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Atomic Wrestling TV 004
04-05-2017, 05:13 AM (This post was last modified: 04-05-2017 05:13 AM by Caveman_Cooper.)
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Atomic Wrestling TV 004
[Image: CMBC_logo_SM.jpg]

Voiceover: You are watching Baltimore City's Channel 75. In the 10:30 timeslot, the Gonzo Sports Show, followed by Baltimore, Too at 11:00 but up next, Atomic Wrestling ...

[Image: AW_Logo2.png]
Atomic Wrestling
Episode 004
Taped Monday, January 16th, 1992
Shown Friday, January 20th, 1992
Baltimore, Maryland

[Image: audience_SM.png]

We get a quick pan of the studio audience while in the background, we hear air raid sirens followed by the sound of a bomb falling, then the sound of a large explosion. As that ends, the camera settles in on our hosts.

[Image: Scott_Huffines.jpg]
Scott Huffines

Scott Huffines: Another week, another action-packed episode of Atomic Wrestling! Joining me as always, the distinguised Cosmic Commander. CC, my good man, what is on tap for today?

[Image: image.jpg]
Cosmic Commander

Cosmic Commander: You know, Jack as always it is action-packed and this week is no different! The big man, Mean Mark Mest steps into the squared circle, Daddy-O as he continues his one-man crusade against the Knight Brothers, this time facing the pair in a handicap match.

Scott Huffines: Both Jeff and Thomas? Do they have a chance this time around?

Cosmic Commander: Well ... there is two of them but the Big Boy outweighs them both. Daddy-O, I'm thinking a fudgecicle has a better chance making it through the Sahara than the Knights do.

Scott Huffines: I'm more a Good Humor man myself. You know the one with the vanilla ice cream, strawberry goodness and crunchy cake coating?

Cosmic Commander: Stick to the script here, Daddy-O. We're gonna hear a word or two from the "Devious One", Don E. Allen and perhaps an answer to the challenge thrown out last week by Champion, Axl Rotten.

Scott Huffines: Ohhhhhh ... that sounds good. We'll be right back after this little break in the action!

x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x BREAK x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

Voiceover: You are watching Atomic Wresting on Baltimore City's Channel 75 Public Access TV, brought to you in part by Atomic Books

[Image: AtomicSM.jpg]

Atomic Books, bringing literary finds to mutated minds. Find them at 229 West Read Street in Baltimore.

At 10:30, the Gonzo Sports Show, followed by Baltimore, Too at 11:00.

x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x BREAK x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

We return from the break to find the diminutive Sarah standing by with Jason.

[Image: Sarah_Boonstoppel.jpg]

Sarah : The AtomicGirl here with the Knight Brothers. Boys ... one-on-one against Mark Mest, the two of you have had no success but tonight it will be both of you taking on the big man. Your thoughts?

Jeff Knight: Mark Mest ... TONIGHT! WE! ARE! GOING! TO! BEAT! YOU!

Thomas Knight: YEAH!

Sarah: The Knights with alot on their minds. Guys, back to you.

We return to Scotty and CC in the broadcast position.

Scott Huffines: Big words, Commander ... bravado or something else?

Cosmic Commander: It might start with a B but it ain't bravado ... more like bull ...

Scott Huffines: DON'T GO THERE, CC! Why don't we just go to the ring?

B-Mo #1 & #2 versus Quin Nash & Tony DeVito
The masked men against two newcomers which gets underway BEFORE the bell as the B-Mo's jump them.

Scott Huffines: A bit of a rude welcome to Nash and DeVito in their debuts here at Atomic Wrestling.

Cosmic Commander: You can say that again, Jack!

We got a brawl as Nash and DeVito do their best to fight back and clear the ring of the masked man. Under control, we have a match and while the two are on the "green side", keeping things simple, they take control of things.

Scott Huffines: DeVito in ... is that B-Mo #1 or #2?

Cosmic Commander: #2.

Scott Huffines: DeVito with the side headlock. A takeover and #2 on his back ... 1! 2! NO! The B-Mo with his shoulder up ...

Worked back to their feet, the masked man tries to escape his fate but a quick tag and Quin is into the ring, using the ropes to propel himself in for a double sledge to the arm.

Scott Huffines: Quinton Nash in and takes right up where Tony DeVito left off.

Cosmic Commander: You know, Jack, for a couple of greenhorns, this DeVito and Nash aren't too bad. It may be awhile before either of them is challenging for a title but that might be in their future one day.

Scott Huffines: I'm with you there, CC.

They take turns cranking the neck before double teaming to left B-Mo #Whatever into the air and dropping him backwards for a suplex. DeVito makes the cover while Nash cuts off the other masked man to pick up the win.

Scott Huffines: We have to break away from the action for a moment but we'll be right back! Don't go away!

x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x BREAK x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

Voiceover: You are watching Atomic Wresting on Baltimore City's Channel 75 Public Access TV, brought to you in part by Atomic Books

[Image: AtomicSM.jpg]

Atomic Books, bringing literary finds to mutated minds. Find them at 229 West Read Street in Baltimore.

At 10:30, the Gonzo Sports Show, followed by Baltimore, Too at 11:00.

x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x BREAK x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

We return to find Don E. Allen in his "office".

[Image: doneallenSM.jpg]

Don E. Allen: Axl Rotten ... so you want to play this the hard way? Rather than give me what I deserve by handing over the title belt that belongs to me, you want to talk about meeting in your "office"? Well, let me tell you something ... from my "office". Don E. Allen is ready for you ... any time, any where! Let it all hang out with the title on the line, I am ready to get exactly what I deserve!

Scott Huffines: CC, I think Don E. Allen might have painted himself into a corner and truly get what he deserves at the hands of Axl Rotten.

Cosmic Commander: You said a mouthful, Daddy-O. He wants, looks like he's gonna get it and not in the way I think he means!

Scott Huffines: Right now, let's go to the ring!

Handicap Match: Mean Mark Mest versus Jeff Knight & Thomas Knight
Mest waits in his corner for the bell as the Knights make their way to the ring. The big man is calm, cool and collected waiting for the bell. Once underway, the Knights argue as to who will start. Finally, Jeff gets in and starts to hammer away Mest still waiting in his corner. Tiring, Jeff is out and Thomas comes in with the same philosophy and hammers away to no effect.

Scott Huffines: Not much damage here as Mest seems to be waiting things out..

Both Knights in trying to yank Mest out of his corner but no dice. They arguw with each other and the referee, baffled as to how proceed. He does that for them, grabbing each man's arm and yanking them in for short arm clotheslines.

Scott Huffines: Ouch!

Cosmic Commander: Not much luck for those Knight Boys against Mest.

Not in good shape, both Knights go down to huge hammering headbutts.

Scott Huffines: Mest easily tossing both men into the corner ...

Cosmic Commander: Don't envy either Knight Brother in this situation right here.

Moving his foot across the mat, Mark Mest acts like a bull before charging into the corner and squishing both boys. Mest comes out and watches his targets.

Scott Huffines: Mark Mest rattles that ring when he hits that corner, CC.

Cosmic Commander: Gotta agree with ya there, Jack. There's hard and then there's HARD. This one was HARD!

Scott Huffines: Commander, I thin he's going to do it again!

Cosmic Commander: Two Knight Brothers, Jack. Second corner splash coming up!


Not a run but more like a quick waddle and Mark Mest hits that corner really HARD. There's a loud sound of creaking metal after Mest hits the corner.

Scott Huffines: OH NO! That sound is the ringpost being crushed under a tremendous amount of power!

The ringpost collapses, the ropes come flying away, no longer held in place and suddenly the ring does the same, pushed in the direction of Mest's charge before going flat. All three wrestlers and the referee drop to the canvas as several fans scream at the ring's "death".

Cosmic Commander: I've seen a lot in my career but I've never seen anything like this before.

Struggling back to his feet, Mark Mest drags both of the Knights into what is left of the ring. Dropping one on top of the other, Mark Mest stands over both of them for a moment before dropping down on top of them! TIMBER! Collective groan from the fans as the big guy drops all his weight on his opponents. Kicking part of the ring out of the way, referee Joe Zanolle is an old pro, drops to the camvas and slaps out a three count despite the circumstances.

Scott Huffines: Mark Mest has beaten the combined force of the Knight Brothers as well as destroyed our ring .Well folks, that's all the time we have this week for Atomic Wrestling. For the Cosmic Commander and the AtomicGirl Sarah, this is Scotty Huffines signing off. We'll see you again next week for more wrestling action.
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04-06-2017, 05:00 AM
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RE: Atomic Wrestling TV 004
Coop! Welcome back! The Knight brothers continue to be fed to the big man... and ripped the ring apart in the process!

[Image: pw%20banner_zpszc8xr32p.jpg]
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04-06-2017, 02:41 PM
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RE: Atomic Wrestling TV 004
Yeah, needed an "event" to bridge the gap between my last show and now. Will make more sense come next TV.
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