do.

Gorilla Monsoon: These guys have done just about everything possible to put each other out of their misery and have not been able to do it. Stunning Steve turns his attention to Steam Diesel, but Steam Diesel greets Stunning Steve with an elbow to the back of the head. Oh now he just threw Austin right over the top rope! Austin spilled to the floor!

Jesse Ventura: Paul E, get Stunning Steve some rest. Sit back and look at what happens at Steam Diesel and Bret for a few minutes. But he has to be ready to pounce back into that ring, this match is at the stage where it could end any second!

Gorilla Monsoon: There's only one problem with that plan, Jess....

Jesse Ventura: What's that?

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel is following Austin to the outside!

[Image: SD_765_Photo_122.jpg]

Steam Diesel grabs the head of Austin and tosses him right into the Spanish announce table! Austin's head bounces off and he continues to walk away, instinctively from Steam Diesel, but not quite sure where he is at. Steam Diesel grabs Austin and whips him right into the steel steps! The steps become dislodged from the post area and Austin is rolling around in pain. Steam Diesel picks up Austin and rolls him into the ring...to which Bret drags him by the legs and goes for a quick pin! Steam Diesel can't get in the ring quick enough....ONE!....TWO!....THREEE.....

Gorilla Monsoon: Should up! Two and and almost the three, Jess! Bret Hart let Diesel do the damage and almost capitalized on it there.

Jesse Ventura: Hart is always trying to take the cheap way out in this one, Monsoon.

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel is on the apron, trying to get back into the ring. Bret charges at him and connects with a drop kick! That sends Steam Diesel back to the ringside floor! But the big guy lands on his feet! Like a cat Jess!

Jesse Ventura: A 270 POUND CAT, Monsoon!

Bret Hart looks arond the ring and charges at the ropes, he dives through the middle ropes but Steam Diesel catches Bret! Diesel puts Bret on his feet and then kicks him in the gut. Bret bends over and Diesel tucks Bret under his legs....Diesel points to the announce table!

Gorilla Monsoon: Look out Jess!

[Image: 19951119_bret_diesel_USE.jpg]

[img]Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel just hit That 1992 Power Bomb on The Hitman through out table. Jess, are you still with us, your mic working?

Muffled noises can be heard as Jess get's his headset back on after scrambling to avoid the powerbomb.

Jesse Ventura: Can you hear me, Monsoon?

Gorilla Monsoon: I can hear you, but I don't think Bret can hear, see, or move anything what so ever. We might need someone to come check on here right now! He went right through the table and Steam Diesel has left a mess here in front of us. Our table's broken in half, and The Hitman might be broken in half as well!

Jesse Ventura: Bret might be broken in more then just half, he may be broken into pieces , Gorilla...

Gorilla Monsoon: Steam Diesel turns around and heads back into the ring. Stunning Steve is in the ring and waiting for him ....Diesel is met with right hands as he tries to get in the ring....now Steam Diesel and Austin trading blows!

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Jesse Ventura: Austin staggers Diesel and hits the ropes! LOU THESZ PRESS FROM AUSTIN! MORE RIGHT HANDS! Blood is everywhere.

Austin pounds away at Steam Diesel as both men are bloodied and battered. Steam Diesel throws Austin off of him, and Austin jumps right back on top of him. Diesel again throws Austin off. Austin looks to the turnbuckle and climbs up to the second rope. He jumps off going for a double axe handle, but Steam Diesel catches Austin! Diesel turns it into a SPINE BUSTER. Steam Diesel just lays motionless on top of Austin as Robinson hits the mat for a count....

Gorilla Monsoon: ONE! TWO! THREEEE.....ANDDDD NOTTTT YET. Shoulder up again by Stunning Steve and what is the crowd chanting?

Jesse Ventura: I think their chanting " Jesse's Awesome! Jesse's Awesome!"

Gorilla Monsoon: Sorry Jess, but I think the chant is..." This is Awesome" Fans showing their appreciation for this one! We are over thirty minutes of non stop action now, and we might have to postpone the rest of the show for next week if this keeps up!

Jesse Ventura: Still sounds like Jesse's Awesome to me, I think it's time for the hearing aid, Monsoon!
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