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WCCW 04-18-92: Revenge Royale
04-19-2017, 04:22 AM
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WCCW 04-18-92: Revenge Royale
[Image: WCCW%20Tuesday_zpssqihsxeb.jpg]
April 1992 – Week 3
The Dallas Sportatorium
5,139 pax

This week’s edition of WCCW Tuesday in Texas kicks off with reigning WCCW Heavyweight Champion, Stan Hansen, fuming over the events that befallen him last week.

[Image: Hansen_Blackwell_06281986.jpg]

Stan Hansen: BARRY WINDHAM!!! BARRY WINDHAM!!! You piece of yellow bellied sapsucker! You want a piece of me?! Huh? You want this, boy?! *flashes the WCCW Heavyweight Championship* You want me, you know where to find me. Cause I don’t care what old man Fritz has to say. Right here tonight, I’m gonna be standing in that very ring and I’m gonna be waiting for ya. You want the title? Then come and get it.

The New Blackjacks vs S&S Express
[Image: New%20Blackjacks_zpsgmkfsemk.jpg] [Image: SampS%20Express_zps8kkp5qwl.jpg]

Former WCCW Tag-Team Champions, the S&S Express, are seeking to regain momentum after the recent title loss to prove that it was not a fluke, but face a tough challenge in the form of the New Blackjacks, who have been riding a wave of victories over the past few weeks. Blackjack Windham and Blackjack Bradshaw immediately assert their dominance, playing to their strengths and roughing up their opponents. The S&S Express fire back with speed and precision, mounting an aerial assault and dropping the bombs on the burly cowboys with a string of missile dropkicks. The twin brothers even send their opponents colliding into one another. As the contest reaches its climax, reigning two-time WCCW Tag-Team Champions the Platinum Blondes decide to make an appearance down ringside. The New Blackjacks take advantage of the distraction and cannibalise poor Shaun with the Double Lariat to steal away the win.

The New Blackjacks defeated the S&S Express via pinfall after outside interference from the Platinum Blondes at 11:28.

Kingpin vs Dustin Rhodes ©
[Image: Kingpin_zpslbhizd9r.jpg] [Image: Dustin%20Rhodes_zpshcawcpkw.jpg]

With the old Empire effectively null and void, the rechristened Kingpin has every intention of marking the new day with some gold around his waist. Well aware of his odds against the massive challenger, Dustin Rhodes takes the fight early to the super heavyweight, launching the initial onslaught with elbow smashes and dropkicks. Kingpin uses his size to his advantage, catching Rhodes coming off the ropes with a sidewalk slam and knocks the wind right out of the champion. The challenger picks up several nearfalls, but the champion simply refuses to stay down for the count. Rhodes battles his way back into the match and lands the running bulldog, but Kingpin cleverly rolls to the outside to avoid certain pinfall.

[Image: ahmed-johnson-faarooq.jpg?quality=100]

Faarooq comes through the crowd and nails Kingpin from the blindside. The former leader of the Empire grabs his one-time associate and rams him straight into the steel ringsteps before returning from whence he came. The referee, not realizing what has transpired, proceeds to count out the challenger and awards the contest to Dustin Rhodes.

Dustin Rhodes defeated Kingpin via countout after outside interference from Faarooq Asad to successfully retain the WCCW Texas Television Championship at 9:03.

House of Jacks vs Platinum Blondes ©
[Image: House%20of%20Jacks_zpshlseo0or.jpg] [Image: Platinum%20Blondes_zpshnmtscrp.jpg]

The House of Jacks nearly picks up a record-breaking upset victory when Cactus Jack rolls Shawn Michaels up in a schoolboy as the champions are busy admiring their own reflections on the title belts. The Platinum Blondes quickly re-establish themselves and remind everyone that they are not just two pretty boys with no substance. The champions take charge and cut the ring in half, keeping Texas Jack in their corner for most of the contest. But the action takes a turn for the worse when other tandems on the roster decide to invade the ring.

[Image: wwef_526736383_th_64.jpg]

Boni Blackstone: What in the world is going on here? What are the Blackjacks doing in the ring?
Buddy Rogers: You spoke too soon. Looks like the S&S Express are joining the party as well.
Boni Blackstone: The referee doesn’t quite know how to call this.
Buddy Rogers: It’s absolute chaos as far as I can tell.
Boni Blackstone: The referee is trying to eject both the Blackjacks and the S&S Express from the ring. Wait-a-minute… Texas Jack has got his hands in his trunks!
Buddy Rogers: That’s what you’re focusing on?
Boni Blackstone: You know what I mean. Austin doesn’t realize it… Texas Jack decks him in the jaw with the handful of quarters! And he picks up the win over the tag champs! This has got to be an upset!

The House of Jacks defeated the Platinum Blondes via pinfall when Texas Jack pinned Austin after the Fistful of Dollars at 12:05.

Nikita Koloff vs Magnum TA
[Image: Nikita%20Koloff_zps9vpuuxio.jpg] [Image: Magnum%20TA_zpswn5cwrew.jpg]

Buddy Rogers: This is something I’ll never get and perhaps that’s the reason why Magnum TA never wins the big one. You have a guaranteed shot at the WCCW Heavyweight Championship, why in the world would you put that on the line and risk it all?
Boni Blackstone: Well, for starters he wants to prove that he truly deserves that number one spot. Besides, there’s so much history between…
Buddy Rogers: History and friendships don’t mean squat when the WCCW Heavyweight Championship is up for grabs. Magnum TA is an idiot for doing this and I hope he loses. At least it’ll wake him up and make sure he never does it again.

[Image: 1280x720-jaB.jpg]

The two friends exchange handshakes at the start of the contest before getting right into it. Tying up collar-and-elbow, Nikita Koloff controls the early part of the match using his strength and power. Magnum mounts a comeback with a balanced combination of precision strikes and basic wrestling holds. The match goes back and forth as champion and challenger continue to trade blows and alternate between suplexes. With exhaustion slowly slipping in, Koloff tries to slow down the pace of the match by anchoring his opponent down with a reverse chinlock. Magnum counters with a staggering jawbreaker and plants the Russian Nightmare with his patented Belly-To-Belly Suplex, but only manages a two count before the challenger puts his foot on the bottom rope. Late into the match, Koloff seemingly has the victory in the bag when he lunges at the champion with the Russian Sickle. Magnum ducks the attempt and counters with the second Belly-To-Belly Suplex of the evening, picking up the win over his comrade and successfully establishing his spot as the number one contender to the WCCW Heavyweight Championship.

Magnum TA defeated Nikita Koloff via pinfall after the Belly-To-Belly Suplex to remain as the number one contender to the WCCW Heavyweight Championship at 14:38.

The cameras are on hand when a commotion happens in the backstage area. Just moments before the League of Nations Battle Royal, Giant Haystacks is blindsided as he is making his way down the walkway.

[Image: vlcsnap-2012-08-20-01h48m33s6.jpg]

Faarooq Asad, bitter over his team’s failure to qualify for the League of Nations competition, blames Haystacks for causing the loss and launches a blatant assault on the big man. Smashing a lead pipe across the leg, Faarooq intentionally injures the super heavyweight not only to stop him from competing in the battle royal, but also to jeopardise the chances of Team United Kingdom winning the League of Nations.

Team USA, Team United Kingdom, Team Mexico & Team Japan
[Image: Ted%20DiBiase_zpsrvclhnv3.jpg] [Image: Terrence%20Taylor_zpsvss92t4z.jpg] [Image: Hunter%20Hearst%20Helmsley_zpsizoxeflh.jpg] [Image: Franchise_zps7qs1qnnp.jpg]
[Image: Davey%20Boy%20Smith_zps3ytr5mpi.jpg] [Image: Lord%20Regal_zpsfsdgzzs9.jpg] [Image: Finlay_zpscc8fzuuy.jpg] [Image: Giant%20Haystacks_zpsobskaz9j.jpg]
[Image: Eddie%20Guerrero_zps0lytlllw.jpg] [Image: Pierroth_zpsylh4j0cq.jpg] [Image: Ciber_zpslm1uuhr3.jpg] [Image: Nicho_zpswmipvaxf.jpg]
[Image: Masahiro%20Chono_zpsvctj3fjo.jpg] [Image: Hakushi_zps7ofeaun0.jpg] [Image: Hayabusa_zpsq27xea6y.jpg] [Image: Power%20Warrior_zpsnzy4llam.jpg]

Boni Blackstone: So what is the significance of this battle royal?
Buddy Rogers: Apart from bragging rights? Not a whole lot else. But if by chance we do not have a decisive winner come the end of the League of Nations, then and only then will the outcome of tonight’s battle royal play an important part.
Boni Blackstone: Well, thanks to Faarooq, the Brits have already lost their heavy hitter.

[Image: wwf_wrestlemania_4_battleroyal.jpg]

As in most battle royals, it is absolute chaos at the onset of the match. The moment the bell rings, all 15 participants begin tearing into each other, going every which way. Only Team Japan shows solidarity by fighting as a unit. It is not long before the teamwork produces results as the team of Sin & Salvation, with Masahiro Chono directing traffic, deposits the masked Pierroth to the outside.


Team USA picks up a thing or two from Team Japan as they pile up on Duke David Finlay and toss him over the ropes.


Team USA immediately follows through with their initial elimination by ousting Nicho El Millonario as well when the Franchise Shane Douglas counters a springboard flip from the luchadore with his signature Franchiser and dumps him to the outside soon thereafter.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Cibernetico are tussling against the ropes as both men topple over and crash to the floor in a double elimination.


Boni Blackstone: The Mexicans are dropping like flies, no disrespect intended.
Buddy Rogers: Team captain Eddie Guerrero is the only left. Team Japan is the only team whose members are all intact. All four of them are still in there.
Boni Blackstone: I think you might have spoken too soon, Nature Boy. They tried the numbers game with Davey Boy Smith, but the British Bulldog powers his way out of the predicament… and he’s got Hakushi way up there in a military press!

[Image: Picture+20.png]


Following the elimination, Davey Boy and Power Warrior lock horns in a fans’ superstar dream match, exchanging power blow for power blow without holding anything back. Chono tries to sneak up on Davey Boy with the running Yakuza Kick, but misses his mark completely as he connects with his own teammate instead, knocking the warpainted gladiator to the outside.


Terrence Taylor and Lord Steven Regal resume the battle between the Distinguished Gentlemen and the United Kingdom, trading shots on the other side of the ring. Regal appears to be getting the upperhand with a slew of European Uppercuts to the jaw. Taylor, in a moment of desperation, grabs Regal as he throws himself over the ropes. Both men landed on the ring apron. The Taylor Made Man quickly scampers back inside the ring, but the Englishman is not as quick to his feet and is the unfortunate recipient of an Eddie Guerrero dropkick and falls off the ring apron to the floor.


Taylor thinks he has gotten away with murder, but makes the mistake of letting his guard down and becomes the next victim to leave the ring, courtesy of a flying head scissors from Hayabusa.


Before Hayabusa could land on his feet, the opportunistic Eddie Guerrero grabs the Flying Assassin from behind and launches him over the ropes to the outside.


DiBiase sees his opening and snares the dreaded Million Dollar Dream on Guerrero. Latino Heat struggles against the submission hold and, out of desperation, throws himself over the ropes. Guerrero clings to the ropes, while DiBiase hits the floor like a sack.


A disgruntled Million Dollar Man grabs Guerrero and wrenches him off the ring apron. DiBiase smashes Guerrero against the side of the ring and continues to pummel the native of El Paso until ringside officials break it up, leaving the stage to the final three participants.

[Image: masahirochono.jpg] [Image: shane7.jpg] [Image: 89b9832d8632210af0a4fa502f54eb7b.jpg]

Shane Douglas convinces Masa Chono to work together to first eliminate Davey Boy Smith. No stranger to being double-teamed, the British Bulldog takes the fight to his two opponents, levelling them with a double clothesline. Davey Boy looks to flip Chono over the ropes, but Sensational Sherri hops on the ring apron and gouges the fan favorite in the eyes, saving her client from certain elimination. Like sharks smelling blood, Chono and Douglas rip into the Englishman. The alliance is short-lived when the Franchise turns on the Black Knight and tosses him to the floor.


Dissatisfied with the manner in which he was eliminated, Chono returns to the ring and drops Douglas with a big boot to the face. Not quite finished, Chono saves a Yakuza Kick for Davey Boy as well. As the two final combatants slowly pick themselves up from the canvas, Douglas strikes home with the deadly Franchiser and deposits the Bulldog to the floor to be declared the winner of the battle royal, earning much needed momentum for Team USA heading into the League of Nations.

Shane Douglas won the battle royal, last eliminating Davey Boy Smith at 18:26.

Barry Windham vs Stan “The Lariat” Hansen ©
[Image: Barry%20Windham_zps32sh8trv.jpg] [Image: Stan%20Hansen_zpsajgoying.jpg]

Stan Hansen wastes little time at all to go after Barry Windham, repeatedly thrusting his shoulder into the latter’s midsection and mauling the challenger in the corner. Windham goes for the eyes and catapults the champion, face-first, into the second turnbuckle. Windham attempts a vertical suplex, but Hansen blocks it and answers with one of his own, dumping the Widowmaker straight to the outside!

[Image: Suplex%2Bto%2BOutside.gif]

When the match resumes in the ring, Hansen continues to wail on Windham, but the challenger remains steadfast and keeps the champion on his toes. The Widowmaker turns to some underhanded tactics to get ahead as he tries countless ways to keep the Lariat’s shoulders down to the mat for the three count, but to no avail. Windham sets Hansen up for the Superplex, but the latter knocks his challenger off the top. Hansen misses with an uncommon shoulder tackle off the middle rope as the Widowmaker looks to capitalise with the dreaded Claw Hold. The capacity crowd suddenly erupts when an all too familiar theme blasts through the loud speakers.

[Image: oldent_texas_tornado_110614.jpg]

Buddy Rogers: Injury at the hands of the Widowmaker.
Boni Blackstone: Windham looks like he’d seen a ghost!
Buddy Rogers: Barry Windham was well on his way to winning this match and becoming the WCCW Heavyweight Champion; he had Hansen down for the count.

Allowing himself to be distracted by Von Erich’s presence down ringside, Windham releases the Claw Hold and challenges the Texas Tornado to step inside the ring. Hansen picks himself up and levels the preoccupied challenger with the Running Lariat to pick up the one-two-three, setting the stage for the main event at the WCCW League of Nations pay-per-view against Magnum TA.

Stan Hansen defeated Barry Windham via pinfall after the Running Lariat to successfully retain the WCCW Heavyweight Championship at 15:07.

[Image: pw%20banner_zpszc8xr32p.jpg]
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