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LUCHA LIBRE: Guerrero vs DeJesus
The Voice of the Future marked his return to the WLF with a bitter sweet victory... a match won but a friend lost.
Will the apprentice rise to the ocassion and educate his former mentor with a lesson in humility and revenge?

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07-04-2012, 09:45 AM
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LUCHA LIBRE: Guerrero vs DeJesus
Eddie Guerrero vs Jose DeJesus

[Image: EddieGuerrero.jpg] [Image: JoseDeJesus.jpg]
07-04-2012, 05:21 PM
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Re: LUCHA LIBRE: Guerrero vs DeJesus
[Image: 0.jpg]
Gorilla Monsoon:WLF World War 3 has been a PPV to be remembered for the ages Brain, and right now we have the Teacher vs the Student, Eddie Guerrero should be ashamed of yourself on his actions last week!
Bobby Heenan:WHY SHOULD HE BE ASHAMED OF WHAT HE DID, the only thing he should be ashamed of, is to have to perform to these farm dwelling humanoids! Look at that, that idiot in the first row he has a Goat tied up the Guard Rail, and LOOK HE'S KISSING IT! GET A REAL GIRLFRIEND YOU SICK FREAK!

[Image: cs_goat.jpg]

Gorilla Monsoon:Watch it Brain, last time you came here and insulted someone here, you caught rabids!
Bobby Heenan:That's what happens, when a Dog and their Owner share the same bowl to drink out of!
Gorilla Monsoon:Well we are getting word Mene Gene did an earlier interview with the Voice of the Future and boy was it explosive!

*Monsoon is telling Brain to be quite, just as the interview plays on the Gekkotron

[Image: atbHf.jpg]
Mene Gene:It's World War 3 Jose DeJesus, your going to be doing double duty tonight, but first thing due for you is you have the man who trained you, Eddie Guerrero, from the famous Guerreo clan! I can see it in your eyes Jose, that you have much to say,and the floor is yours!

[Image: a15WG.png]
Jose DeJesus:You have that right Mene Gene, I have to go against one of the greats of the legendary Eddie Guerrero clan! Remember Eddie, when I arrived on your doorstep, sweating, stinking like I haven't taken a shower for a month, with just with the Clothes on my back, and a small duffle bag in my hands, wanting you TRAIN ME?!

Mene Gene:What did he do Jose?

Jose DeJesus:He slammed the DOOR IN MY FACE! Now a weaker man would of gave up on his dreams, but not me.I stood out there all night, not caring if I would get robbed in El Paso, Texas, not caring if I was to get beat up by someone in the neighborhood, I stood there, hoping that Eddie would reopen the Door! Eddie during the night, watched me through his Window, and he knew right then, that I had the heart and the guts to be in this sport of Pro Wrestling! The next morning, he opened the Door, and that day I started my training.After a great Shower, Eddie yanked me out of it, and right to the backyard, into the Ring! I tried to catch my breathe Mene Gene, and wham Eddie dropkicked me in my chest! I learned from the old school way of thinking Mene Gene, we would outside for hours, to make sure we understood the ins and outs of this business.No food, no Water, yeah it was tough, but I loved the enviroment I was in Mr.Okerlund.For all the people who said I didn't have a chance in Wrestling cough..Dad...I was going to stick it to them!

Mene Gene:Did you see the seeds of hate, we saw unleashed on you last week Jose?

[Image: 229.jpg]

Mickie James:Baby, Mene Gene is going have to go to, I had to take a shower, to show the world and WLF, this is going to real, and forever be the WLF Women's Champion.

Jose DeJesus:Don't worry baby, you'll get pranch around your beautiful body in mere moments.As for your question, I never saw any seeds, but it seems the seeds of hate, were so deep, that they hidden away in his heart, and they emerged! I know what is to hate, it eats you away at heart, you lose sleep wanting to get rid of it! Eddie when did this hate start, did it start Eddie when I started to get reconqnition around Texas and Mexico, and you family was taking me too much for your liking? Or was it when dated your Daughter Shaul? We knew it was wrong, and it ended mutually, but obviously Eddie you want to end my career here in WLF!

Mene Gene:Eddie taught you to lie, cheat and steal, did you ever take those words to heart in your life?

Jose DeJesus:Did I. I was stealing Women's pulses, and it got me into trouble, that if I didn't fix it, I would be sitting in a cell, will a hairy guy named Steve, wanting me to show something! Tonight Eddie, I will be facing my mentor, my Father in my Wrestling Business, so look at me Eddie, I know you want one last run in Pro Wrestling, but right now Eddie, you have rabids, and it's time to put you to sleep and Eddie remember Vive La Raza? I hope at the end of this match, you remember that cause, we are representing our people, this isn't about dwarfs, or sex tapes, tonight I'm going to beat you, and win World War 3 battle royal, I just hope, when I with my guardian Angel, Mickie in the Ring with me in victory later tonight, that you are there to hug me, but you are no longer a man are you Eddie?

Mene Gene:On that note, we send it back to Gorilla and the Brain!

Bobby Heenan:Did I just hear, Jose dated one of Eddie's Daughters years ago, you entered the wrong person's yard Jose, and your going to pay for it!
Gorilla Monsoon:He did nothing wrong, that was the past, this is the present, and NWO must fear Jose DeJesus so much, that they would hire Eddie Guerrero, to distract Jose DeJesus for later in the World War 3 Battle Royal!
Bobby Heenan:Of course he did, it mind games Gorilla, keep up!

I NEED A DOCTOR...................I NEED A DOCTOR...............I NEED A DOCTOR....TO BRING ME BACK TO LIFE...BEEP ....BEEP..............BEEP[/move]

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Gorilla Monsoon:Jose is Wrestling twice tonight, but does he look like a man, who's worried?
Bobby Heenan:I wouldn't be worried about that, I would be worried, if Eddie is going to take away Mickie or not, those Guerreros have a history of getting a lady, and then getting them pregnant!

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[Image: efKce2Z.gif]
07-06-2012, 01:57 AM
Post: #3
Re: LUCHA LIBRE: Guerrero vs DeJesus
Voiceover: This message has been brought to you by the New World Order of Wrestling.

Eddie Guerrero: Jose DeJesus on Prime Time last week I made a statement to you. You really thought I was your amigo holmes. I remember that day really well you came on by doorstep like the loser you were and guess what I slammed the door in your face and what did you do you stayed there overnight and I took you in to train you. When we did those training sessions I remember you crying when I put you in the Gory Bomb Ha Ha.

Eddie Guerrero: Moving on to tonight, tonight Jose DeJesus I'm going to hurt you and make you cry again. Jose you may know all of my moves but I have a couple new moves you have not seen so what do you think of that. You never played by my quote anyway. Tonight when I step in the ring with you ese I'm going to show you how lying,cheating and stealing is done when I beat you in that ring 1,2,3. Remember I LIE, I CHEAT, I STEAL.

Back to Arena:
Gorilla Monsoon: Eddie Guerrero is very confident that he is going to win tonight.
Bobby Heenan: Well he has the right to because he's going up against that Mexican lunatic.
Gorilla Monsoon: Jose DeJesus is not Mexican Bobby, How many times are you going to say that.
Bobby Heenan: As much as I want. HaHa Eddie Guerrero said when he was training with Jose DeJesus he started crying what a wimp.
Gorilla Monsoon: Do you really believe Lantino Heat Eddie Guerrero.
Bobby Heenan: Yes I do actually.
Gorilla Monsoon: The ref better keep his eye on Eddie Guerrero tonight.
Bobby Heenan: What's that suppose to mean, just because he follows the rules every single time he fights.
Gorilla Monsoon: Oh brother, we take you to Howard Finkel with the introduction of Eddie Guerrero.

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Howard Finkel: Making his way down the aisle representing the New World Order of Wrestling from El Paso, Texas, EDDIE GUERRERO.

Sometime has pasted and the curtain still hasn't opened and Howard Finkel introduces his name again and still the curtain doesn't move. So The ref goes to Howard and he tells him something.

Howard Finkel: I've been informed by the ref of this match that if Eddie Guerrero does not come out by the count of 10 he automatically loses the match.

So he introduces him a 3 time and you can here these fans start counting down. Jose DeJesus is looking towards the entrance waiting for Eddie.

Gorilla Monsoon: Look at this Bobby Eddie Guerrero coming through the crowd with a steel chair.
Bobby Heenan: Come on Jose turn around, because your face will be bashed into a chair in a moment.
Gorilla Monsoon: He heard you and Jose turns around and WHAM Eddie Guerrero smacks him with the chair. Listen to these fans booing now.
Bobby Heenan: These humanoids don't know true greatness if they saw it and now Eddie  Guerrero is in control of the match.
Gorilla Monsoon: Yeah he used a illegal object, Mickie saying something to the ref but he said it was before the match so he can't do anything. Now he rings the bell and this math is officially now underway.

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07-06-2012, 03:52 AM
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Re: LUCHA LIBRE: Guerrero vs DeJesus
*Eddie Guerrero wants to unleash some more chair shots, as Earl Hebner kicks out the Chair, as Eddie grabs Earl by his shirt, and yanks him into the corner! He's about to punch Earl in the face, as if he stole his Wallet, and Jose gets back up, and grabs his former mentor, and lands a hard knife edge chop to his chest.He is in the corner, as Earl is stuck there too, as Jose and Eddie are throwing out the rules, as Jose backs up into the other opposite Turnbuckle, and is measuring Latino Heat.He runs with great intent to hurt, as Jose cartwheels showing shades of the Great Muta, but Eddie moves outta the way, and Earl gets smashes with the reverse back elbow! Earl goes down, holding at his chest, as Jose is checking on him, as Eddie goes for a German Suplex, as he flips Jose DeJesus backwards, and lands on his feet! Jose runs at Eddie, and performs a Monkey flip, but Eddie lands on his feet.The sight of the basic Lucha Libre starts to overwhelm the WLF Fans in Georgia, as Eddie is going for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Jose lands on his feet, as Jose lands a Enzurgi across the head of Latino heat! He goes down to one knee, as he ducks the shining wizard, as he lands a dropkick into the stomach of the Voice of the Future! Jose goes rolling to the outside, as Eddie is showing who taught him to flying around the Ring, with the ease, as he runs towards the ropes, and is in an Baseball slide motion, as he wraps his legs around the head of Jose, and hits a headscissors to Jose, as he lands on his back on the outside!

Bobby Heenan:What was that Monsoon?
Gorilla Monsoon:A headscissors to the outside, don't you ever study Wrestling Brain?!
Bobby Heenan:Hmmm...I've seen that move before, but I think I saw it in a club ,and it involved whip cream, and that girl was sitting on..
Gorilla Monsoon:Don't you finish that story, Eddie is slapping the head of Jose, almost like he's his Son, teaching him a lesson!
Bobby Heenan:Pull out the belt, Eddie! Time to take Jose to the woodshed, Jose is not going to be able to walk for a week, haha!

*Latino Heat grabs Jose by the Neck, and sends him the Barricade, but Jose jumps on the Barricade, and Moonsaults on top of Eddie Guerrero!

[Image: 106316Moonsault-Off-a-Wall.gif]

Earl is still in pain, not even being able to start the count on the outside, as Jose grabs Eddie, as Jose's anger is feuling him, as he's finding out that Guerrero is trying to end his dreams, that has haunting his dreams, and that's the prize everyone wants the WLF World Heavyweight Title.Jose is holding Eddie by his Neck, and slams his head across the Announcer's Table.He rips the Tv Monitors, and lays the body of Eddie Guerrero, and he's heading towards the Turnbuckle! Jose has his hands way in the air, as the people know what's coming?!!!!

Gorilla Monsoon:You can talk about Randy Savage all you want, Jose respects that man, and he's showing it right now.Flying Elbow coming up!
Bobby Heenan:Wake up Eddie! Eddie must be dreaming about the lady he made love last night!
Gorilla Monsoon:This is a family show!

[Image: EaoeG.gif]

Bobby Heenan:He was playing possum! Finally Earl is sober, start the count!

*Earl is starting to count, as Eddie doesn't care about counts, he grabs Jose by the neck and sends him to the Ring.Eddie is watching his former pupil, and with a grin on his face, as if he's possessed! Eddie runs to the ropes, as he see's Jose getting up and lands the Blackout, as Jose's head smacks the mat!

[Image: fW35Y.gif]

Bobby Heenan:Eddie didn't lie this time, he said he was going to show some new moves to his former pupil.Jose might look like the Patriot when he takes his Mask off!
Gorilla Monsoon:What you've seen Patriot unmasked?
Bobby Heenan:Of course, he's the Elephant man! ONE...TWO..Jose kicks out!
Gorilla Monsoon:Jose with a headlock trying to slow down the younger Jose DeJesus, as Jose is getting to an vertical base in the ropes! Eddie tosses Jose to the ropes, as Eddie jumps in the air, as Jose goes through his legs, coming from the other side, as Eddie bumps Jose, and gets a head of steam, as Jose gets a hold of Eddie, my god Eddie is in the air, and European Uppercuts him in the jaw!

[Image: 7wrQb.gif]

[Image: efKce2Z.gif]
07-07-2012, 04:44 AM
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Re: LUCHA LIBRE: Guerrero vs DeJesus
Eddie Guerrero kicks up and charges at the Voice of the Future and connects with a huge dropkick. Jose gets up and Eddie Guerrero charges at him and lands a Hurricanrana sending Jose to the outside.

Gorilla Monsoon: Eddie Guerrero with a nice Hurricanrana sending Jose to the outside.
Bobby Heenan: This is where Eddie Guerrero is good on the outside of the ring.
Gorilla Monsoon: Your right about that as Eddie Guerrero just lifted Jose DeJesus up and hit a big snap suplex on the steel steps. Jose's back hit first. Eddie Guerrero now Irish whips The Voice of the Future into the guard rail. Here comes Eddie Guerrero and Jose goes flying into the audience. Nice dropkick by Lantino Heat.
Bobby Heenan: Eddie Guerrero rolling in the ring then rolling back out. He walks over to the first row where Jose is and he brings him back to the ringside area with a big suplex. Eddie Guerrero lifts Jose up and throws him back into the ring. I would of left Jose in that crowd and get the win by count out.
Gorilla Monsoon: There you go again with the easy way out. These fans don't want to see a PPV match end by count out.
Bobby Heenan: Bohoo these humanoids here in Atlanta don't deserve a good match.
Gorilla Monsoon: WILL YOU STOP, before I get Nick Jackson out here.
Bobby Heenan: Okay I will.
Gorilla Monsoon: Eddie Guerrero now has Jose on the top turnbuckle and jumps and hits a Hurricanrana. Jose hits his back hard on the canvas. Can Jose get back into this match.

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07-07-2012, 05:48 PM
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Re: LUCHA LIBRE: Guerrero vs DeJesus
*Eddie Guerrero is feeling so confident right now, Eddie is laying his body on the Turnbuckle, showing a motion that he is tired ,as if Jose DeJesus is a rookie, and fighting in his first match in WLF.Jose DeJesus starts to starts to display the heart of a Lion, who wants to be the best in WLF, as he's starting to get up, holding at his back, as Eddie drops down from the Turnbuckle, and knows what move to imply to his former apprentice.He grabs Jose's head, and lifts him up, in a Razor Edge of type of position, as he hooks Jose's arms ,and legs around his body, as the classic Gory Bomb Submission, as people clap not seeing that submission before! This move was used by Eddie Guerrero's Father, Gory Guerrero, and the move has been passed on to Chavo and Eddie Guerrero!

[Image: imagesCABMJWYN_display_image.jpg?1299299967]

Gorilla Monsoon:I don't believe it, Eddie is using the Gory Bomb Submission, look at Jose in pain!
Bobby Heenan:I know Jose DeJesus felt that move, in the school of hard knocks with the Guerreros! You see even Gory Guerrero hates Jose!
Gorilla Monsoon:God rest his soul, he only met Jose once or twice, due to his health, but I don't see any of the Guerrero's in the crowd, cheering for Eddie?!
Bobby Heenan:Maybe because they are drunk.You know a Guerrero had the first DUI!
Gorilla Monsoon:Look at Eddie screaming at Jose DeJesus to give up!


Gorilla Monsoon:Has Eddie been drinking 5 years straight, Jose is no longer dating Shaul!
Bobby Heenan:Eddie wants to give Jose 5 years of a beating, give up JOSE! If you give up now, you just might be able to take a shower tonight!

*Suddenly Jose hops out of the Gory Bomb Submission, as he arm drags Eddie!

Gorilla Monsoon:Beautiful reversal from Jose, but he's still dazed, but look at Jose still running, towards the ropes, oh no, Eddie backdrops Jose, but he reversals it, and LANDS THE BACKSTABBER!!!

[Image: cbx3p.gif]

Bobby Heenan:Did you see Eddie bounce off that mat,like a Basketball, I never seen him hit such a backstabber so deadly before!
Gorilla Monsoon:Jose, what are you doing, he's not going for a cover! He's heading towards the Apron, oh no, he's going for a the Hilo!
Bobby Heenan:Someone make sure the Cameras are running, this is infrigement,he stealing another man's move!
Gorilla Monsoon:Eddie doesn't have ownership of the Hilo!
Bobby Heenan:The hell he doesn't! OH NO!!!

[Image: Attacks2.gif]

Bobby Heenan:Even though he stole, Eddie just steal's better, I mean he would steal a baby bottle, if he needed to, quench his thrist!

[Image: efKce2Z.gif]
07-09-2012, 03:54 AM
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Re: LUCHA LIBRE: Guerrero vs DeJesus
Jose DeJesus is down holding his mid section and Eddie Guerrero goes back to laying down on top of the turnbuckle and yawning.

Bobby Heenan: Ha Ha Eddie Guerrero is having a great time out here. Look at Jose get up and gets Irish whipped into the corner and DeJesus goes over the turnbuckle and falls to the outside. Eddie just leave him outside he's done.
Gorilla Monsoon: Surprisingly thats not how the New World Order works Bobby they want to win by pinfall or submission, they don't want to take the easy way out.
Bobby Heenan: Well they should because they would have a better win-loss record if they did that.
Gorilla Monsoon: Eddie Guerrero rolls to the outside all cocky like he has this in the bag.
Bobby Heenan: Yeah because he does have this match in the bag.
Gorilla Monsoon: Jose DeJesus is up and wham is met with a Baseball slide by Eddie Guerrero. Eddie Guerrero jumps over the ropes and flips in the air and connects with a splash on the outside. Eddie Guerrero brings Jose up and sends him face first into the steel ring post. Eddie now dragging Jose by his head and bringing him over to the guard rail and begins slamming his face into the rail. Eddie Guerrero lifts Jose up and sends him groin first on to the guard rail.
Bobby Heenan: He just drop Jose where the sun doesn't shine, Eddie Guerrero picks Jose up and now he sends him face first into the guardrail and Jose is bleeding now.

Eddie Guerrero throws The Voice of the Future back in the ring while Eddie climbs to the top rope. Eddie looks like he's going for the Frog Splash, but Jose gets up and Eddie jumps and hits a standing moonsault on the Voice of the Future and Eddie goes for the cover. 

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07-10-2012, 02:34 AM (This post was last modified: 07-10-2012 04:26 AM by HoHo.)
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Re: LUCHA LIBRE: Guerrero vs DeJesus
ONE...TWO...Jose gets a shoulder up, as Eddie can't believe it! Eddie grabs Earl's Referee shirt, as he agrues with Earl, with the timing of the count.Jose bleeding from his face, has no vision problems, as the Voice of the Future, has been in wars in his life, and in Pro Wrestling, and this match is no different.Jose sneaks behind Eddie, and gets a roll-up on Latino Heat..ONE...TWO...kickout, as Eddie rolls out of the pin, being able to put on him any longer, as Eddie lands a huge uppercut, swaying his former mentor.Jose bounces back to the ropes, as Jose wipes his blood, on his chest, as a act of bravery, and lands a hard knife edge chop to Eddie, and again, and again, four times!

Gorilla Monsoon:Look at Jose and Eddie, this is all about intestinal fortutide, and WHO WANTS IT MORE!
Bobby Heenan:C'mon Eddie, he slept with your Daughter, fight back!
Gorilla Monsoon:Stop spreading rumors, he never slept with Eddie's Daughter!
Bobby Heenan:Jose is a womanizer, and you know it Monsoon!
Gorilla Monsoon:Look at Jose, still fighting, as he throws Eddie to the ropes, Jose lifts Eddie in the Air, he has him in a Powerbomb type of position, wait Eddie dropped down!
Bobby Heenan:Now Eddie lifts up Jose for a Powerbomb, no it's a Razor's Edge, high in the Air, into a Powerbomb, MY GOODNESS! ONE...NOOOOO ANOTHER KICKOUT FROM JOSE DEJESUS!
Gorilla Monsoon:Hey...hey...Eddie keep off the hair, HEY EARL C'mon do your job here!
Bobby Heenan:Awhhh no, Eddie is  going for the three amigo, haha.He's calling for it ONE....
Gorilla Monsoon:TWO!!!
Bobby Heenan:THREE HE'S DONE MONSOON, admit it!

[Image: ThreeAmigosFrogSplash.gif]

Gorilla Monsoon:Eddie climbing to the top, why is he playing around?!
Bobby Heenan:It's in the bag Monsoon, Eddie could make himself a sandwich and still have enough time to land the Frog Splash!
Gorilla Monsoon:Oh now he's ready, there he goes, OHHHHH Eddie missed, he missed!!!
Bobby Heenan:WHAT!!!
Gorilla Monsoon:Now Jose is going to the top, he's not playing around, FLYING HEADBUTT ACROSS THE SKULL OF EDDIE, look at the sacrifice, Jose is rolling around in pain, as the blood drips from his face to the mat.Here's the count...ONE....TWO....AHHHHH NO EDDIE GOT HIS SHOULDER UP!!!

[Image: efKce2Z.gif]
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