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Gameplay written up thoughts?
09-06-2017, 10:39 PM
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Gameplay written up thoughts?
Here is what I am giving the guy who is helping me with the engine. He does not know too too much about wrestling so I wrote this up for him and me to make sure I get it right. Please provide feedback if I have something wrong.

1. Two or more characters start in the ring depending on the match type. All in the idle animation.

2. They can move up down and diagonal using the Walk animation. They always face the closest opponent on the same plane. If there are more than two characters in the ring they face the closest opponent as long as the opponent is not in the tired state. If the opponent is in the tired state the player can walk behind and face the opponents back.

3. The players and opponents can Punch, Kick or Run (horizontal into the ropes or diagonal into the corner) from the walking or idle state. They can also tag a partner, or climb the top rope in any corner.

a. Punch (Punch Button)

b. Kick (Kick Button)

c. Run horizontal (Run Button or Run Button + moving the joystick left or right)

d. Run diagonal (Run Button + moving the joystick in a diagonal direction) **This is a new feature to
our game and was not in the original

e. Climb the top rope (move the joystick diagonal towards the corner)

f. Tag partner (Kick button + move the joystick diagonal towards your partner you want to tag)

4. If the player and the opponent come too close to each other they will automatically enter the tieup state.

5. The winner of this state is who ever hits the button when the hands touch each other. The winner is put in the headlock animation and the loser in the getheadlock animation. If the tie up is a tie, the player and opponent go into a test of strength by punching each other in a special punch animation. This is a best two out of three mini game kind of thing. The winner of each round is determined by Button mashing. Whoever wins this goes into the headlock position with the loser going into the getheadlock position. Special note on this animation. It always starts with the first 2 frames of the tie-up animation.

6. Once in the headlock position, the character can “grind” the headlock. This is a two frame animation. This is achieved by holding down the punch button and not moving the joystick in any direction. This state/animation is bypassed if the punch button is let go of and then the punch or kick button is pressed.

7. while holding down the punch button from step 6 you can then drag the opponent in the headlock position for a short time. If this move is held too long the player getting the headlock will reverse the headlock into an irish whip. Also, while holding down the punch button if you are near your partner or can drag your opponent near your partner you can press the kick button while still holding the punch button and you will tag your partner and do a double team move.

8. Once the punch button is let go of and then the punch or the kick button is pressed a headlock move type is performed.

a. wrestling move (punch button) (sample move animation is a snapmare)

b. Irish whip into ropes ( kick button + pressing left or right or no joystick input) In this state, the
opponent goes into the ropes and bounces off the ropes (1 sprite for the character and the ropes are
animated as well) then comes back towards the player that performed the irish whip. That player
can then do an “against running” move. Also, the player who performed the ifish whip can do any
movement they want after whipping the opponent into the ropes.

c. irish whip into corner (kick button + pressing a diagonal) If this happens the opponent who is thrown
into the corner has another animation play of the opponent hitting the corner. The opponent ends in
a prone state in the corner – 1 sprite. The player who whipped the opponent into the corner can then
perform a running move against prone corner opponent, or initiate a corner grapple.

We're gonna bury every gerbil faced geek we face! Yeahhhhh!!!!
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09-12-2017, 09:43 AM
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Gameplay written up thoughts?
Sounds great are you gonna add the ability to taunt?
A taunt button would be awesome.
Anyways base game first I know don't wanna complicate things so I'll keep to spriting.

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09-12-2017, 01:59 PM
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Gameplay written up thoughts?
Yeah, I think we have to add a taunt button or work it in somehow.

We're gonna bury every gerbil faced geek we face! Yeahhhhh!!!!
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